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Why Are Curtains So Expensive?

Why Are Curtains So Expensive?

Curtains are one of the decorations in interior décor that can set the feel of the room.

Thick velvet curtains give a regal look, while sheer ones soften the light incoming from outside, enhancing the room’s ambiance.

Curtains generally cover a large area, meaning the cost for materials and labor to make them increases the overall cost. Also, many curtains have to be custom-made or cut in order to truly fit the window both in height and width, which also increases the amount.

Also, if you want to add accessories to your curtains like tassels or special embroidery, the added fabric cost and installation can add to the look as well as the cost.

Here is all you need to know if you are ready to invest in curtains to turn up the volume in any room of the house.

What Is the Average Cost of Curtains?

On average, one panel of curtain can cost $100-150 if you want to go on the cheaper side. However, the fancier you want it to be, the more the cost is. 

One panel of regal-looking curtains may cost you around $1000-$1500, including the stitching and design of the curtain and its accessories.

Since fabric makes up a large part of the price, the type and quantity of fabric you select have a great influence on the price.

What Makes Curtains Expensive?

Curtains are expensive due to a variety of different reasons including both quality and quantity.

1. Price Of The Fabric

If you are wondering whether or not you can afford this window treatment at all to enhance the overall look of your house, you should know that a large part of the price is the fabric.

The cost of the curtain fabric depends on the following features:

  • The weight of the fabric per square meter
  • The thread count of the fabric
  • Material of the fabric
  • Value additions like printing, lining, pleats, or embroidery

If you want to use the curtain for more than decorative purposes and block out the light from outside, you would have to choose a thick fabric or lining that blocks incoming light.

Also, intricate weaves like jacquard may look exquisite, but they are priced higher because of the complexity that goes into manufacturing such a fabric compared to twill or plain weaves.

2. Additional Accents

When it comes to curtains, even beads and other minimalistic designing like thin laces add to the cost greatly. Since even a single panel has to have wide fabric because of the folds, any customization added to it multiplies in price accordingly.

Even though expensive, a customized look in which the designer adjusts according to your preferences and liking is on another level compared to the ready-made curtains.

3. Window Dimensions

As mentioned before, the price of the curtains also varies depending on the quantity.

So, if you have a lot of windows, you will need several panels to cover them completely while making sure the folds that are essential for curtains stay intact. 

A standard curtain requires at least 5 yards of fabric. If for some reason you need to have longer curtains, then the yards required for the curtains increases greatly.

Here are some reasons why you would have to get curtain fabric more than the standard panel size:

  • If you want to give a spacious look to your room, placing your curtains a few inches above the window also adds to the fabric needed, thus the cost of the curtains.
  • If your room’s ceilings are high, then also you would need curtains that are the right proportion for the windows.

4. Taxes And Shipping

Since curtains take a lot of space when boxed, the shipping charges are greater than any other thing you may order online.

If you get it shipped in vacuum packaging to save shipping costs, it might lose its shape and look. 

Since the fabric is heavy, the stores that get the fabric also have to pay for shipping and additional taxes, thus making the fabric even costlier on the consumer’s end. 

5. Stitching

When you are buying curtains and getting them customized, one thing you need to keep in mind is that a professionally-finished look means greater wages. 

The artisans and craftsperson who make your curtains and customize them according to your requirements charge for the time.

Since curtain stitching also requires special machines, this also adds to the overall cost. Also, some types of fabric require special skills to get that finished look. 

For example, jacquard and other thick material require special machines to get that elegant outcome that you desire.

White Curtains

Is It Cheaper to Make Curtains Than to Buy Them?

If you are considering purchasing fabric by the yard and stitching it at home according to your requirements, it is definitely a possibility.

However, if you are getting the materials and putting your DIY skills to use, you are only cutting on the labor costs of making the curtains and not the other costs like fabric and additional accentuations.

Also, not to discourage you, but you will find a vast difference in professional work versus your own. However, if you are a seamstress and used to working with other types of fabric, you might as well get started to make your curtains without spending a fortune on them.

Summing Up Why Curtains Are So Expensive

Curtains are something that turns up the overall look and elegance of any room. A window accentuated with quality curtains can enhance the room’s look.

Curtains not only enhance the aesthetics of the room but also serve a functional value. Blackout curtains and lining are very expensive.

There are several reasons why curtains are expensive. The fabric makes up the greatest share of the curtain cost.

On top of this, there is also the stitching, the number and dimensions of the windows, and any additional customizations you may require.

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