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6 Options To Anchor Resistance Bands at Home

6 Options To Anchor Resistance Bands at Home

Recently bought a pair of resistance bands and are having trouble using them? Chances are, you’re not anchoring them right.

Resistance bands are a great way of adding a spark to your fitness routine, but very few people are able to use them correctly.

If you’re also one of those people who uses the bands without any added support, you might realize that their functionality becomes pretty compromised.

Holding it with your hands or feet might allow you to carry out a couple of exercises successfully, but to have an all-rounding experience, mounting your band is always a better option!

Anchoring a resistance band doesn’t require any specific gear or installations. Just like you’ve been anchoring them with your hands and feet, strong everyday objects can serve the same purpose.

There are proper mounting options available of course, but for quick fixes and temporary options, you can go around your house and find an appropriate spot.

Here are a few common options that you can use to easily anchor your resistance bands:

Resistance Bands

1. Attach It To Doors

Observe your band closely and see if it has a door anchor. If it does, like in most cases, your problem of anchoring it will be solved in less than a minute!

Just head over to any door of the house and stick your anchor between the door and its frame.

You’ll need to close the door for this and have the thinner end of the anchor on the other side of the door.

Since door anchors are adjustable, there’s a very little hassle you’ll have when mounting them.

All you’ll need to pay attention to will be the gaps between the door and the frame. This is because many doors don’t have a good amount of gap between them.

You’ll have to analyze the doors in your house properly to find one that can host your band either sideways or at the bottom.

2. Wrap It Around A Column

If you have a pillar or a column in your house, it can serve as a great anchorage.

You’ll just need to wrap your band around the pillar and figure out how to effectively work out with it. Your pillar needs to be round in order for the band to slide back and forth easily.

3. Ceiling Joists

If you have a garage, it is quite possible that you have exposed ceiling joists.

Throw your band around the joist and start tugging on it to burn some calories.

Make sure that there is another layer of fabric or any kind of plastic between the band and the joist though, because your band might get damaged from the raw surface.

4. Use Heavy Machinery

If you frequently work out at the gym or have gym machinery at your house, you have tons of anchoring options available.

Power racks are particularly useful in this case. If you look closely, you might even find band pegs as a part of your machine. 

You don’t have to worry if it doesn’t though, because the weight of the machine is such that it can easily bear your resistance band.

Just find a suitable spot for wrapping your band and you’ll be good to go!

5. Use Furniture

When all else fails, remember: you can always use furniture.

Since furniture like sofas and beds are on the heavier side, you can always use them to anchor your band in a secure way. 

However, you might not be able to carry out heavy-duty workouts with your band if it’s held only by furniture.

It all depends on your usage and the quality of your gear because furniture can prevent it from springing onto your face; but might not be able to keep it steady. 

Still, it can be a great option for people who can’t invest in proper mounting procedures.

6. Anchoring From Walls

You can explore as many options as you want and some might even work out well, but wall anchoring is definitely the best way of mounting your bands.

There are multiple options available for mounting that you can choose according to your band type. 

The only drawback to wall anchors is that a single anchor only functions in one position.

If you use your band to perform multiple types of exercises, you might have to add separate mountings for each.

This doesn’t require much effort though, just make sure that you’re not mounting on a drywall because they won’t hold it well.


Are Resistance Bands Worth It?

Absolutely! Resistance bands can not only help you achieve your weight goals but also strengthen your core.

Their perks make them a popular choice amongst athletes because of their guaranteed improvement in mobility. 

They also are economical to use and don’t require any specific expertise or professional trainers.

You only need to buy a single resistance band in order to be solely in charge of your workout regime.

Resistance Bands

Are Resistance Bands Durable?

Since a resistance band is mostly made up of elastic material and plastic, wear and tear is a feature that’ll probably take years to show.

Having said that, the durability of any product depends on its quality and storage conditions and the same is the case with resistance bands.

Can I Work Out With A Resistance Band Every Day?

There are no drawbacks to making your band a part of your everyday routine.

You might become immune to the toughness after a while but it won’t stop stimulating your muscles.

Final Thoughts on Anchoring Resistance Bands

Resistance bands can change your fitness regime for the better, but anchoring them correctly does require a bit of homework.

There are plenty of diverse options available to anchor your resistance bands for better usage and workouts. 

You can have a professional anchor installed in your room and sufficiently workout with only furniture.

All you need to have is a resistance band and you’ll be sorted!

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