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How Many Slices In A 10-inch Pizza?

How Many Slices In A 10-inch Pizza?

A common question when ordering a 10-inch pizza for a gathering or a family meal is how many servings it yields. Is it enough to feed everyone?

A typical small pizza has a diameter of 10 inches and can be cut into six slices, which is sufficient enough to feed 2-3 people. 

Let’s check if we can get more pizza slices in a 10-inch pizza and how big it is. 

Average Slices In A 10-Inch Pizza

Most of the time, a “little” pizza means one that is 10 inches in diameter.

Small pizzas usually measure between 8 and 10 inches.

You can expect a minimum of six slices when buying a small 10-inch pizza. Bear in mind, though, that not all pizzas are created equal.

While six slices seem to be the norm, there are pizza places that are stingy with their slicing methods, providing as many as ten. (However, expect the slices to be small.) 

How Big Is A 10-Inch Pizza?

If you take a small personal pizza, say 8 to 10 inches in diameter, you may expect to get about six slices. A 10-inch pizza can accommodate 2-3 diners.

While a medium-sized (12-inch) pizza can often feed eight people, a personal or small pizza typically feeds less than half of that.

Additionally, a large pizza with a diameter of 14 inches yields about 10 slices, and an extra-large pizza with a diameter of 16 to 18 inches yields at least 12 slices.

How Many People Does A 10-Inch Pizza Feed?

It’s recommended to serve a 10-inch pizza to a gathering of no more than three individuals. It implies that each diner can have two slices (assuming there are six pieces in total), which is the ideal serving size assuming there are side dishes.

If there are six individuals in your company, you might want to consider feeding them this small-sized pizza.

However, you must still make additional food for your meal. For instance, broccoli, breadsticks, pasta, salad, or wings can all be combined.

Is 10 Inches Considered a Small Pizza?

Do you also think that a 10-inch pizza is a personal pan pizza? Then at this point, it is incorrect to say that a 10-inch pizza qualifies as personal-sized.

Personal pizzas are normally 6 inches in diameter.

Delicious personal pan pizza

What Size Is A Medium Pizza?

The size of a medium pizza is 12 inches, which makes it 113 square inches in total. They roughly yield six to eight pizza slices and would be enough for friends of three.

However, if you have more friends coming, you might reconsider your option of having a medium-sized pizza. 

Instead, you can have large pizzas, which have a diameter of 14 inches and come with about 10 slices or extra-large pizza, which is 16-18 inches and can easily feed a large group of friends. 

Final Words on How Many Slices Are in a 10 Inch Pizza

When placing an order for pizza, it is essential to select the appropriate size to make sure you feed your entire party.

If you are having a small gathering of 2-3 people, then a 10-inch pizza would be sufficient. Or if there are more people, then it’s time to pursue the offerings and select your personal preference.

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