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How Long Does Ginger Last?

How Long Does Ginger Last?

Ginger is a delicious, versatile, and essential spice for any kitchen, but you need to store it properly to maximize its shelf life.

Ginger will last for about 10 days in the pantry, 1 month in the fridge, and 6 months+ in the freezer. You can improve the shelf life of fresh ginger by leaving it unpeeled, pickling it, storing it in airtight containers, and keeping it in cool, dry, & dark places. 

The shelf life of ginger is highly determined by the storage conditions the spice is kept in.

How Long Does Ginger Last in the Pantry?

Ginger will last roughly 10 days in your pantry, provided that the room temperature is stable at roughly 75°F, and the spice was bought fresh and unpeeled. If you are planning on using a small amount of ginger within a few days after buying, the pantry is an ideal place for storage. 

With that said, your ginger root will start to lose its aroma and punch toward the end of its shelf life, which is why it’s best to use the spice in the first few days after you buy it to get the most flavor from your cooking.

How Long Does Ginger Last in the Fridge?

Ginger will last at least 1 month in your fridge. The ideal temperature that ginger should be stored in the fridge is 55 to 62°F, with a humidity level of 90 to 95%.

How Long Does Ginger Last in the Fridge?

Much like with pantry storage, make sure to leave the ginger unpeeled, as this can greatly improve the shelf life of the spice in your fridge. If ginger root is stored in ideal fridge conditions, it can easily last upwards of 2 to 3 months.

How Long Does Ginger Last in the Freezer?

The best way to maximize the shelf life of your ginger root is to store it in the freezer. So long as the ginger is properly sealed, you can expect a shelf life of 6 months+ in the freezer.

I find that freezing ginger is ideal when buying spices in bulk, as this will preserve the flavor when you need to cook. If you know that you have more ginger than you need in your pantry or fridge, always freeze it ahead of time before the aroma and punch start to diminish. 

The shelf life of frozen ginger can be pushed a lot further if you store it sealed. By doing so, you can essentially give your ginger an indefinite shelf life. However, keep in mind that after 6 months, the ginger may start to lose some of its flavor.

How Long Does Ground Ginger Last?

Ground ginger does not pack the same punch as fresh ginger root, but it’s hands down the most convenient way to store this spice long-term. Ground ginger can last at least 2 to 3 years in your pantry, and considerably longer in colder storage conditions. 

How Long Does Ground Ginger Last

Regardless of how you store ground ginger, you need to ensure that it is kept in a dry and cool place that is away from direct sunlight. Ground ginger can potentially have an even longer shelf life than 3 years, but you may find that the flavor starts to lose its potency after the first 2 years. 

How to Tell When Ginger Has Gone Bad

Ginger is one of the most widely used spices in the world, which is why it is commonly found in Indian, South East Asian, and fusion cuisines. However, you want to use ginger that is as fresh as possible to get the most flavor out of the spice.

Fresh ginger has a solid shelf life, but the spice’s potency and aroma can become less punchy in just a matter of days or weeks, depending on how you store it. That is why you should look always inspect your ginger to make that it’s not gone bad before you use it.


As soon as your ginger starts to become soft, then you will know the spice is no longer fresh. Quality ginger should be firm and tough, which is when it has the most punch and flavor. 

You can use slightly soft ginger in your cooking, but if you notice the texture is in any way mushy, throw it away and do not use it.

Loses Color 

Fresh ginger should have either a bright or pale yellow color, depending on the sort that you buy. 

The color of your ginger will start to become dull and less vibrant once it starts to go bad. You may also notice grey lines form within the ginger root as it ages.


Moldy ginger should never be used in cooking, as this is a health hazard. Ginger that is covered in mold should be thrown out immediately. 

However, if you notice that mold has only affected a small portion of the spice, and the rest of the root looks fresh, simply cutting off the mold is fine in most cases.

How to Make Ginger Last Longer

Fresh ginger lasts longer than most produce items, but the spice will go bad a lot faster if you don’t store it properly. Try the following methods to improve the shelf life of your fresh ginger:

  • Leave the ginger unpeeled
  • Pickle the ginger in vinegar, sugar, and water
  • Store the ginger in airtight containers or mylar bags
  • Keep the ginger in a cool, dry, and dark place

Key Takeaways to How Long Ginger Lasts

Ginger will last 10 days in the pantry, 1 month in the fridge, and 6 months+ in the freezer. 

Ginger will start to go bad once the root becomes soft, loses its color, and begins growing mold.

You can improve the shelf life of fresh ginger by leaving it unpeeled, pickling it, storing it in airtight containers, and storing it in a dry, cool, and dark place.

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