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21 Ideas For Decorating A Wall Behind A Couch!

21 Ideas For Decorating A Wall Behind A Couch!

If you’re looking to spice up an empty wall behind a couch then you’ve come to the right place!

In this article, I’ve gathered twenty-one examples for inspiration for how you can turn that bland empty wall behind your couch into a beautiful focal point of the room!

While many of these ideas rely on articles that can be bought from a store, don’t underestimate your ability to re-purpose or go DIY to create amazing decorations.

Ways To Decorate A Wall Behind A Couch

For smaller rooms, a small mirror array like the one pictured above can help make the room feel larger without the tacky feel of a full wall mirror.

Another play with using mirrors is to anchor smaller ones on top of a shelf that pairs nicely with a few added elements.

If you’re the type that LOVES to display family photos, then you could try using a single-level shelf and mixing and matching many photos in various-sized frames.

Just make to alternate the frame sizes or things may start to look weird!

For the rustic homesteader, you can try dressing up a shelf with multiple elements to make the space feel cozy.

The key here is to look for natural items such as plants and woven baskets as is shown in the photo.

Another approach to displaying a larger number of photos is to skip the shelf and arrange them in a consistent geometric pattern.

Make sure to measure and hang the frames carefully if you go this route as even spacing between the photos is key to a good final look!

If you’re working on a smaller budget you may want to try refurbishing items as a way to dress up the wall space.

In this case, old shaker cabinet doors were restained and hung horizontally to add a three-dimensional look to the space.

A tried and true way to combine different elements is by “framing” them together. In this case, the two identical bouquets are hung on either side of the custom sign to visually anchor the look.

This is a perfect situation to use a custom sign that has a family name, favorite saying, etc… that you want to highlight!

This room takes a similar framing approach but does so using larger elements.

In this case, the large open panes allow for multiple photos and a sign to be encased between them.

For a clean and simple look, abstract compositions can be a great way to add visual interest to a room without overpowering it.

Try to select color schemes that don’t overpower the rest of the room if you’re going for a tranquil feel.

In the event that a single shelf is unlikely to hold the desired number of photos, you can always go for a double-level shelf!

Like the previous paired abstract paintings, a single oversized one can also be used to decorate the space.

Just be sure to not select one that’s too small as things will look strange if the painting isn’t wide enough!

Want to save yourself the need to repeatedly explain a photo collection to guests?

Try pairing it up with a sign to save yourself the time 😉

Continuing on the abstract theme, this one leverages a trio of paintings to create a simple yet interesting look.

Finding a logical pairing of two to four photos can create an interesting look, but three seems to have a magical touch!

Just make sure to place them all in matching frames or it simply won’t work!

Did you like the look of having double shelves but feel like it still didn’t feel quite right? Well, the good news is you can use more than two!

These three offset shelves are another way to create a simple yet sophisticated look.

Too much color often leads to distractions but texture rarely fails!

Keep your eye peeled for design elements that add a lovely new texture to your space.

Sometimes it makes sense to continue a theme once you reach the wall. In this case, a photo of a plant is a nice complement to the plant sitting on the table.

I’m sure you know where I’m headed with this one, but let’s bring out some texture!

Have a single photo that would look amazing split across several frames?

This look is fantastic for landscapes and wide open settings such as the example shown here.

Shelves need not be boring! You can use box shelves to create interesting patterns such as the one shown here.

Better yet, not every shelf even needs to have something on it for the arrangement to look good.

Decorations can also have a purpose!

Enjoy playing an instrument or need a spot to hang something prized? Feel free to incorporate them into the wall in a way that isn’t permanent!

Last but not least, don’t forget that clocks are still useful!

Lori S.

Tuesday 8th of August 2023

Love the ideas! Where can I purchase the three offset shelves in the picture with the taupe couch, blue abstract painting and mirror? I’m looking for shelves like those, hopefully in another color. Thank you for checking

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