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The Best Kitchen Tool Set (Depending on Your Needs)

The Best Kitchen Tool Set (Depending on Your Needs)

What you need in a kitchen tool set has everything to do with what and how you’re cooking.  

With this in mind, I constructed a list of the best kitchen tool sets, keeping all of your needs in mind. Whether you want a shiny stainless steel set or something you can take camping, you’ll find it on this list. 

Read on to find out more!

Best Overall Kitchen Tool Set: Home Hero 25 Piece Nylon Set

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Whether you’re decking out a bachelor pad or starting out as newlyweds, the Home Hero kitchen tool set has everything you need at a shockingly affordable price. 

This 25 piece set features a whisk, a spoon, a ladle, a potato peeler, a grater, a can opener, a pizza cutter, and 18 other gadgets you’ll use regularly. 

The tools end up costing less than a dollar apiece. Yet despite the set being inexpensive, it stands up to immense use. The nylon construction is sturdy, and the collection features stainless steel handles. 

All of the tools feel like quality pieces from the moment you take them out of the box. They’re also all easy to clean; just throw them in the dishwasher. 

Given the price point, the quality, and the versatility of this set, it shouldn’t be surprising that I picked it for best overall. With a set like this, you’ll have everything you need to get started in the kitchen, no matter who you are. 

Best Value Kitchen Tool Set: Lianyu 12-Piece Set with Holder 

LIANYU 12-Piece Silicone Kitchen Cooking Utensils with Holder, Kitchen Tools Set Include Slotted Spatula Spoon Turner Ladle Tong Whisk, Dishwasher Safe, Multi Colored

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Twelve bright-colored tools provide all you need to get cooking. At just under $15, this set offers incredible value. 

It features a spatula, skimmer, ladle, tongs, and spoons in multiple sizes. Also included are a basting brush and a stylish metal jar for storing your new tools on the counter. 

All the utensils are silicone, so they work well with non-stick cookware. They’re also easy to clean and heat resistant up to 446 degrees Fahrenheit. 

The one-piece design of each of these tools not only looks seamless but also prevents breakage. These tools won’t break at the joint like other kitchen utensils tend to. 

And, because each piece is a different color, it’s easy to grab exactly what you need. No more asking your spouse to hand you the pasta-scooper-thingy; just say “the pink one please!” 

I do have to note, though, some of the pieces in this set are on the small side. The basting brush, for example, has an almost comical handle length. It looks like it belongs in a children’s set. 

However, a short handle length on a piece like that won’t render the tool unuseful. A basting brush with a short handle still works! Given the value of this set, I don’t mind the smaller pieces at all. 

Best Stainless Steel Kitchen Tool Set: Berglander 13-Piece Utensil Set 

Berglander Cooking Utensil Set 13 Piece Stainless Steel Kitchen Tool Set with Holder, Include Cooking Spoon, Spatula, Whisk, Cooking Tong and etc. (13 Pieces)

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If shiny surfaces make you swoon, you’re going to want stainless steel kitchen tools. Even if you simply want to match your fridge and other appliances, this 13-piece set by Berglander is the perfect option. 

It contains a ladle, a skimmer, tongs, a potato masher, and several other high-use tools. 

The mirror-finish polishing adds glitz and sparkle to any kitchen counter. And, the high-quality stainless construction means these tools will last; stainless steel is both dishwasher safe and rust-resistant. 

Plus, they have a little bit of weight in the handle, which feels nice in your hand. You won’t feel like you’re holding a cheap spatula that might break or bend when you go to flip your filet. 

This set includes a metal container with stylish accents. It won’t work with non-stick pans, but otherwise, this is a legitimate kitchen tool collection. 

Best Wooden Kitchen Tool Set: Healthy Cooking Utensils Set 

Wooden Spoons for Cooking, Tmkit Cooking Utensils Set of 6 Natural Teak Wooden Cooking Spatulas with Utensils Holder Comfort Grip Wooden Kitchen Utensils for Nonstick Cookware

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Wood is fantastic for heat insulation. That’s why many prefer to use wooden utensils for cooking. Plus, teak wood, especially, looks great on a countertop. 

This set features teak wood utensils and a gorgeous wooden storage barrel. 

Though it’s only six pieces, it has all the essentials. The set includes a ladle, strainer spoon, and spatula. It also consists of a pasta server and a shovel-shaped spoon. 

With just those pieces, you can quickly cook soups, stews, and pasta dishes, along with just about anything else. 

Wood utensils work well with non-stick cookware. They also won’t scratch your cast iron pans. 

However, you shouldn’t throw them in the dishwasher if you can help it. Wood dries out too easily and might splinter or crack. Hand washing is ideal for keeping these utensils pretty. 

