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Dryer Won’t Start But Has Power? Try These Simple Steps!

Dryer Won’t Start But Has Power? Try These Simple Steps!

A dryer that won’t start is an intimidating issue to tackle. Many people’s first reaction to their dryer malfunctioning is to call a maintenance worker.

But with a little can-do attitude, you can fix your malfunctioning dryer. So, what should you do when your dryer has power but it won’t start?

If your dryer won’t start but has power, a few issues that could be the problem include an object preventing the door from closing properly, a glitch in the computer system, or the thermal fuse is now working and needs to be replaced.

As long as you’re patient and have your owner’s manual, you can fix dryer issues. Make sure to always wear heavy gloves so you don’t cut yourself on any metal. Also, the problem could be from the home’s wiring and not the dryer.


Why Isn’t My Dryer Working?

It is your first load of laundry of the day. There is a full load of wet laundry in your arms that needs to dry.

You place the laundry in the dryer like any other time and close the door. You go to press the buttons and the buttons do not make any noise.

Plus, you press the start button and the dryer doesn’t start.

You open the door again and see that there is light on in the main drying unit. So what’s wrong?

Unplug The Dryer

When you have an issue like this, the first thing you should do is unplug the dryer and leave it unplugged for several minutes.

Then plug it back in and program the dryer to dry the clothes according to the type of laundry you have.

Then try using it again. If the dryer works, then the problem was a minor glitch. The glitch may have cleared away when you unplugged it. But it could come back.

But if the dryer still doesn’t work, then there is a bigger issue that requires fixing.

Find the User’s Manual

Locate your dryer’s user manual. Referring to the user manual is helpful in this type of situation.

If you don’t have your manual anymore, you can download the manual from the manufacturer’s website.

The brand and the model number should be displayed on the dryer above the buttons.

Issues That Could Prevent the Dryer From Turning On

There are a few plausible reasons your dryer has a light, turns on, but is not producing heat to dry the clothes.

Thermal Fuse Issues

The thermal fuse is an essential component of the wiring in the dryer. There should be two different thermal fuses.

One thermal fuse is for the heating components of the dryer.

If this thermal fuse does not work, the dryer cannot generate heat. After locating the thermal fuse near the blower housing, test the thermal fuses with a multimeter.

Thermal fuses are cheap, so you don’t have to test them if you don’t have a multimeter.

But when you go to the hardware store to buy thermal fuses, you might as well buy a multimeter.

It is a handy tool. If the dryer works, the thermal fuses were the problem.

Some thermal fuse setups require you to unscrew the wires from the phase terminals in order to remove the thermal fuse

If the dryer does not turn on, place the old thermal fuses back into the dryer.

Put the new fuses back in the box and save them for when the thermal fuses actually need replacing. If the dryer generates heat, then you fixed the problem!

After replacing the thermal fuse, check on the vent and make sure it is clear.

Do not clear up the vent, the clogged vent could cause the thermal fuse to short circuit in less than in a few days.


Clogged Dryer Vent

One of the most common dryer issues is a clogged vent. The dryer vent is clogged with lint.

If you do not clean out the lint trap compartment after every load of dried laundry, the lint can build up and push its way back into the drying machine.

Something Is Blocking the Door

It could be a small object preventing the dryer door lock from locking. If the dryer door does not lock, then the dryer will not start.

Get a flashlight and look inside the small lock hole for anything sticky or any built up lint. Clear it away as best you can.

How to Reset the Dryer

When all else fails and you don’t know what to do, resetting the dryer can temporarily allow you to use its functions again.

It could be a computer issue preventing the dryer from turning on, even if there is power.

It is quite easy to do. Anyone can reset the power and function of their dryer, but you will need the strength to move the dryer into a different position so you can get behind it.

If you don’t have the strength to move your dryer, then you will need the help of a control panel that is usually in the back and not behind the front panel.

Grab a flathead screwdriver and a four-sided screwdriver, as well as a wrench key and heavy gloves.

You may not need these items, but it’s good to have them with you just in case you do.

First, for safety reasons, unplug the dryer from the electrical ports. Turn the dryer back on from time to time.

But it is safer to remove the panel and touch the wiring when there’s no electricity flowing through the wires.

The second step is to locate the control panel of the dryer. Move the dryer so you can comfortably sit behind the dryer and have space to remove the backing and use tools.

Don’t move the dryer too much. Don’t rip the hose that transports the humid, hot air out of the dryer. If the dryer hose rips, you cannot repair it.

After it rips, then you must purchase a brand new hose and hire a handyperson to install the hose back in the dryer.

The dryer hose transports hot air away from the house. The hot air doesn’t have many toxins. It is not deadly air, but your house will fill with hot air.

The hot humid air and the chemicals flowing out of the dryer may cause dizziness.

Resetting the dryer works because you are resetting its computer components.

There is a small computer system inside of the dryer that commands the dryer to dry clothes and a certain way when the user presses the buttons on the panel.

For whatever reason, computer systems can glitch or gather faulty data.

This will affect the performance of the dryer. But resetting the dryer can clear away any computer glitches and bad data.

It is not enough to unplug the dryer for a half an hour.

Resetting the computer system after unplugging the dryer is the best method to clear away computer or error issues.


Conclusion to Your Dryer Not Working Even If It Has Power

For certain issues, fixing the dryer is easy and you can do it by yourself.

Always have a flathead screwdriver, Phillips head screwdriver, a multimeter, a flashlight and heavy duty gloves ready and by your side.

Before working inside your dryer, unplug it to prevent an electrical disaster.

Cloud vents, blown thermal fuses, and computer glitches can all prevent the dryer from working, even if the light still works.

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