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Is a Powder Room Necessary?

Is a Powder Room Necessary?

Suppose you want your guests to feel welcome at your home and want to make the most out of every corner of your house. Perhaps you want them to wash up before dinner and don’t want them to see the clutter near your shower.

Several people incorporate powder rooms in their households, even if they have the main bathroom available. I believe some people add them to give their homes class. However, this begs the question: is a powder room necessary?

A powder room is not a necessary feature for a home, but having one does increase a home’s value and convenience for guests and residents. Their small size makes them easier to fit into a home as well as cheaper to install.

If you’re curious about creating one in your home, I can give you insight into why some people use them, why they can work in a home, and some of the drawbacks.

Once you consider these factors, it should help you decide if placing a powder room in your house is worth your time and resources!

The Difference Between a Powder Room and a Full Bathroom

If you’re interested in converting an area of your house into a powder room, you might be curious about what makes it stand out from other bathrooms. It’s just a room with a toilet you use whenever you need to go. What makes it so different?

Typically, a powder room has a toilet and a sink but doesn’t have a bathtub or shower. If you have space, I recommend placing a mirror above the sink to give visitors a visual aid to fix their hair or makeup.

Although you can have bathrooms located in any area of your house, especially when you have more than one, powder rooms tend to appear on the first floor.

Although a bathroom’s size might differ, depending on the size of a house, the average powder room dimensions range between 15 to 20 square feet, while full bathrooms tend to measure at least 40 square feet.

attractive white and gray powder room

Why Do People Place Powder Rooms on the First Floor?

As I mentioned before, most people access powder rooms placed on the first floor of a home. However, you might be curious why you can find it there instead of other places in the house!

The main takeaway of having a powder room on the first floor of a multi-floor complex is convenient accessibility.

If you have visitors, it might be more convenient for them to access this room instead of going upstairs to relieve themselves or take a break. Most powder rooms are close to other areas where guests can access while visiting, such as living rooms, dining rooms, and near the front door. 

You might also want to consider converting an existing room in your home, such as a closet, into a powder room to save money on adding a new room. If not, it would still be wise to consider a room’s size when compared to your main bathroom.

Having a powder room on the first floor might also be excellent if you have guests or family members who have trouble maneuvering upstairs without assistance, and reduces the likelihood of them getting hurt before reaching the bathroom. 

The Costs of Adding a Powder Room

When you consider adding a powder room to your home, you might also want to consider how much you’ll need to spend during the preparation and installation processes.

If you want to create one from an existing room or create a new one, it would be wise to consider your budget before creating it. 

The average cost for adding a powder room to an existing location ranges between $5,000 to $15,000. If you want to add space for this room, the cost ranges between $10,000 to $30,000.  

Several components might increase your powder room cost, such as the room’s dimensions, plumbing costs for the toilet and sink, and other luxuries, such as lights, tiling, and other aesthetic equipment.

What to Place in a Powder Room

Although your powder room is generally smaller than full-sized bathrooms, you don’t have to keep its layout simple!

Several individuals dedicate time to sprucing up their powder room to enhance its atmosphere for anyone who uses it.

Due to the limited amount of space that you have to work with, it would be best to find out what works in your design plan and what doesn’t.

1. Soap and Lotion

Since your powder room has a sink and toilet, it would be wise to purchase soap for visitors to use after doing their business.

Although some people might buy bar soap, you might want to consider placing liquid hand soap to keep your water from making a mess on your sink top. 

To further enhance your guests’ hospitality, you can also add a lotion bottle to help them moisturize whenever necessary.

You might want to consider labeling the soap and lotion bottles to prevent confusing your guests.

2. Towel Rack

Placing a rack or basket of towels is another way to enhance a powder room whenever you or anybody else needs to use it.

Leaving a spot for wet or used towels might make cleanup more efficient on your end if a lot of people use it.

3. Trash Bin

Adding a trash receptacle to your powder room allows you to give guests a place to discard trash they don’t need.

This addition might be helpful for guests who need to discard or replace feminine hygiene products quickly! You definitely DO NOT want these getting flushed down the toilet, so go ahead and make sure that a waste bin is there.

You might also find this helpful when organizing your trash by separating it from recyclables and your kitchen’s garbage bin.

4. Decorations

You might want to consider adding several decorations to your powder room if you want to make it pop out for your guests and convince others to check it out.

For example, you can implement fancy tiles for the walls or floor to give it that fancy touch. I suggest using fancier patterns or colors for this small area.


Placing a mirror in your powder room is an excellent way to help guests refresh themselves after washing their faces, fixing their makeup, or doing other touch-ups.

Ideally, it would be wise to measure the space’s dimensions above the sink to create a makeshift vanity for people to use.


If you want to enhance the wallpaper, tile, or paint on your walls, you can add paintings to give the room a fresh aesthetic. Ideally, the artwork shouldn’t clash with the colors of your powder room. 

You might want to consider keeping your photos or artwork simple. Contemporary portraits and artwork depicting flowers add class to the area and won’t be too elaborate for the setting. 


Plants give your powder room a natural touch that adds extra color for your guests to appreciate. Depending on what types of plants you get, you can place them on the walls, floor, sink, or windowsill if uncluttered. 

Plants are an excellent alternative to scented candles or air fresheners if you want to keep foul odors out of your room. 

What Are Some Reasons Not to Create a Powder Room?

Although some people have no problem adding a powder room to their abode, others might not favor them in the long run.

Depending on your preferences or situation, these factors might be more relevant to you than others when answering your top question: is a powder room necessary? 

You Might Not Use It Every Day

Although powder rooms are excellent for guests or if you live with others, you might not find value in using them daily.

You might prefer using your larger bathroom since it can perform more tasks for your hygiene routine, such as access to a bath or shower and storing more supplies.

Additions Might be Costly

One thing that might get you to reconsider adding a powder room is the overall expenses. It might not be an ideal option if you want an exquisite room but you don’t have the budget for it.

Although you can remedy this solution by installing less expensive assets, it might not be worth it if you can’t afford to make a presentable room for your guests.

Limited Space

Another complaint you might have about adding a powder room is having trouble making the most out of limited space.

It might be a hassle keeping everything presentable in a powder room, along with trying to keep everything uncluttered. It might also be a challenge if you don’t enjoy spending too much time in a confined area.

Final Takeaway on the Necessity of Powder Rooms

Powder rooms are excellent additions for people who want to use extra space in their households. If you enjoy inviting others to your home or require more room for roommates who need another bathroom, this powder room might be necessary for your lifestyle.

I believe it’s an ideal way to experiment with interior design if you have the time and budget for it. If you’re interested in giving your house a stylish touch, I encourage you to consider adding one!

If you aren’t ready, take as much time as you need when considering your options. 

You, like others, might have trouble balancing the limited space and budgetary requirements needed for making the best powder rooms, but every installation element revolves around your preferences.

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