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What Is a Standard Shower Head Height?

What Is a Standard Shower Head Height?

You’re finally redoing your shower and bathroom! Not only have you saved up the funding to buy everything you need and paid the contractor, you also found the perfect design you will be happy looking at for the next 10 years.

Right now, the contractor is going over the designs for the shower and you just realize that they put the shower head lower than you’re used to. Or maybe you are just looking at it from a weird angle? Wait, how high does the shower head usually rest on the wall?

In a modern home, the shower head is usually placed 80in above the floor. Most shower heads are placed between 68in and 86in off the floor. While there are a few building codes pertaining to the shower, there is no building code that states how high or how low you can place your shower head.

Shower head placement is so simple and yet so critical to the building of the shower. There are many ways to construct a shower and you can have the contractor install multiple shower heads.

The average cost of installing a shower head is $150, but it may be more than $500 if you want more than one shower head.

What Is a Standard Shower Head Height?

When designing your shower and bathroom, there are many factors to consider, like the type and size of the tile, the tile pattern, the height of the sink, the material of the sink, and shower head placement, along with the option to install single or multiple shower heads and the type of shower head/s.

You and your family will use this bathroom and shower for the next 10 or 15 years, so designing it correctly the first time will keep everyone in the home happy or will prevent future unscheduled.

What is the standard height for a shower head? For an exact answer, the standard height for the shower head is usually 80in, or 203cm. For an approximate height, the shower head can be placed anywhere between 68 in/172 cm to 86in/218cm.

Shower head placement depends on a few factors, including the average height of the people in the home, if the shower head will have a detachable handle, and if there is a second shower head a foot below the top shower head.

There are also shower heads that can be installed on the ceiling and on the sides of the shower.

Ceiling Shower Heads

Ceiling shower heads are the perfect aesthetic touch for anyone who wants a relaxing and peaceful showering experience. A ceiling shower head is not like a regular shower head because it is not designed to intensify the water pressure. A ceiling shower head allows water to fall down like rain onto your head and shoulders and body. It’s supposed to mimic the feeling of standing under a rainstorm.

Ceiling Shower heads
Installing a ceiling shower head is more expensive than installing a regular shower head. The cost to install a ceiling shower head can be between $500 and $1500. This price does not include the cost of the ceiling shower head fixture.

If there is no shower plumbing above your shower, then the contractor will need to add new plumbing in order to divert water from your wall shower head to your sitting shower head. This will be an additional cost.

You can also install a wall shower head and a ceiling shower head in one shower. When activated, the diverter valve will divert the shower water from the wall shower head and send it directly to the ceiling shower head.

If you have a home with high ceilings, you will not want to purchase a shower head for the ceiling. However, you can buy an extended shower head that hangs from the ceiling. This will reduce the height gap.

If your ceiling shower is 10ft, purchasing a hanging ceiling shower head will reduce the full height of the water 1 ½ feet so the water will stay warm.

What Does My Shower Need to Have Multiple Shower Heads?

Multiple shower heads are possible if the contractor installs a diverter valve into the shower head pipe.

The diverter valve will change the direction of the water and prevent it from flowing to the wrong shower head. Also, a combination diverter valve will allow you to use both shower heads at once.

Types of Shower Heads

Before you decide where exactly you want to place the shower hidden in the wall, you must find the perfect shower head. There are several shower head types available at most big box stores and small hardware stores. You can also find many unusual shower head styles online and in specialty shops.

Types of Shower Heads

Here are the most common shower heads:

  • Single detachable shower head – This is the most common shower head. You probably have this shower head in your shower right now.
  • Single Shower head with detachable handle – This is a single shower head that will detach from the wall.
  • Double shower heads with detachable handle – For this shower headset, one shower head is set permanently on the wall and the other shower head is attached to a handle that can be removed.
  • Rain shower heads or Waterfall Shower heads – This type of shower head is not meant for high pressure showers. It actually softens the pressure of the water so that it gently hits your body. It is meant to be a more relaxing and enjoyable experience than just a plain shower.
  • Double shower heads – Both shower heads are permanently attached to the wall and are usually spaced at least 1 1/2 feet apart.

Conclusion to How High a Standard Shower Head Is

The standard shower head height is 80 inches, but most shower heads usually sit anywhere between 68 inches and 86 inches.

Depending on the type of shower you purchase, you may have to readjust the height of the shower head before it is permanently attached to the wall.

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