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Can You Put A Hydro Flask In Dishwasher?

Can You Put A Hydro Flask In Dishwasher?

The dishwasher is undoubtedly one of the best inventions out there, especially for lazy washers and busy bees.

However, despite its wondrousness and convenience, not everything and anything can be thrown into it

Unfortunately, most Hydro Flasks should not be put into the dishwasher. However, any Hydro Flask manufactured in 2020 or after, or any powder-coated flask, is dishwasher safe.

So while you may go rummaging your kitchen cupboard trying to find the manufacturing year of your favorite Hydro Flasks, keep on reading to understand clearly if you can safely put them in the dishwasher!

Why Can’t Hydro Flasks Go In The Dishwasher?

With top-notch quality, these flasks are great at keeping beverages hot or cold thanks to their double-walled insulation system. 

This innovative system consists of a vacuum between the inner and exterior walls.

Since heat requires a medium to transfer through, the vacuum plays an ideal role in preventing this.

Now the problem with washing them in dishwashers is that the risk of vacuum sealing on your bottle compromising due to the dishwasher’s intense heat increases considerably. 

Even the slightest breach in the vacuum seal is all that is needed for the whole vacuum area to swell with air.

And the worst part about this is that once this occurs, your bottle no longer acts as an insulator, and there is no way to really fix it.

The reason is that conventional vacuum-sealed flasks use lead, whereas Hydro Flasks employ an original and inventive method without the use of lead.

Lead, which is highly toxic even in small quantities, can lead to serious consequences like lead poisoning. 

However, the process of not using lead means that Hydro Flasks are not safe for dishwashers whereas other brands like YETI are.

Not only this, but the warmth of the dishwasher can possibly fade the powder-coating or/and even alter the logo.

Hydro Flask

What Happens If You Put Your Hydro Flask in the Dishwasher?

Placing your Hydro Flask in the dishwasher can result in many possibilities.

Usually, the process of washing your Hydro Flask in dishwashers goes just fine, if they are powder-coated or made in 2020 or after.

Nevertheless, as explained above, there is a high chance of your vacuum seal breaking due to washing your hydro flask in the dishwasher.

This will cause both the inner and outer layers of your Hydro Flask to fill up with air and, therefore, it will be unable to insulate your liquids. 

There is also a high possibility of your water bottle losing its color, although this is very rare.

That being said, the degree of these said damages depends solely on the type of dishwasher you use.

How Can I Clean My Hydro Flask That Is Not Dishwasher Safe?

Unsurprisingly, and much to everyone’s dismay, the ultimate way to clean your Hydro Flask is by using the traditional and trusty hand-washing method, with lukewarm water and soap.

However, be wary of using too hot water.

Sometimes, handwashing may not be enough. Depending on how much cleaning your bottle needs, 3 alternative efficient ways of cleaning your hydro flasks include:

1. Making Use Of A Bottle Brush

By making use of an excellent quality long-handled brush, you can give your flask a deep cleaning all over from the inside.

These can help you scrub the neglected bottom and mouth edges effortlessly and without damaging the interior.

Because it might harm your Hydro Flask’s powder coating, avoid using the brush on the outside.

2. Put That White Vinegar To Use

A great popular method that is widely used to get rid of odors and stains can also be used to clean your Hydro Flask’s interior, especially if it has a strange smell.

Simply pour in half a cup of vinegar and fill the rest with water. 

Give a gentle shake or swirl and then rinse thoroughly with water and soap.

Although not for too long, you can let the vinegar remain in the flask for a few minutes.

3. Make Use Of The Baking Soda

This method is for that intense deep cleaning. Make a thick paste with baking soda and water.

Then with the help of the brush, apply the paste to the interior.

Gently scrub the paste with the brush but do not be harsh. Lastly, rinse well with water and soap, making sure no residue is left behind.

No matter what method you choose to employ, don’t forget to let your bottle air dry and to never use any harsh/sharp materials on the outer surface as you can damage the powder-coating of the flask.

Final Words on Putting Your Hydro Flask in the Dishwasher

While you may be tempted to throw your Hydro Flask into the dishwasher, it is not worth the consequences, especially if your water bottle does not meet the dishwasher-safe criteria.

A little energy and hand washing are all you need to preserve the quality and functionality for the long term.

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