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About Project Perfect Home

Hello! We’re the Reed Family and we’re using this website to document our journey of building a home and everything that goes along with making it absolutely perfect for you and your family to live in.

We hope that you find it useful in creating your own perfect home!

Although we are embarking on building our first home together, we both grew up around construction and are used to the building process.

My parents have a family-owned construction and development company. Growing up it was not unusual for my parents to build a new home and pack up the family. We even lived in 4 different homes in the same neighborhood!

Zach’s family also built several custom homes and moved every 4 years on average. His parents were in the real estate industry so moving was nothing new!

We have the mindset that there is no such thing as a forever home. There is just a right-now home! We understand that our life will continue to change and our homes will change with us.

We’re enjoying the process of building our perfect right-now home for our two wild boys and one sassy Great Dane.

Thanks for following our journey and we hope to learn about your journey too!

What You Will Find On Project Perfect Home

This website covers a variety of topics related to creating the perfect home for you and your family. From building a home to designing it, DIY projects and general questions, to outfitting outdoors spaces we’ve got you covered!

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