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Accent Ceiling: What They Are and FAQs!

Accent Ceiling: What They Are and FAQs!

Design trends come and go and some are better left in the past. But accent walls have always been a useful spin on architectural design.

Could we use the designs for accent walls and place them on the ceiling? Is an accent ceiling already a thing?

An accent ceiling is a type of ceiling design that takes the fundamentals of accent walls and applies them to the ceiling. Complimentary and contrasting colors, elaborate molding, geometric designs, styled decor, and lights can all be used to style an accent ceiling.

An accent ceiling is not for every home, but it can be for certain rooms. If you are renovating an entire room, now is the time to add an accent ceiling to that room. Just remember the fundamentals, which are that a dark ceiling will make the room look shorter and smaller, but a bright color ceiling will make the room look larger and taller.

What Is an Accent Ceiling?

If you’ve never heard of it before, you are in excellent company. Accent ceilings aren’t common, but they are slowly gaining popularity. An accent ceiling is a ceiling that has been decorated with the same techniques as an accent wall.

What is an Accent Ceiling?

Painting a single wall in a different color or with a different wallpaper is an accent wall. If you employ these same tactics to your ceiling, then you have an accent ceiling.

Ways to Create an Accent Ceiling

A fresh coat of paint is a common way to transform your regular ceiling into an accent ceiling, but it is not the only method.

An accent ceiling can be painted, wallpapered, or have molding and decor added to it. If you're really dedicated to transforming your ceiling into an accent ceiling, you can also change the amount of lights and the style of the light. All of this will require the work of an electrician.

If you want both a certain wall and the ceiling to stand out, then you can paint the wall and ceiling the same color and create a wall and accent ceiling. For example, if you’re creating an accent ceiling and wall in the kitchen, paint the wall with the stove.

Why Are Accent Ceilings Becoming More Popular?

Accent ceilings are becoming more popular for a number of reasons. For one, an accident ceiling is a great way to add a new dimension to a room.

If the walls of the room are painted a dark color, painting the ceiling a light color or white can make the room look larger.

Another critical reason for the rising popularity of accent ceilings is how painting a ceiling can improve the overall feel and decor of a room. If your bedroom has a white walls and blue decor, then painting the ceiling the same shade of blue can add a critical pop of color to your room. 

Can You Accent a Coffered Ceiling?

A coffered ceiling is a type of ceiling that has a grid-like pattern made from beams. The beams create indents in the ceiling, and the pattern is usually rectangular or in a circle.

If you have the right design, then yes, you can accent a coffered ceiling. The coffered ceiling already has a permanent design advance, so it will be harder to accent than an uncovered ceiling.

Can You Paint an Accent Ceiling?

Absolutely! Painting a ceiling a different color than the walls and not white is one of the best ways to turn it into an accent ceiling! If a room and its ceiling are painted white or off white, then a bold color, like dark blue or evergreen, on the ceiling would make the room stand out.

Conclusion to Creating an Accent Ceiling

An accent ceiling is a ceiling styled like an accent wall. The walls of an accent ceiling are a different color than the ceiling, and they’re usually lighter.

You can’t paint a coffered ceiling, but it’s more difficult as the coffered ceiling already has a permanent design. Lighting, decor and mold are additional ways to turn a ceiling into an accent ceiling.

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