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13 Reasons Why Your Air Fryer Smells

13 Reasons Why Your Air Fryer Smells

Certain essentials are crucial for many kitchens, and an air fryer is one of them. If you’re among those who have finally purchased an air fryer but are unsure of why it stinks, you’ve found the best spot to look for solutions.

Your air fryer may start to smell for several reasons, including it not being cleaned properly, putting in too much oil when you use it, and its air filters not being cleaned properly.

Read on to learn more about why your air fryer might smell.

Why Does My Air Fryer Smell?

There are many reasons why this may be the case, including:

1. It’s a New Purchase 

If you have recently brought this appliance and have noticed a plastic smell coming out of it, don’t fret. There are several reasons why this might be happening, including:

  • The highly resilient plastic covering that covers most air fryers can release a potent plastic odor when heated.
  • Suppose your appliance is new and hasn’t been used much. The smell must be due to this fact and will go away after several uses.
  • Most of the parts of the air fryer are made up of plastic. This could be the reason that it gives off a plastic smell when heated. You will notice that this smell passes away after some time.

This is quite typical and a feature of the majority of air fryers. To fix this, we advise that you remove the cover or opening and leave your air fryer outside for a few hours. Good ventilation will surely help you get rid of this smell easily. 

2. No Air Going Into Your Air Fryer

Even the finest fryers need their room, even though they are small and powerful. This is because these small convection ovens depend on an uninterrupted flow of air to evenly distribute high-temperature heat throughout the food. Ensure that your air fryer has five inches of clearance on all ends.

Additionally, keep it on a solid surface to prevent it from falling to the ground when it vibrates. You can cook properly with an air fryer if you grasp how it cooks your meals. 
There is no air coming into your air fryer

3. You Use Too Much Oil

Just a teaspoon or two of oil is often required for air fryers. Too much of a good thing will lead to it potentially having a bad smell.

An air fryer should not be confused with a deep fryer. This appliance needs oil in small quantities for optimum working. 

People use excessive oil in the air fryer that can not only lead to a burning smell from it but also affect your food. It is recommended to use the oil in the desired amount so that it does not cause any issues later on.

4. The Air Fryer Is Not Preheated

When you start gathering materials for frying, check the recommended temperature specified in your recipe.

Turn the air fryer on early so that it will be sufficiently heated when you are ready to use it. It should reach the ideal temperature in less than five minutes, so it won't take much time. 

This way, the food would be cooked correctly and the air fryer will not smell. If the appliance is not preheated it can lead to a four smell.

5. Not Cleaning It Properly 

A dirty air fryer can lead to food contamination and stomach problems. You are putting yourself at a high risk of infections if you are not cleaning it every day. It is recommended to clean it after each meal. 

Keep the basket in hot water so that you can clean it quickly. You can maintain your health and keep your appliance odor-free with just three minutes of your time.

6. Not Checking the Food’s Temperature

When using an air fryer, be mindful of your knowledge of food safety. The same guidelines for properly cooking meat on a stovetop, grill, or oven are applicable here. 

Overheating the food or cooking your food for longer than the given time can lead to a burning smell. You can use vinegar water to remove the odor.

But it is better to practice these rules beforehand so that such a situation does not arise in the first place. 

7. Not Using Any Oil 

Using excess oil is bad, but too little can also cause problems. Most recipes will tell you about the amount of oil you should use for the perfect cook.

If you are cooking your food with too little oil, the food will not be cooked correctly. It can also lead to a burning smell in your air fryer.

8. Greasy Food is Leaking

You might have bought an air fryer to go along with a greater diet plan, but you can still cook your favorite high-fat foods like sandwiches, sausages, and even pork quickly and effectively.

Make sure water is in the cooking basket cavity’s bottom before pressing the setup button. So, instead of hitting hot metal, where it might burn and create an odor, the fat would hit the water when it dripped onto the heated surface. It is a safe way to ensure that your air fryer does not smell after cooking high-calorie food.

9. Your Air Fryer Isn’t Working Correctly

If you have recently purchased the device make sure that it works properly. Check your device for these things:

  • Uneven cooking 
  • The burning taste of food 

If you are noticing these things, you might have purchased a faulty device. This is the main reason why the air fryer smells and gives the food a burning taste. 

10. There Are Tiny Plastic Particles in Your Air Fryer

There may be little parts of the non-stick covering or plastic from the basket coming off and heating up, which as a result can cause the air fryer to smell like melted plastic. 

Tiny Plastic Particles in Your Air Fryer

The potential reason for this can be that the basket is searched or damaged from the bottom. When the food is getting cooked these particles emit this foul smell. 

11. The Power Cord is Damaged 

Power cords may sustain damage and begin to deteriorate gradually. Even though they appear tough and durable from the outside, them breaking happens more often than you may think.

Minor bad habits, like keeping them tangled or storing them incorrectly in constrained locations, can lead to problems.

The burning smell could be due to the burning of the power cord. It is highly recommended to change this as quickly as possible because it can also lead to a short circuit. 

12. Unclean Air Filters

Another reason that can cause a bad smell is unclean filters. To avoid this from happening, you should frequently brush the air filter. 

If you don't have time to wash it occasionally, replace the old ones right away if you notice a terrible stench emanating from the machine while it's running. Keeping your air fryer clean is the key to warding off bad smells that can ruin the taste of food as well. 

13. The Dome Lid’s Seal is Too Tight

Because some people believe that the more securely they shut the dome lid, the less odor will come from the device, this problem happens often. However, a grease filter and bacterial growth have the potential to produce an even worse odor.

Because the air fryer machine features a built-in fan for airflow, closing it firmly will ultimately compromise its operation because there will be less airflow, which could lead to cooking oil residue building up around the heating coil.

Final Words on Why Your Air Fryer Might Smell

When you buy an air fryer, it is a better practice to see all the instructions and rules so that you can use the device effectively. Keep these things under check so that you can avoid these bad smells.

If your air fryer is still reeking of bad odor after correcting all the methods mentioned above, contact the vendor, as there might be a problem with the device.

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