Best Silicone Kitchen Tool Set: Mibone 17 Piece Silicone Set 

MIBOTE 17 Pcs Silicone Cooking Kitchen Utensils Set with Holder, Wooden Handles Cooking Tool BPA Free Turner Tongs Spatula Spoon Kitchen Gadgets Set for Nonstick Cookware (Teal)

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Food grade silicone is a favorite amongst cooks and bakers. It holds up well with heavy use. It’s heat-resistant and gentle on non-stick or scratchable cookware. 

This set by Mibone is especially great because it also has wooden handles. The wooden handles act as excellent insulators for heat, and they feel better in your hand. 

Wood dries out in the dishwasher, true, but you can remove the handles with these tools. That way, the messy spoon and spatula heads can go directly into the dishwasher. 

With 17 pieces, this set includes everything you could need. It has a cheese grater, a whisk, multiple spoons, and an angled spatula. 

The angled spatula doesn’t come in every utensil set on this list, but it’s particularly fantastic if you want to bake as well as cook. The angle allows you to scrape every last bit of batter from a bowl. 

The Mibone set also comes in a variety of colors. I’m partial to the turquoise option, but you could get red, black, grey, or brown, whatever matches your kitchen. 

Best Kitchen Tool Set For Baking: Portofino 6 Piece Baking Set 

PortoFino Baking Set - Kitchen Utensils - 6 Pcs Silicone Kitchen Utensils Set - Kitchen Essentials with 3 Silicone Spatula 2 Pastry Brush 1 Whisk - Spatula Set - Mothers Day Gifts - Gifts for Women

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When it comes to baking, having a few differently sized spatulas and a couple of pastry brushes is a good idea. 

Standard utensil sets contain one spatula, and sometimes it’s for grilling, not mixing cake batter. 

This set features two spatulas, both perfect for scraping the sides of bowls. 

It also features two pastry brushes, one round and one flat, so that you can apply thin but even egg-white coatings to all your favorite delicacies. 

The Portofino set has beech wood handles with silicone grips and heads. The silicone grip acts as an anti-fatigue measure. It will keep your hand from cramping if you need to whisk a meringue or make whipped cream. 

It’s also easier to clean the silicone pieces than it is the wood base because they’re dishwasher safe. 

The only other thing I wish this set included is a metal whisk. The included silicone whisk will work for most things, but a metal one always works better for beating eggs. 

That said, the set is reasonably priced. You could always add a metal whisk to your collection later on.  

Best Kitchen Tool Set For Grilling: OlarHike 22 Piece Grilling Accessories Set

OlarHike BBQ Grill Accessories Set for Men Women, General 22PCS Grilling Accessories Set, 16 Inches Stainless Steel BBQ Tools Gifts Utensil with Spatula, Tongs, Skewers for Barbecue, Camping, Kitchen

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Accessories for BBQing and grilling need a few specific features. They should have long handles and sturdy construction. The handle length keeps your hands safe from flames, and sturdy construction allows you to maneuver large items, like whole chickens or racks of ribs. 

The OlarHike BBQ and Grill Set features 16-inch handles and solid stainless steel construction. And it includes everything you could possibly need on the grill. 

It has tongs, a grill brush, a spatula, and a long-handled knife. On top of that, the set includes salt and pepper shakers, corn cob holders, and a silicone basting brush. It even has metal skewers for making kabobs. 

Plus, the set comes with a sleek cloth case for off-season storage. During grilling season, hang the tools up over the grill instead. Each piece in the collection comes with hooks for easy hanging. 

Best Kitchen Tool Set For Camping: Life 2 Go Portable 9-piece Kitchen Utensil Set

Life 2 Go 10 Pcs Camp Cooking Utensil Set & Outdoor Kitchen Gear Cookware Kit, Portable Compact Carry Case for Camping, Hiking, Travel, BBQ Grilling Stainless Steel Accessories Spoon & Fork, Navy

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Camping is fun, but lugging around tubs of kitchen tools isn’t. A good toolset for camping will have everything you need in an easy-to-carry case. This portable 9-piece set from Life 2 Go is ideal because it all fits in a slender 14″ x 8.5″ pack that’s easy to take along. 

Inside the case, you’ll find a spatula, serving spoon, fork, chef knife, paring knife, spatula, and even a bottle opener with scissors. There’s also a cutting board included. That’s enough to make a gourmet steak dinner in the middle of the woods, complete with a glass of wine! 

Unlike other camping sets that may feature aluminum tools prone to bending, Life 2 Go uses stainless steel construction. The stainless steel is sturdy, and it’s easy to clean. Soap and water works, but they’re also dishwasher safe. 

Life 2 Go doesn’t stuff their pack full either. They leave extra space; you can add other kitchen items you might need. Throw in extra utensils, maybe a few fold-up bowls, and you’re ready for the next outdoor adventure! 

Final Thoughts

Finding the best kitchen toolset is dependent on your needs. But whether you need utensils to take camping or to deck out your new home, there’s a set on this list you’re sure to love.  

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