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21 Best Seasonings For Scrambled Eggs

21 Best Seasonings For Scrambled Eggs

Eggs are one of the most versatile foods in the world. Most every culture in every corner of the planet has an egg recipe.

Because of the unbelievable variety of egg dishes, there are many seasonings that pair well with scrambled eggs. So what are the best seasonings for scrambled eggs?

A few of the most popular scrambled eggs seasonings are pepper, salt, soy sauce, chili pepper flakes, onions, mushrooms, and cheese.

There are a few rules every chef should know about adding salt or water to their scrambled eggs.

Read on to learn more about popular seasonings to add to your scrambled eggs!

The 21 Most Popular Seasonings To Add To Your Scrambled Eggs

At least 1 billion people eat eggs as part of their diet at least once a week. So there’s got to be all kinds of seasonings to add to scrambled eggs to make them more delicious than they already are!

Here are 21 of the most popular seasonings, as well as other ingredients, you can add to your eggs!

  1. Salt! Actually, when you add any other seasoning to your scrambled eggs, add salt as well. Salt isn’t really a seasoning. Any other flavor added to scrambled eggs will be elevated by salt.
  2. Onion powder
  3. Garlic powder
  4. Any type of soft or medium cheese like cheddar, parmesan, etc.
  5. Parsley
  6. Chili powder
  7. Red pepper flakes. You can even put some red pepper flakes on top of your eggs when they’re done cooking.
  8. A few slices of salted avocado on top of your eggs.
  9. Bacon bits
  10. A delicious dollop of sriracha. This seasoning pairs doubly well if you plan on eating white rice with your eggs.
  11. Home fried potatoes are a surprisingly delicious treat to mix into your scrambled eggs. You must fry the potatoes first so they can become golden and crunchy. Then, scoop them into a separate plate, pour the eggs into the pan, allow them to cook for about 30 seconds, and then pour the potatoes into the scrambled egg pan.
  12. Drizzling a bit of pesto on top of your scrambled eggs can really perk up your eggs.
  13. Pepper
  14. Chives are great to add into scrambled eggs and on top of scrambled eggs.
  15. A bit of butter, salt, tarragon, rosemary, and paprika will make your scrambled eggs taste like quiche
  16. Fried chopped mushrooms
  17. Consider adding milk or even heavy cream to your eggs so the texture will become creamier
  18. Some supermarkets seasoning aisles or sections have a new seasoning called Umami flavor. This seasoning is made with mushrooms.
  19. Nutritional yeast is a great seasoning for those who can’t eat dairy. It will add a cheesy taste to your scrambled eggs.
  20. Diced tomatoes and salt
  21. Smoke paprika is now the preferred type of paprika for many home and professional chefs. Once you sprinkle it on your eggs, you will see why.

Quick Note

When adding some of the more earthy herbs, like time, dill, oregano, and parsley, it may be better to add the seasonings directly onto the pan in the oil or butter first.

Adding the seasonings directly to the oil or butter in the pan will cause them to bloom and release their flavors.

But before you add the seasonings to the pan, lower the flame so the delicate seasonings do not burn. After 15 seconds to 30 seconds, add the scrambled egg mixture.

Do You Season Scrambled Eggs Before Or After Cooking?

It can be confusing for brand new cooks and amateur home chefs to know the perfect time to add seasonings to their scrambled eggs.

Many chefs say to add the seasonings after the eggs are scrambled. But if we add the seasonings to the scrambled eggs near the end of the cooking process, then the seasonings just sit on top of the egg.

Some chefs say to never add seasonings to the bowl of whipped raw eggs and then start the cooking process. Certain seasonings can change the texture of the scrambled. The eggs can become deflated and flat.

However, there is no widespread rule that applies to all seasonings. Some seasonings can be added to scrambled eggs before the cooking process starts and some seasoning should always be added halfway or later through the cooking process.

It is perfectly fine to add chopped green onions or chopped chives to a bowl of raw eggs and then pour the mixture into the hot pan. The green onion flavor will mix well with the scrambled eggs, and the prolonged exposure to heat will soften the green onions as well.

Although not a seasoning, milk could be added to raw eggs before the cooking process starts. When adding milk to scrambled eggs, whip the eggs as you pour in the milk.

You may believe that a bit of milk will dilute the eggs, but not as much as you think. Plus, it actually adds a bit of airiness, so the scrambled eggs will have a lighter, bouncier texture.

Fried egg in a pan with salt and pepper

Is It Better To Salt Eggs Before Cooking?

Salt is one of those seasonings that drives train chefs crazy. Everyone thinks to add salt to the egg mixture before the cooking process starts.

However, this is not a good idea because salt is one seasoning that can change the texture of the eggs.

When adding salt to your scrambled eggs, add it halfway or more through the cooking process. You want to make sure that the eggs become fluffy and bouncy before adding the salt.

However, there is a chef that has created a new technique for adding salt to raw scrambled eggs. According to and Bon Appétit, it is best to salt a bowl of raw eggs 15 minutes before cooking them.

There are two main reasons to go against the grain and salt your scrambled eggs before cooking.

The chef at Tasting Table says the salt will dissolve completely into the scrambled eggs, so the entire mixture will be salted, instead of just parts of the egg, mainly the egg whites.

Also, cooking eggs that are closer to room temperature than a refrigerator temperature is more likely to lead to a bouncier for left here and a creamier scrambled egg.

Conclusion to Adding Seasonings to Your Scrambled Eggs

There are a vast array of spices you can add to your scrambled eggs to really enhance their flavor. Try out some of our tips next time you make breakfast – you won’t be disappointed!

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