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Why Is Le Creuset So Expensive?

Why Is Le Creuset So Expensive?

Originating in 1925, Le Creuset has been making exquisite pots, pans, cutlery, and more for almost a century now.

This has allowed them to establish their position as one of the tops over the years. But nowadays, much of their kitchenware is bought as adornment rather than using it in everyday applications.

Due to the positioning of Le Cresset as a luxurious status symbol, this is what drives up the price in general along with the great quality of its products.

But, this still prompts one to ask whether their price range is justified or not. There are a lot more reasons for this and so without further ado, let us take a look at them in detail.

Why Are Le Creuset Pots And Pans So Expensive?

Almost a century later, Le Creuset’s cookware remains in use in nearly 75% of French households and has gained notoriety as a high-quality cookware brand worldwide.

But you might still be wondering, what makes them so expensive? or Is it just their reputation that drives up their price?

To answer that here are some reasons why Le Creuset’s cookware is justified in its pricing:

Secret Proportions In The Enamel And Metal

The mix of metals that Le Creuset uses to make its products is the first factor behind the high pricing. Recycled steel and normal iron are the main components of the metallurgical composition, but their exact amounts are kept a secret. 

The same goes for their enamel-coating formula. Le Creuset themselves design and manufacture both the metal and the enamel and have perfected both so that when used together, they complement one another perfectly.

Because other manufacturers and knockoffs sometimes have their metal and enamel created separately, they don’t combine as well as Le Creuset’s do.

Unusual And Revolutionary Production Methods

Applying enamel on a cast iron is quite a difficult task to pull off. This is because the enamel, which is basically glass, shatters when heated.

However, cast iron expands when heated. Le Creuset is special because its production technique can balance the divergent qualities of cast iron and enamel, resulting in a product that is durable enough to be used for a lifetime.

Firstly, the molten metal is poured into a mould made of black sand to make the vessel which is only used once and discarded in order to prevent the development of flaws on further use. 

After casting the metal into an actual vessel, the enamel is made. Next, they would grit blast onto the vessels which would make the metal surface porous.

This porosity enables the enamel to bond with the metal more thoroughly. Le Creuset coats the metals with two layers of enamel after grit blasting.

The initial layer serves as a primer and covers the cookware vessel in a glass-enamel bubble, preventing rust from coming into contact.

The vessel is then heated to high temperatures after the initial coat and is allowed to cool. Lastly, the second coat of enamel is applied and then heated.

This solidifies the glass coating and makes it strong enough to cope with scratches and high drops for years to come.

Involvement Of Human Labor In Production Methods

Despite Le Creuset adopting automation in the majority of their production process, they still have a lot of their production tasks carried out by humans which of course adds up the cost.

For example, every Le Creuset Dutch oven goes through the hands of about 30 people before being completed. Further, more than 15 tests must be conducted before a Le Creuset product is declared ready.

Every step of the production process is inspected, and if even the tiniest flaw is discovered, the product is discarded and its metal recycled.

Lifetime Warranty

Le Creuset offers a lifetime guarantee in almost all of their products with the following notable exceptions: a 10-year warranty on ceramics, wine accessories, and salt & pepper grinders and a five-year warranty on kettles.

From the time a consumer purchases the items until the end of their life, they are covered by the guarantee. If the items are given to one as a present, the same terms still hold true.

Why Is Le Creuset Better Than Cast Iron?

Le Creuset cookware is better and more efficient overall than regular cast iron cookware in almost every aspect. For instance, every Le Creuset cookware can be used with both the oven and stove top.

This function allows Le Creuset’s cookware to be more flexible and efficient than regular iron-cast cookware while cooking. On the stove, you may braise a piece of beef.

Whereas the pot may then be transferred to the oven when required without changing between any different cookware.

Another advantage of having Le Creuset's enamelled cookware is that they are very easy to clean. A gentle dish sponge and some light soap are all you need. 

If the food is really stubbornly baked on, just let your cookware soak in hot water for some hours. 

Lastly, customers can trust the quality as Le Creuset has been around for over 100 years. Le Creuset uses materials of the highest calibre., in contrast to other companies This guarantees that you’ll get a finished product that has a long shelf life than any regular cookware from its competitors.

Le Creuset better than cast iron

How Long Can Le Creuset Cookware Last?

Le Creuset’s cookware is everlasting and will really outlast you if you handle it appropriately. Although many people believe that this cookware will survive for at least 1,000 years, it won’t last indefinitely.

Unfortunately, Le Creuset has only been around since 1925, therefore no one can claim that it will survive for 1,000 years. Yet, some very old Le Creuset cookware is still in use in kitchens worldwide.

Le Creuset is also proud of the durability of its cookware. It is due to this reason that their enamelled iron cast cookware has a warranty of a lifetime.

This distinguishes Le Creuset from competing companies as they don’t want to sell their cookware every decade or so. Rather they want you to buy one of their cookware, acknowledge its benefits and then buy the rest of their products

How To Take Care Of Your Le Creuset

To keep your Le Creuset cookware nice and clean you would obviously need to clean it after use. Fortunately, enamel cast iron cookware is very easy to clean, but to keep it maintained following are some tips to keep in mind:

  • Remember not to immediately submerge the cookware in water after cooking, instead leave it to cool down first. The food residue left on the pan may then be easily removed with a brush.
  • Le Creuset shouldn’t be cleaned with any abrasive pads, instead, microfiber towels or dish sponges should be used.
  • You won’t ever need to clean Le Creuset too hard as long as you soak it for a bit before trying to remove any burned-on food.
  • The enamel coating will remain in good condition for a lot longer if you use silicone or wooden utensils. 

Final Words to Le Creuset

To sum it up, Le Creuset is a brand that makes high-quality cookware and is guaranteed to outlive you. Although their products are expensive, if it’s considered an investment they are definitely worth their price!

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