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12 Ideas For Hiding A Cable Box!

12 Ideas For Hiding A Cable Box!

Have an entertainment station that is always in a mess?

You’re not alone! It’s time to sit back and relax because we have a list of ideas to help you organize your wire junkyard in a jiffy!

Cable boxes are always tricky to hide because of one, their size, and two, their important association with the TV.

Most cables aren’t long enough to be tucked away, which can be a very unpleasant sight in your living room. Nobody likes a messy console, especially when the mess is all wires and cables. 

Lots of people tend to buy Bluetooth-powered devices just so that there are fewer wires to take care of.

However, that comes with its pros and cons, which is why it’s uncommon in most homes. 

Unfortunately, a TV console is usually in a common space around your home, like the living room, which means that there’s always a need to keep it organized.

Don’t worry about creative ideas about hiding your cable box, though, because we have you covered with this guide.

Have a look: 

1. Wall Mounting

Mounting your cable box on a wall has been an age-old way of taking care of the hideous-looking scenario. Just move your TV a bit further away from the wall and mount your cable box behind it.

This results in lots of space being cleared which is otherwise taken up by the cable box. 

The best part about mounting is that you don’t need any extravagant tools or make holes in the wall: you can use velcro, command strips, or even just a couple of screws to support your cable box.

However, mounting has one drawback: your remote might not be able to reach the cable box. Don’t worry, though, because we have a list of other ideas down the list that can help you. 

2. Remote Extensions

If your remote is unable to catch signals from the cable box, consider buying a remote extender.

They are cordless devices which can easily be attached to a TV. their main purpose is to help be the bridge between your cable box and remote.

They’re cheap, easy to use, and almost non-noticeable when plugged into a TV!

3. Storage Shelves

Many TV consoles have drawers or cabinets which can be used to tuck away your wires. If not, then you can always add a matching storage shelf and forget about the cable box.

However, your cords might be at risk of getting overheated if your cabinets are not well-ventilated.

To avoid this problem, make sure there is enough room in your cabinet and cut a hole at the back so that there is sufficient airflow without changing the look of the cabinet. 


4. Books

If you’re a reader and have many books lying around, you can make use of them to conceal your cable box.

Just place a couple of books above and below the cable box to blend the look.

You can also use a dust jacket to cover up the box but make sure it’s made up of a mesh material or has some holes in it to avoid overheating the wires. 

5. Plastic Basket

Picnic baskets which usually have holes, make a perfect solution to cover your cable box.

Just buy a basket that matches the colour scheme of your interiors, remove the handles, and put it upside down on your cable box.

This will not only efficiently cover your cable box but also allow your remote to receive signals without any hassle.

You can also have fun with the aesthetic by adding books, plants, or any other ornament to the top of the basket. 

6. Cube Bins

The laundry-basket-looking storage bins are a perfect place to hide your cable box.

Since they’re usually made out of fabric, they don’t obstruct signals and also prevent your cable box from overheating.

Just make sure that the cube storage bin goes well with your interiors and doesn’t look out of place. 

7. Decor or Embellishments

If all else fails, consider decorating your cable box with any ornamental item present in your house.

Be it a plant, a frame, a small lamp, or a showpiece, a small addition can reduce the boxy look of your cable box while also not requiring you to make a lot of changes.

Make sure not to put in anything too heavy because the constant weight might damage your cable box. 

8. Hide Behind The TV

If your TV is not wall-mounted and has a bit of space at the back, utilize it to hide your cable box.

This will not only take the box away from sight but will also help your system to stay connected with each other.

Hanging strips, cable ties, and command strips are all the things that can help you achieve this solution. 

9. Place It In Another Room

If your house is built in a certain way, you can easily place the cable box in another room; this will take it completely out of sight, and you won’t have to make any extra effort!

However, this only works in some cases and might be an obstruction in sending and receiving signals. 

10. Use Purpose-Made Furniture

Your best bet is to ask your carpenter to provide you with a woody solution. Purposefully made furniture can help you hide your cable box without making it too obvious.

Look for having separate shelves for every wire junction- this will make sure that all your wires are safely hidden without getting overheated. 

11. Hide Behind Accents

If you can’t afford to get specific furniture or tinker around with your wall, the one solution which you can put into action this minute is hiding your cable box behind any home accent.

Be it a lamp or a vase or even a decorative mirror- as long as it’s big enough to hide the cable box, you’re good to go!

12. Get A Wooden Case

Picture a cigar box and imagine it getting big enough to store your cable box – there you have it!

This solution doesn’t cost much as it can be made from scraps of wood and can also be a fun DIY project. Look for wood that has a stylish accent to it; carved or netted pieces do the job pretty well.

Construct the box in a way that you can easily slide your cable box in and out without any hassle. This particular tip is also very useful for people who already have wood-based interiors. 

Cable box

Things To Keep In Mind Before You Start

Before you start considering ways of hiding your cable box, there are a couple of things you should bear in mind. The first and foremost is the need for your remote to be in contact with the cable box.

If your remote doesn’t have an infrared connection, then you don’t need to worry about this factor and can go ahead with hiding your cable box completely out of sight. 

If you do have an infrared remote and cannot compromise on hiding your cable box, then consider investing in signal extenders so that your remote doesn’t have any signal obstructions.

Final Words On How to Hide a Cable Box

Now that you have so many ideas on how to hide your cable box, we hope that all your wire worries are sorted! 

Hiding these tech boxes might seem like a very challenging thing at first, but once you get your head into it, you’d be surprised to know that there are so many fun ideas available!

So, sit back and go through our tips and tricks to get a solution to hide a cable box in an instant!

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