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Are Electric Fireplaces Tacky?

Are Electric Fireplaces Tacky?

Electric fireplaces are often talked about in poor taste, but are they really tacky?

Electric fireplaces are more suited to some people’s styles than others, so as long as you like them, they aren’t tacky! Also, there have been many improvements to technology since electric fireplaces were first introduced, meaning the current models are more high-end.  

It’s true that electric fireplaces used to feature evident shoddy construction and had an obvious artificial flame display when they were initially introduced. But, new electric fireplaces, like those in the Regency Skope line, are made to fit any home today and provide lifelike 3D displays.

However, with that being said, there are still a lot of things to know before classifying these great interior pieces as tacky, so let us have a look at them!

Why Do Some People Consider Electric Fireplaces Tacky?

Despite the fact that electric fireplaces have been around for a while, they are frequently seen as out of style.

This impression is primarily the consequence of one business using its pricing point to make them appear inexpensive in order to increase sales.

Since there was once a subpar product on the market, this pattern has persisted, and many people now believe that most electric fireplaces are tacky or too costly.

In reality, modern electric fireplaces may seem rather elegant if you know where to seek higher-quality items that can blend in with any sort of architectural style while giving off the comforting atmosphere we want when utilizing this piece during the colder months.

Are Electric Fireplaces Realistic Looking?

It is true that most modern electric fireplaces contain realistic characteristics, such as authentic looking or even futuristic flames that work remarkably well.

Furthermore, they provide the ease element as well as, the tranquillity of a wood-burning fire without the extra effort of setting it up.

But the most common question asked is, how to know that my electric fireplace could provide a realistic feel and look? Well to answer that here are a few features that would help you get a realistic electric fireplace: 

realistic looking electric fireplace

Flame Intensity

Try getting an electric fireplace that has the feature to control the flame intensity. This feature allows you to control not only the fire intensity but also the glow of the embers.

The backlight and ember bed illumination can all be adjusted with the remote given. 

To give you a personalised fire show and to add realism several models have distinctive, multicoloured flame displays.

Flame Progression

This feature adds another layer of realism to your fireplace. Choose a fireplace where the flame can advance and the embers can glimmer.

This is an automatic function that begins gradually and grows. Through your remote, you can control the progression and experience realistic 3D flames.

Led Light Panel

Modern electric fireplaces employ LED lights to simulate actual flames.

Additionally, you may schedule the lights to flicker and use randomized refraction to create the look you want.

Some versions also let you alter the flames’ hues, which is a striking addition. Some electric LED fireplaces include resin logs to further enhance their realism.

LED illumination not only produces incredibly realistic flames but also years of dependable use without any upkeep. The high energy efficiency of LED lighting is another significant benefit.

Extra Surround Lighting

Fireplaces that come with surround lighting and backlighting give off an extra-lit appearance surrounding the fireplace. This helps in making a good, cozy, and realistic ambience.


Electric fireplaces with logs are excellent at recreating the look of a genuine fire. Most electric fireplaces logs and embers are hand-moulded and hand-painted.

They create striking, lifelike flames, a “smoke” appearance, and pulsing incandescent embers. 


The charm of space is enhanced the most by an electric fireplace with a River Stoneface.

The river stone components are made professionally, even down to the lovely mantle where you may put frames for display. The stone cabinets come in a range of finishes as well.

What Makes An Electric Fireplace Tacky?

Despite most modern electric fireplaces being extremely lavish and luxurious, there are still some that can be tacky. Initially, when electric fireplaces were first introduced, their 2D flame display made the flames appear completely unnatural.

It would resemble a television screen more strongly.

But thankfully, newer models come with 3D displays which give better and more realistic displays.

This technology has gotten so good that if you have seen a modern electric fireplace somewhere without knowing what it is, it would be impossible at first to know whether they are real or fake. 

Further, panel electric fireplaces can be painted to match the rest of the wall and are intended to be placed on the wall.

These are the least appealing electric heaters, especially the wood panel variety. They almost never have a distinct, attractive appearance; instead, they merely fill the wall with flat, continuous panels.

Be mindful that panel heaters are a type of inexpensive heaters that just use convection to warm a space. 

electric fireplace

Moreover, their tacky nature also stems from their propensity to accumulate soot on your wall after a given amount of use.

Direct contact with air and dust that collects on the inside surfaces causes the soot. The good or bad news is that using the heater regularly is when the soot problem really starts to show.

All convection heaters appear to have the soot issue, albeit panel heaters are the most vulnerable.

In addition to their tackiness, due to the intricate structure of convection heat, panel electric heaters are less effective than other models. Energy bills rise when efficiency is low.

Final Words on Electric Fireplaces

To sum it up, the electric fireplace has a perception of being tacky but in reality, the technology is matured enough that it is almost impossible to tell whether it is real or not. 

In addition, there is also the added benefit of them being highly efficient, easy to operate and maintenance-free.

However, you may find some tacky versions and you should research or physically look for features such as a 3D display, led lighting, intensity controller, physical log, etc in the particular fireplace you are planning to purchase to assure a realistic experience.

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