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21 Accent Wall Ideas For A Small Living Room

21 Accent Wall Ideas For A Small Living Room

An accent wall can be a great way to add life to a small living room. It will create more space, but finding the idea that will work best is challenging.

Small living rooms can sometimes feel cluttered or lacking space if the design does not suit the room style best.

This is why many homeowners opt for an accent wall instead to give the room a better feel with more space. 

If you need accent wall ideas for a small living room, you can use the wall to create a mural, turn the wall into an entertainment center, or use the wall as a focal point for the entire living room.

These are the three best options to consider to improve the size and depth of the room. 

When decorating a small living room, it is essential to ensure that the accent wall is not overpowering the other furniture.

The key is to find the right balance between size and design, and we show you how in this guide. 

After working with many homeowners, we know what it takes. We have living room design experience and provide all the information you need below. 

Accent Wall Ideas

21 Accent Wall Ideas For A Small Living Room

Accent walls are an easy way to add color and texture to your home without having to work or spend too much money. 

The three things to consider when determining the best idea is time, cost, and materials needed to get started. 

Many people prefer to keep costs low and go with a fast design method, while others enjoy the project. This guide includes options for both.

This comparison table puts everything in one place so you can see what ranks the best in each category to help you decide.

Accent Wall IdeaCostCost RatingTime RequiredTime Rating
Use The Wall To Create A Mural$50-$150410-20 Hours3
Turn It Into An Entertainment Center$150-$40026-8 Hours4
Create A Fireplace Focal Point$50-$10053-6 Hours5
Try A Rustic Design$75-$10046-10 Hours4
Install A Chalkboard Wall$50-$10052-4 Hours5
Add A Bookshelf Wall$400-$120011-3 Days1
Try Wall Paneling On An Accent Wall$150-$50021-2 Days1
3D Wall Design$125-$20034-8 Hours3
Use Classic Wallpaper$50-$7552-3 Hours5
Consider A Brick Wall Design$250-$1,00016-8 Hours4
Cover The Wall With Canvas Art$100-$50022-4 Hours5
Contemporary Marble Accent Wall$1,000-$2,00018-10 Hours3
Use Colored Geometric Woodwork$50-$20044-6 Hours4
Try Using Vibrant Colors$40-$8052-4 Hours5
Take Advantage of Wall Decals$25-$7552-3 Hours5
Use Curtains To Create A Minimal Wall$50-$20051-2 Hours5
Try An Elegant Look With Glass Wall Tiles$500-$1,20014-8 Hours3
Stencil Your Favorite Designs$40-$9054-5 Hours4
Make A Gradient Color Wall$50-$12045-6 Hours4
Make A Collage Wall$100-$15034-8 Hours3
Design A Shiplap Accent Wall$200-$40023-6 Hours4

1. Use The Wall To Create A Mural 

You can create an accent wall in your small living room with paint to make a mural. Fresh paint will look the most authentic but it can be time consuming. 

You need paint, paint primer, painters tape, brushes, sponges, a small step ladder, and wall varnish to get started.

Don’t forget to have your design idea sketched out and ready to go too. 

2. Turn It Into An Entertainment Center

Using a wall mount for your TV and painting the wall behind it a contrast color with some shelves is the best way to accomplish this. 

You will need new paint, shelves, painting supplies, and a wall mounting system for your TV. 

3. Create A Fireplace Focal Point

You can break up space in compact or small living rooms by using the fireplace to create a focal point. 

You will customize the wall of the fireplace and aim the furniture in this direction. This can be done with a can of paint and some brushes. 

You can also combine design ideas like wall paper or wood panels behind the fireplace.

4. Try A Rustic Design

To design a wooden rustic accent wall, you need a miter saw, wood filler, 2 ¼ inch wood boards, and a sanding block. Other tools like a tape measure and a level would be helpful too.

You can also add paint to the list if you want a colored design instead of the wood finish. 

5. Install A Chalkboard Wall

To install a chalkboard wall, you need the following materials to be successful: 

  • Paint brush & foam paint roller
  • Sandpaper
  • Chalkboard paint
  • Primer
  • Chalk
  • Spackle

This is a quick and easy project with the right materials. 

 Bookshelf Wall

6. Add A Bookshelf Wall

You can build this from scratch or use pre-made items. We mentioned everything you need below to get started.

  • Pre-built Shelves
  • 4×8 Plywood
  • Poplar boards
  • Wood glue
  • Wood screws
  • Nails & nail gun
  • Primer
  • Sandpaper
  • Paint

This is a complex project. You also need more basic tools like a powder drill, saw, and tape measurer. 

7. Try Wall Paneling On An Accent Wall

Another time consuming project, but well worth it. You need a long list of materials to get wall paneling done on your accent wall. 

