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Do Frozen Cans Explode?

Do Frozen Cans Explode?

If you’re having a party in the winter time, you may try to use the frozen snow surrounding your home as a second freezer to store your drinks.

I’m sure everyone living in country with snow has done that at least once. But most drinks come in bottles and cans. But is it safe to freeze a can?

Putting canned foods or drinks in the freezer will not always cause the cans to explode, but there is a chance they can, depending on what’s inside. Frozen soda or pop will eventually explode if left in the freezer for too long.

If the cans do not explode, they will bulge or a hole will form around the seam and the contents will leak out. There are two reasons why a can of soda explodes.

The first reason would be that the liquid inside the can freezes and expands. The second reason is that CO2 inside creates too much pressure inside.

Is It Okay For Canned Food To Freeze?

Canned foods are known to last a long time and that is because canned food goes through a canning process. Unless something at the processing center goes terribly wrong, the canning process kills any bacteria or microbes in the food that would cause it to go bad.

Because all the bacteria in canned food is filtered away, canned food is safe to rely on for long term food storage.

Most canned foods last up to 2 years, as per their “best before” date. Canned food like beans, chickpeas, corn, and other vegetables can last up to 5 years.

As you can see, there is no need to put canned food in the freezer. Also, it might not be a good idea to store canned food near freezing temperatures.

When frozen, the liquid inside a can will expand. The expanding liquid will need somewhere to go.

Because the canned food is completely sealed, the liquid has nowhere to go. So, as a liquid turns into ice inside the can, it will expand and cause the can to bulge. A frozen can of food will not always explode, but there is a possible chance it will rupture, or it will or the metal seal at the top or bottom of the can will separate.

However, if you open the can and then put the contents of the open can into an airtight and freezer safe container, then it is safe to store the contents inside the freezer.

However, by opening the contents of the canned food to the air, there are now millions of new bacteria in the food that were not there before.

Do Frozen Cans Explode?

There’s always a chance that a frozen can will rupture, and we have all experienced ruptured cans before.

Do Frozen Cans Explode?

Frozen cans of food or drinks don’t always explode when the liquid inside freezes. The can also form bulges. Instead of exploding, it is more likely that the top of the can will pop open or a small hole will open in the middle or at the can and the contents will leak out. But frozen exploding cans don’t happen often.

Why Do Frozen Cans Explode?

There are two reasons why food and drink cans explode when the contents inside freeze.

The first reason is the liquid inside the can expands. When water and other liquids expand, the molecule structure solidifies and causes the new solid structure to expand more than when it was liquid.

The second reason is the CO2, or carbonation, inside the can. Soda cans have CO2 in the bottle and the soda liquid.

As the liquid becomes solid, the ice will expand and push on any CO2 inside the can, causing it to pressurize.

If there is too much pressure inside the can, the can will explode. But soda cans have different amounts of pressure, and that is why some soda can do not explode when they freeze.

How Long Does It Take To Cool A Soda Can?

Nothing is more disappointing than searching your refrigerator for a cold can of soda only to realize that your soda is still sitting on the countertop in the kitchen!

You can fill a cup with ice and pour the soda into the cup, but if you don’t drink the soda fast enough, the ice will turn into water and dilute the soda.

If you want to cool it down, you will have to put it back in the fridge. But how long does it take for a soda to become cold in the refrigerator?

It will take about 45 minutes for a can of soda to cool to 40°F, which is also the temperature of the refrigerator.

But what if you don’t want to wait 45 minutes? Well, you can place the can of soda in the freezer.

It will only take about 20 minutes for a can of soda to cool to a drinkable temperature in the freezer. But be sure to put on a reminder or a timer on so you don’t forget your soda!

Can You Drink A Bulging Soda Can?

You left your soda can in the freezer for too long and now it is bulging. We were all taught to never eat or drink the contents of any food package, container, can if it is bulging or inflated.

Does that rule apply here? No, it does not apply. As long as the soda can was perfectly normal before it went into the freezer, it is safe to drink the bulging frozen soda can.

But be careful!

When you open a bulging can of soda, it might bubble up. Open the can of soda over the sink so the liquid will not fall on the floor.

Conclusion to If Frozen Cans Can Explode

Frozen cans may explode if they’re placed in the freezer, or the cans will expand and bulge. It takes 20 minutes for a can of soda to cool in the freezer. When opening a bulging soda can, open it over the sink so the liquid does not spill all over the floor

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