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Can You Put A Microwave On Top Of The Fridge?

Can You Put A Microwave On Top Of The Fridge?

Some kitchens don’t have enough space to house all the gadgets and utensils that are important to a kitchen! Some kitchen tools are so big, they have to be stored in the hallway.

One of the biggest appliances is the microwave. If you don’t have enough room on your countertop or cupboard, it has to be stored somewhere else. Can you put your microwave on top of the fridge?

You can easily put a microwave on top of the fridge. However, make sure the microwave sits on top of the body of the fridge and not on the fridge doors, and you may to get an extension cord to plug into the microwave.

If you don’t have a microwave yet, then buy a small one so it can fit anywhere. The microwave that you purchase should be flat and wide. Wide microwaves will sit perfectly on top of your fridge.

Can You Put A Microwave On Top Of The Fridge?

Have you ever moved into a home that had a kitchen so tiny, you are sure it was designed by someone who hates cooking? There is minimal counter space, no ventilation, and the sink can only fit four or five plates.

Where in the world is the microwave supposed to go?

If there is no space on the counter, then you can place your microwave on top of the fridge.

But if you place your microwave on top of your fridge, the microwave door should be at a comfortable height so you can easily reach the door.

You should not have to stand on your tippy toes in order to reach the microwave door. If the microwave door is too high, then you may end up spilling your food all over your face when you try to put your plate inside the microwave.

Some refrigerators are less than 5 ft tall. Those fridges are the perfect height to place a microwave. If you’re someone who’s 6 ft tall, then you can place the refrigerator on top of a tall fridge or even in a cupboard.

However, do not place the microwave on top of the fridge if there is a ventilation grate already there. The microwave will block the vents and the fridge can overheat.

Modern kitchen; cabinet and counters

Hazards to Watch For If Your Microwave Is On Top of the Fridge

There are a couple of hazards to watch for if you have your microwave on top of your fridge.


Living in an earthquake prone region of the world has its own special issues. All the cupboards in your home need to have an extra latch on them.

This latch prevents the dishware and food inside the covers from spilling out onto the floor when an earthquake strikes.

A microwave sitting on top of a fridge may slide back and forth if there is no rubber underneath it. If you do not have a microwave that has rubber underneath it, then purchase a rubber mat.

Place the rubber mat on top of the fridge and then set the microwave on top of it.

The rubber will prevent the mat the microwave from moving and hitting someone in the head during an earthquake.

If the Microwave is On Top of the Doors

One place in the microwave on top of the fridge for the first time, it needs to be on the main body of the fridge.

If the microwave is too far forward, the front legs of the microwave might end up sitting on top of the refrigerator doors.

When you open the fridge to get something to eat, the microwave could fall forward and land on top of your head. When you put the microwave on top of the fridge, push it back at least 3in.

Open the refrigerator doors and check the position of the microwave. The door of the microwave should not hang over the refrigerator when the refrigerator doors are open.

No Ventilation

There needs to be a few inches of space between the ceiling and the microwave. A small amount of air blows out of the microwave when it is on. The ventilation releases the excess heat and moisture inside the microwave chamber.

If there is not enough room around the microwave, the moisture and heat in the microwave cannot escape.

The Microwave Is Too Heavy

Some microwaves are heavy and far too large for some people to lift above their head and place it safely on top of the fridge.

If you cannot have someone who is stronger and taller than you, place the heavy microwave on top of the fridge, then you will need a friend to help.

Stand on a chair. Your friend can hand you the heavy microwave and you can place the microwave on top of the fridge. By standing on a chair, you won’t need to lift the microwave above your head, which can be dangerous.

The Cord Rips

When you plug the microwave into the outlet and then place it on top of the fridge, the microwave cord cannot be taut. If the cord is too tight, then the slightest movement could tip over the microwave.

It will then fall on the floor and break.

The microwave cord needs some slack. You may need to purchase an extension cord so you can plug the microwave cord into the extension cord.

Some apartments and homes have an outlet near the top of the fridge for this specific issue.

What Should I Do If I Don’t Have Enough Room?

If you have a regular size microwave, then sell it and purchase a compact microwave. There are several compact microwaves available on amazon.

These small microwaves are usually around one foot in overall width.

Also, check the cupboards near the fridge. The contractor who designed the apartment could have placed an outlet in the cupboard.

If there is an outlet, then you can plug your compact microwave and store it in the cupboard.

Man fitting a microwave in the hole of newly built kitchen

Conclusion to Putting Your Microwave On Top of the Fridge

Yes, it is perfectly safe to place a microwave on top of the fridge.

There are a few houses to watch out for though: including moving during earthquakes, top wires that could cause the microwave to tip over if touched, and no ventilation space near the top of the fridge.

If your microwave is too large to sit on top of the fridge, consider trading your microwave out for a compact microwave.

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