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What Size Drill Bit Is Needed to Install a Ring Doorbell?

What Size Drill Bit Is Needed to Install a Ring Doorbell?

If your new Ring Doorbell just came in the mail, you’re probably itching to hook it up. But what size drill bit do you need to install a Ring Doorbell?

Let’s get a step ahead of the game and make sure you have everything you need.

And if you already have your new Ring Doorbell, then you’re just a drill bit away from getting it installed. What size do you need?

You need a 15/64” drill bit to install your Ring Doorbell. In some kits this is included, but it might not be able to drill through brick or stucco. In those cases, you should consider buying a 15/64” masonry bit.

If you just bought a Ring Doorbell and are looking for the drill bit size that is needed to install it, you’re in the right place!

In this blog post, we will discuss what size drill bit is needed and what the numbers in a drill bit size mean.

We will also talk about whether or not you need a masonry drill bit to install a Ring Doorbell and what happens if you use the wrong size drill bit.

To get started with your new Ring Doorbell, just check out the articles we have on the site about them.

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What Tools Do You Need to Install a Ring Doorbell?

Thankfully, Ring Doorbell made it easy for its customers to install most of their home security products.

As long as you have the right tools, it’s a pretty easy project that just about anyone can do. Here’s what you’ll need:

  • A drill
  • A screwdriver
  • The right size drill bit
  • A level
  • An adapter plate (if you have an older model home)
  • The mounting instructions and template

That’s it! With just those few tools, you’ll be able to install your Ring Doorbell in no time.

What Size Drill Bit Do Ring Doorbells Need?

Now that we know what tools are needed, let’s discuss the drill bit size. Ring Doorbells call for a 15/64″ drill bit to install the anchors needed. 

This will drill holes that are the perfect diameter to allow you to insert the screw anchors into the wall so that the mounting screws or mounting bracket can be attached to your home.

Depending on which model Ring Doorbell you get or if you buy it new or used, the kit might even come with the drill bit itself. 

But if not, no worries! A 15/64″ drill bit is a pretty standard size and can be found at any hardware store.

What Do the Numbers in a Drill Bit’s Size Mean?

The numbers in a drill bit size are actually pretty simple to understand, at least with something like a 15/64″ bit. All this means is that it will drill a hole that’s 15/64″ in diameter. 

This also assumes that the drill enters and exits the medium being drilled in perfectly straight, otherwise the hole will always be ever so slightly larger.

Do You Need a Masonry Drill Bit?

The material that your home is made of will determine whether or not you need a masonry drill bit. 

If you live in an apartment or condo, chances are good that your doorbell is mounted onto drywall or just the underlying wooden studs or frame. In which case, a regular ol’ drill bit would suffice.

But if you have a brick, stucco, or stone home, then you will need a masonry drill bit.

This is because those materials are much harder to drill through and a regular bit just won’t cut it (literally). 

Masonry drill bits are designed with an extra sharp tip and flutes (or grooves) that quickly remove debris as the bit drills through whatever material it’s made for.

Can You Use a Drill Bit That’s One Size Too Big or Small?

If you use a drill bit that is too small, then the holes that you drill will be too small for the screw anchors.

This would make it very difficult, if not impossible, to properly install your Ring Doorbell.

Conversely, if you use a bit that is too large, then the hole will be too big.

While this might not seem like a big deal at first, it actually can be. A hole that’s too big might cause the anchors to not grip as tightly or at all in some cases. 

This could lead to your Ring Doorbell becoming loose over time and eventually falling off, which no one wants.

Summing Up Installing Ring Doorbells

If you’re looking to install a Ring Doorbell yourself, you will need a 15/64″ drill bit. This sometimes comes with the Ring Doorbell product itself, but if it doesn’t, it’s easy to find at nearly any hardware store.

If you’re installing your Ring Doorbell into harder surfaces like brick or stucco, you will probably need to purchase a masonry tip instead of the regular drill bit.

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