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What’s The Difference Between Kosher Pickles And Dill Pickles?

What’s The Difference Between Kosher Pickles And Dill Pickles?

We all know the unmistakable crunch of a delicious pickle on our burger or sandwich. I know I definitely cannot eat a burger if it does not have a pickle!

However, sometimes the only type of pickles available are dill pickles instead of kosher. Can you use either? Is there a difference between kosher pickles and dill pickles?

The main difference between a kosher pickle and a dill pickle are that dill pickles are made with dill during the brining process, while kosher pickles are made with garlic, salt, and a small amount of kosher animal fat.

There are also kosher dill pickles. Pickles can also be named kosher because of the kosher animal fat in the recipe.

What’s The Difference Between Kosher Pickles And Dill Pickles?

When you walk along the aisle of your neighborhood’s local supermarket, you can see that there are dozens of pickle flavors available.

If you don’t like sweet pickles, then you can always buy spicy or savory pickles. There are even small pickles called gherkins available.

The two most common types of pickles are kosher pickles and dill pickles. You may even have one of these types of pickles in your home right now.

But what’s the difference between kosher pickles and dill pickles? Can you use these types of pickles interchangeably?

Kosher pickles and dill pickles are quite similar. If you do not have a sensitive palette, then you might not really notice a difference between these two types of pickles.

As long as you like the flavor of kosher pickles and dill pickles, you can use them interchangeably in your recipes and dishes.

There are two key differences between kosher pickles and dill pickles: the type of salt that kosher pickles require and the ingredients that give kosher and dill pickles their flavors.

Kosher Pickles

Kosher pickles became popular on the east coast of the United states. There’s a large Jewish community on the East Coast.

When food is kosher, that means the food adheres to Jewish dietary rules. Kosher is a type of food preparation. Think of it as a dietary guideline for Jewish people.

If you buy a kosher pickle from the supermarket, it might not be kosher. It is actually called kosher because there is a special method used to create the kosher pickle.

In Jewish law, there are animals that are kosher, and these animals are okay for Jewish people to eat and include in their diet.

If the fat from kosher animals is used to make pickles, then those pickles are kosher.

Another difference between a kosher pickle and a dill pickle is that kosher pickles usually have garlic. Dill pickles do not have garlic.

Along with kosher pickles, there are also kosher dill pickles. Kosher dill pickles are simply kosher pickles that have dill and a few other spices.

Dill Pickles

Dill pickles are cucumbers that have been pickled in a salt and water brine or in a vinegar and water salt brine.

Dill pickles are made with the herb dill.

The pickles have to taste like dill, so there will be a lot of still floating in the jar.

kosher pickles in a jar

What are some other Kosher food rules?

So now you know why kosher pickles are kosher. But what makes other foods?

Well, there’s a list of rules that Jewish people must follow when purchasing foods from the grocery store and when making food in their home.

Here are the kosher rules that Jewish people must follow when purchasing and cooking meals:

  • Certain animals are absolutely forbidden. Pigs and pork are forbidden, as are shellfish.
  • People following kosher rules cannot mix meat with dairy. So if they order a hamburger from a fast food place, they may not get cheese on the hamburger.
  • All the blood inside an animal must be drained before packaging and cooking.
  • Even if an animal is kosher, certain organ meats are not kosher and are not okay to eat. So if you eat chicken, then you are not allowed to eat chicken hearts or chicken livers.
  • If you are cooking food that has dairy and cooking food that has meat in a separate pan, it will not be kosher to use the same spatula to stir and move the meat and the dairy.

As long as a meal is prepared according to kosher rules, any cuisine can be made kosher. If you are a Jewish person in China, then you can cook kosher Chinese food.

If you live in Tanzania, Madagascar, or Chile, you can make those cuisines according to kosher rules as well.

Conclusion to Dill Pickles vs. Kosher Pickles

Kosher pickles and dill pickles are similar in taste and flavor, but there are a few key differences. A kosher pickle is a pickle that has a small amount of animal fat in the water or vinegar brine.

A dill pickle is a pickle with a dill as its second most important ingredient. Kosher food isn’t just food that has been prayed over by a rabbi.

There are a few rules that must be followed if the food is to be kosher. Many grocery stores also sell kosher dill pickles.

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