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What is a Detached Garage?

What is a Detached Garage?

Most garages are built into the house and make it easy to park your car and walk inside without going outside. However, there are detached garage options. What is a detached garage and why is it a good option? 

A detached garage is one that stands separate from the rest of the house instead of being built-in. The structure has its own space and can be built further away from the house, but offers no access to the main house. 

Want to know why people have detached garages and why they can be a good idea? Well, keep reading and find out all the details about it here. 

What is a Detached Garage? 

Unlike a typically attached garage that comes on most homes, a detached garage is built on a separate foundation beside the home.

Detached garages can be the only garage on the property or in addition to an attached garage.

They come with no access to the main house. They can be used for vehicles, but many are converted into work sheds, art spaces, or a spare room for guests or renters to use as a living space. 

Many are often built after people have lived there for some time and grow as a family. 

When children get old enough to drive and have a vehicle of their own, the typical two-car-garage might not be enough for the whole family. So, a second garage is added onto the property for extra storage space. 

Is a Garage with a Breezeway Considered Attached?

Some garages are detached from the house but are connected by a breezeway. A Breezeway is an open air, covered pathway.

This allows for a nice design and also gives you a path that leads directly into the house from the garage.

This is often found in homes where the garage is parallel to the main house.

A breezeway is a structure built to allow for the passage of a breeze, which acts as a hallway between two structures. This is created to accommodate high wind and allow for aeration.

So, because there is a structure that is connecting to two buildings, is the detached garage then considered an attached option?

Well, although that does make sense, it is not completely an attached option. It still does not share any walls with the house and does not offer direct access, only indirect through the use of the breezeway. 

So, it is not considered an attached option. It is still a standalone structure and is considered a detached garage. 

However, because people want to make a distinction between this option and a fully detached garage with no breezeway connecting to the house, it is sometimes called an attached detached garage. Confusing, right?!

What is Better Attached or Detached Garage?

Both an attached and detached garage comes with positives and negatives, so what option is the best overall? Well, because this often depends on the situation, it can fluctuate. 

However, when you thought about the ease of access to your vehicle and any stored items in the garage, the attached garage is unmatched. 

With a detached garage, you can have an entire driveway’s worth of space between you and your vehicle each morning and each night when you come home. This is not much, but an attached garage would offer direct access straight into your home without extra walking. 

And, because it is attached to the house, you can often hear if someone were inside the garage. This can help prevent an expensive or reliable vehicle from being stolen in a way that a detached garage cannot.

An attached option allows you to drive into the garage and walk inside the house without needing to be outside. On days when there is snow, rain, or hail, this is a great way to stay out of inclement weather and keep your briefcase, bag, or laptop from getting wet or ruined by the weather. 

If you have a detached garage that has no breezeway, then you will have no covering when walking to and from your house. When it rains, you will have to run to your car in the morning, while still getting a bit wet or needing to carry an umbrella just to walk to your vehicle. 

However, one of the main reasons that people tend to add detached garages to their property is because they want more space. Having room for more cars, storage, and workspace can be a major reason for adding a detached garage.

Though, if this is not needed, then it becomes an unnecessary addition. So, though it can be a good option for some people, it is not always a good option for many. 

So, overall, the best option tends to be the attached garage, although there can be benefits to having a detached option or both! More garages equals more home value.

Which is Cheaper: Attached or Detached Garage?

When it comes to prices, it can be a bit tough to compare the two. This is because an attached garage typically comes with a home, and cannot be there if you don’t have the house. 

For resale value, having an attached garage is preferred. It is almost necessary in today’s world. However some older homes or smaller homes may not have any garage and just rely on street parking.

If you decide to add on a detached garage there are a few things you will want to consider.

Do you have enough space?

You will need to make sure you have enough space on your property to house the garage. Take a look at the size of garage you need and then review the required set backs for your neighborhood.

Some neighborhoods have required set backs. For example, in our neighborhood all structures must be at least 50 ft from the front street and 25 feet from the side property lines. This includes any roof overhang!

You may need a surveyor to confirm placement.

HOA Guidelines

For those of us who live in an HOA neighborhood, we are bound to follow the HOA’s design guidelines.

These guidelines would outline if they even allow detached garages. If they do, there may be requirements for style and exterior materials.

Don’t make the mistake of starting to build a structure without getting HOA and city/county permits. This will cost you in time and fees! You also wouldnt want an unpermitted garage when you try to resale down the road.


You may think building a garage is a cheap build, this isn’t always the case. It’s true that it is cheaper than building a house, but it may be more pricey than you are expecting.

You will need an engineered foundation, electrical, drywall, structural roof and truss, siding, garage doors, and updates to your existing driveway.

We recommend reaching out to a few local contractors to receive quotes. This will let you know how much you can expect to spend and will help you decide if it’s doable or not.

What is the Best Option For You? 

If you are wondering how to tell which option is best for you, then just look at the benefits of both options to help you decide. Whatever is the most important benefit to you will tell you which option to choose. 

If you want to be able to stay out of the weather, easily transfer children or groceries from the car to your home, then an attached garage is for you.

If you are looking for extra parking, additional storage, or a small workshop then a detached garage could be the way to go.

If you have the means, do both! Future buyers will see value in having the extra space.

Final Thoughts 

A detached garage is a great addition to a home when you want extra space for cars or storage. Plus, with all the possibilities of what you can turn it into, you can create a space that is versatile and private. 

Whether you want to park your car in it, turn it into a workshop space, or just use it for storage space when you don’t have any more room in the house, a detached garage is a great addition to any home. 

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