  • Pine Wood
  • Nail gun
  • Level & tape measurer
  • Caulk
  • Wood glue
  • Sandpaper or power sander
  • Paint & brushes 

You can also have the wood cut for you when buying it at the hardware store to save some time. 

8. 3D Wall Design

While it may sound difficult, you can buy 3D wall panels for low cost and a fast installation. This design is extremely unique too.

To accomplish this project, you need the following materials: 

  • 3D wall panels
  • Adhesive
  • Pencil
  • Measuring Tape
  • Level
  • Caulk (If needed)
  • Hand saw (If needed)

9. Use Classic Wallpaper

To try out the classic wallpaper design, you only need a few small things to begin.

This is a fast and easy accent wall design method.

You need to prep the walls with primer and sandpaper. You can then get paste to apply to the wallpaper for installation. Use a paint roller when doing this too. 

10. Consider A Brick Wall Design

Many people choose to use brick accent walls in their homes.

The process of installing a brick accent wall is not complicated but it does require some materials.

You need your brick or brick veneer tiles, grout, adhesive, rags, a putty knife, and a bucket. 

11. Cover The Wall With Canvas Art

Canvas art is an ideal way to show your creativity and love for art. It can also be used as a wall decoration to create an accent wall.

You can buy a single large canvas or many small ones. You only need art and something to hang them with to get this done. 

12. Contemporary Marble Accent Wall

If you prefer something modern and elegant, the contemporary marble accent wall is the perfect minimalist design.

All you need are some tiles, cleaning supplies, and an adhesive agent. Other basic tools like a level or tape measurer are needed too. 

13. Use Colored Geometric Woodwork  

Geometric woodwork combines a few design types together to provide a contemporary 3D accent wall finish.

You won’t need a ton of materials either.

  • Miter saw
  • ½ inch plywood
  • Paint
  • Nail gun & nails
  • Circular saw
  • Glue gun
  • Tape measurer & pencil

You can buy the geometric woodwork panels or design them yourself. We have listed what you need to make them. 

14. Try Using Vibrant Colors

If you like to keep it simple, this could be the ideal design for you. The best way to create more space is with bright or vibrant colors. 

You can buy neon or extremely bright color paints. Use this paint on the accent wall to give your room a new look. 

You won’t need many materials either except basic paint supplies like tape, primer, and brushes. 

15. Take Advantage of Wall Decals

Wall decals are a great way to add style and color to your home. They can also be used as a focal point in a room.

This is a fast, cheap, and easy idea too. You only need the decals to get started aside from a quick wall cleaning. 

16. Use Curtains To Create A Minimal Accent Wall

The best way to keep it simple is by using curtains as your accent wall. They can be hung anywhere in the living room, and it is fast and low-cost.

You only need a set of curtains that matches your room nicely. It could be a contrast or something simple like white. 

The only other thing you need is a pair of curtain rods, screws, and a screwdriver. Wall anchors are optional too. 

17. Try An Elegant Look With Glass Wall Tiles

You don’t have to be an expert at DIY projects to put up glass wall tiles. You should use cleaning supplies to wipe down the walls before beginning. 

Other materials needed include:

  • Tape measure
  • Glass tiles
  • Painter’s tape
  • Grout & caulk
  • Drywall compound

This installation is slightly more complex than others, but it shouldn’t take more than 8 hours. 

18. Stencil Your Favorite Designs

You don’t need to be a fancy artist to do this, but you have the choice to do the designs yourself if you prefer.

You can get pre-made stencils, paint, painters tape, and other painting materials to begin.

You should use a small roller and do this by sections on the wall for best results. 

 Gradient Color Wall

19. Make A Gradient Color Wall

You need to buy your paint colors to get started. Materials you need to make the gradient color include: 

  • Primer
  • Two paint colors
  • Tape measure
  • Paint trays, brushes, and rollers
  • Paint stir stick

You should get contrasting paint colors when making a gradient color too. 

20. Make A Collage Wall

A collage wall is a fast and cheap accent wall option. We recommend mixing different objects together to fill up the entire wall.

Materials needed to make a collage wall:

  • Tape measurer
  • Level
  • Small Canvas photos & objects
  • Picture Frame hangers

You can go the easy way too and just scatter pictures on the wall using magazines and print outs. 

21. Design A Shiplap Accent Wall 

Shiplap is a common material used in homes for walls. It is also a great way to design an accent wall in your small living room.

Check out the materials needed below. 

  • Shiplap planks
  • Adhesive
  • Miter saw
  • Finish nailer
  • Jigsaw
  • Caulk gun
  • Paint (if needed)

Summing Up Accent Wall Ideas for a Small Living Room

If you have a small living room, you can make the space pop by using any of these 21 ideas we just listed off. Whether you end up painting a gradient wall, making a focal point fireplace, or simply adding some curtains, you can make your space look more elegant and inviting.

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