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Do Garage Remotes Have Batteries?

Do Garage Remotes Have Batteries?

Getting to your garage is so much easier when you have an electric door. By using the remote, you can even open the garage door from your vehicle or the front door.

But how do garage remotes work? Do garage remotes have batteries or are they powered by the same device as the garage door?

Garage remotes rely on removable or rechargeable batteries for power. When the remote starts to lag, or the garage door takes a while to open after pushing the button, this is a good sign that it’s time to replace the remote’s batteries.

To combat this problem, some garage door companies install a charging station on the wall next to the garage’s door wall station.

Do All Garage Door Opener Remotes Have Batteries?

In a sense, yes, all garage door remotes have batteries. These batteries come in several forms and should also last a long time, but that depends on the quality and manufacturer of the battery.

If you purchase batteries made by Duracell or Energizer, they will last much longer than off-brand batteries. Here are the most common types of batteries that are used in garage remotes.

Types of Batteries

  • AAA and AA: AAA batteries are much shorter and thinner than AA batteries. For devices that use AA batteries, it will usually only require two batteries, whereas devices that use AAA generally require 3.
  • Coin batteries: Small, round, and thin, coin batteries are designed for specific items, like lamps or lights. They are the most common battery inside garage remotes.
  • Rechargeable batteries: These are far more expensive than regular AA or AAA batteries, but they’re designed to save people money over time. They aren’t as commonly used in garage remotes as the other two types are.

A garage remote will mainly require AA, AAA, or coin batteries.

How Long Do Garage Remote Batteries Last?

The batteries inside most remotes tend to last a long time. The main factor in how long a battery lasts is the frequency in which a remote is used. Compared to the TV remote, the garage remote will last an extremely long time.

The average garage remote lasts about 1 to 1 ½ years. Sometimes people forget garage remotes need batteries since it takes so long for them to run out!

Tip Regarding Wall Stations

In addition to a remote, all garages come with a wall station. This device is physically attached to the garage door and the garage wall.

It is just like a garage remote, except it is supposed to stay inside the garage. This wall station will not have batteries, as it will be connected to the electrical system that also powers the garage door.

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How to Know if Your Garage Opener Needs New Batteries

When the batteries in the garage remote need to be charged or changed, there will be a few obvious signs.

  1. The first sign is that the garage door or light stops responding as quickly as it should when you press down on the remote button. When the remote does not have a lot of power left in its battery, its signal will not be as strong.

    You may have to press a button several times or leave your finger down on the button for 3-4 seconds for the signal receiver to finally detect the signal.
  2. The second sign is the lights on the remote will be dim or not turn on. Certain remotes have a small light on the top. It shows the user that the remote’s circuitry is sending out the signal to the garage.
  3. If you must get very close to the garage door signal receiver for the remote to open the doors, then that is the third sign. As the signal loses its strength, it will not be able to reach as far.

    So, you may find that you cannot use the garage remote when you stand at the front door like you usually would.

How to Change the Battery

Changing the batteries in your garage remote should be no different than changing the batteries in your TV remote.

  1. Take the garage remote and flip it over to the back where there are no buttons.
  2. Place your thumbs on the removable backing and apply pressure in the direction the arrow indicates.
  3. Also, some remotes do not have removable backings. Others will have an indent on the side of the remote.

    Take a flat-head screwdriver, place it in the indent, and gently twist until the two parts of the plastic cover begin to separate. Don’t twist too hard, as you could break the plastic.
  4. Once the remote is open, locate the battery and replace it with a new one. Make sure the new battery is in the right position and is facing the right side.
  5. Replace the backing or press the two plastic covers together until you hear a click.

Conclusion for Garage Remotes Needing Batteries

Garage remotes require batteries to power the device. When the battery starts to lose its charge, the user will have to press the button multiple times or press it for much longer, for it to work properly.

Most garage doors use coin batteries, but they can also use AA or AAA batteries. Garage remote batteries should be changed once every year or so.

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