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How Much Does A Curl Bar Weigh?

How Much Does A Curl Bar Weigh?

To incorporate a curl bar in your workout regime, you should know how much they weigh beforehand.

Unlike regular barbells, different categories of curl bars have diverse weight specifications.

Knowing how much a curl bar weighs helps you track your progress as you know how much you’re lifting.

Curl bars are perfect tools for targeting the triceps and bicep muscles.

There are four types of curl bars, and their weight varies depending on the make, model, and style.       

A standard curl bar weighs around 12 pounds, while an Olympic curl bar weighs 18 pounds. A super angled curl bar weighs 18 pounds on average, and an EZ (preacher) curl bar’s average weight is 35 pounds.

Practically, each curl bar performs different exercises. Knowing the specifications of your routine will help you understand which curl bar to use for effective results.

Curl bars offer more benefits than straight bars.

Initially, there is no standard weight of curl bars. These tools offer a different weight range depending on each manufacturer.

Thankfully, curl bars are good workout options for everyone, whether you’re an advanced lifter or just a beginner.

Types of curl bars

How Much Do Different Types of Curl Bars Weigh?

When you group the different categories of curl bars, you will find they are similar.

However, their weights vary significantly.

Below are the four types of curl bars and their weights.

Standard Curl Bars

Standard curl bars weigh 12 pounds, and they are 47 inches long.

These curl bars have threaded ends that measure 6.5 inches. You will find standard curl bars in most gyms as they are common.

These curl bars are preferable because you can easily attach their threaded ends to the collars after loading the weights.

Standard curl bars have a 1-inch hole, making them easy to use.

Olympic Curl Bar

Olympic curl bars come in different categories and weigh between 18 and 25 pounds, with their standard weight being 18 pounds.

These curl bars are 47 to 52 inches long with a standard thickness of 2 inches.

Unlike standard curl bars, Olympic curl bars have rotating sleeves at the ends.

The rotating sleeves at the ends of Olympic curl bars allow the weight to spin freely, reducing stress on your joints.

All categories of Olympic curl bars look similar.

The advantage of using these curl bars is that they allow you to focus on the energy in your muscles and limit possible injuries.

Super Angled Curl Bars

Super angled curl bars weigh between 18 and 24 pounds, with their average weight being 18 pounds.

These curl bars are 38 to 45 inches long and have a 2-inch diameter. Super curl bars are more like Olympic curl bars but have deeper curves for a greater variety of grips.

Super curl bars are more comfortable to use as their design helps relieve tension on your wrists.

These curl bars’ 2-inch diameter allows you to use Olympic weights with them.

Rackable Curl Bars

Rackable curl bars, also known as preacher curl bars, weigh 35 pounds. Their overall lengths are between 74 to 80 inches.

Rackable curl bars are the heaviest type of curl bars.

These curl bars’ sleeves measure 2 inches in diameter; hence they can accommodate more weight plates.

The rackable curl bars are preferable for the above lifters to add versatility to their exercises.

Some rackable curl bars have rotating sleeves, while others have fixed sleeves.

Why is it Important to Know Your Curl Bar’s Weight?

It is imperative to know the overall weight of your curl bar. This way, you will not overload yourself and risk straining your muscles.

Alternatively, understanding your curl bar’s weight ensures that you do not put too little weight and record no results.

You must know your curl bar’s actual weight to track your weekly progress.

Keeping track of your progress assists you in noting any improvement in your workout regime.

You must be very observant because most of these curl bars appear similar.

The weight and appearance of curl bars vary depending on their style, model, and make.

It is vital to know all these differences for you to know which curl bar suits you best.

What Are the Benefits of Using Curl Bars for Exercise?

Using curl bars over straight bars is preferable due to the following benefits.

Fewer Injuries

Standard weight lifting may cause wrists, elbows, and forearms injuries.

Curl bars move all your joints into the proper locations, lessening the risks of pain and injuries.

Some of these injuries can lead to long-term issues, and curl bars are the best option to prevent these occurrences.

Offer a Better Grip

While exercising, you want an ergonomic grip for the natural positioning of the weights.

Curl bars offer a better grip, and they are easier to hold.

It’s safer to use them as a better grip reduces the chances of dropping the curl bar and injuring yourself.

Reduce Pressure on Wrists

Straight curl bars can put a lot of pressure on your wrists. Too much pressure strains and injures your wrists.

Curl bars have an excellent shape and design, which gives a better workout without adding too much pressure to your wrists.

Offers More Muscle Isolation

A curl bar is a great option to help you isolate the biceps, triceps, and other specific muscles.

Curl bars have a more significant difference between the weights, which allows you to devote more energy to particular parts.

Using curl bars to train gives you the best results over a short time frame.

Standing bicep curl

What are the Best Exercises to Perform with Curl Bars?

A curl bar is a piece of specialized equipment that is useful for training muscles and other body parts.

Below are the best exercises to perform using curl bars.

  • Skullcrushers to isolate the triceps
  • JM press to isolate triceps
  • Underhand bent over row
  • Rear delts
  • Reverse arm curl
  • Spider bicep curl
  • Varied grip bicep curl
  • Preacher bicep curl
  • Arm blaster standing bicep curl
  • Standing bicep curl
  • Front deltoid raise
  • Overhead triceps extensions

Summing Up Curl Bar Weights

Depending on which kind of exercises you want to do or are ready for, you need to be aware of the weight of your curl bars. Standard ones are around 12 pounds, but there are many other sizes and weights in case you need to increase or decrease your workout routine.

Make sure you research and plan for what you’re ready for before starting, as you don’t want to hurt yourself!

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