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Do Black Windows Increase Home Value?

Do Black Windows Increase Home Value?

A home’s windows are a critical structure that performs multiple functions. Black windows, for that matter, are growing increasingly popular, positioning themselves as trendy home design staples. And it’s no wonder these windows have been making a statement for decades.

Black windows are undoubtedly high quality, making them a long-lasting investment that pays off. The question is, do black windows increase home value? The answer is yes. Read on to find out how and learn more about these windows.

How Black Windows Increase Home Value

Black windows aren’t just a trending commodity but are high-quality, statement-making additions to any home aesthetic. Initially used in 20th-century industrial buildings, home designers and architects found new and exciting uses for black window treatments!

There are several ways in which black windows can increase your home value, including:

1. They Increase Resale Value with Fantastic Curb Appeal

Perhaps one of the most significant values black windows contribute to a home is financial. In any home and with any treatment, window replacements are considered an “upscale” improvement project.

If you choose black windows when building a new home or replace old windows with them, you can be sure they’ll boost your home value. They’re high quality — something every homeowner wants.

Exterior black windows against white siding — or any light color, for that matter — stand out and increase your home’s curb appeal. While black windows aren’t everyone’s cup of tea, they certainly make a statement that you won’t miss.

When selling your home, buyers are likely to pay more than they’d be willing to pay for a home without black windows. Black windows are a custom piece built into old and new homes, and buyers are always looking for something that makes a home stand out. 

2. They Make the Home Quieter

If you invest in black windows of good quality, they’re going to reduce the noise level in your home.

A window glass with a high transmission value will keep out external noise more so than others. Any replacement of outdated windows will block out noise and reduce your energy consumption. 

3. They Add Comfort

Replacing your old windows with black treatments not only adds style but makes your home a more relaxing environment. Black windows, and especially those that are casement-operating, can boost the comfort levels of your home.

You can regulate your interior temperatures and increase airflow throughout your rooms.

If the windows are well-positioned and generously sized, you may not have to rely on your HVAC system until severe weather.

The windows allow fresh breezes from the outside to circulate all through the home, providing improved indoor air quality.

4. They Generate Contrasting, Artful Views

Black windows create contrast when paired with white walls or furniture.

Because these windows can make such a statement, blinds, shades, or curtains may not always be necessary, which allows you to sidestep what’s sometimes an expensive investment. What’s better than saving money?

What’s more, black windows are beautiful. They provide just the right amount of “home decor” to work perfectly in minimalistic, contemporary houses.

Whether you live in a modern farmhouse or a new architectural home, black windows will boost the aesthetic. 

5. They’re a Worthwhile Investment

When “window shopping” for black treatments, you’ll find that black windows are noticeably more expensive than their white counterparts.

The price change reflects the additional priming, painting, and custom construction that comes with black windows. 

However, even though black windows cost more than white windows by as much as 16% (just as most colored window frames do), they are a worthwhile investment that will increase home value.

Also, the type of material you choose for your black window treatments can further increase property value.

Do All Black Window Materials Increase Home Value? 

As with any home improvement project, you want to ensure that the work you put in gets recognized by an increased home value.

When you install any new windows (black, white, or any other color), the home value will increase. However, it depends on whether you want to rework the entire window opening and the type of material that comprises the windows. 

You can purchase black windows in several types of material: 

  • Aluminum 
  • Wood
  • Fiberglass
  • Vinyl

Each of these materials will make the appearance of the black windows look slightly different. They also each have a different cost and hold varying values.

While aluminum and fiberglass are two of the cheapest window replacement options, they don’t hold their value as much as other materials. 

If you’re trying to increase your home’s value as much as possible, choose black vinyl windows.

Vinyl retains up to 72% of its cost in increased home value, and that cost doubles when you go with interior and black exterior windows. Wood is also nearly just as cost-retaining as vinyl. 

Can Black Windows Decrease Property Value? 

With the right aesthetic and strong materials, black windows can increase your home value. But is there ever a chance where black windows could decrease property value?

There are a few factors to consider before deciding on interior or exterior (or both) black window treatments. 

How Long Will Black Windows Be In Style?

As with most trends in life, they eventually fade from popularity. Black windows are a current trend, but how long will it last?

Fortunately, nobody sees black windows going out of style for another ten years, which is the typical lifespan of a home improvement trend.

If you’re thinking of black windows, jump on the project now. You can also take a look at my full article on “will black windows go out of style” for the full scoop!

What is Your Color Scheme, and Do Black Windows Match It? 

Consider your decorating style before you go all-in with black windows. Are you a colorful decorator, or do you enjoy black and white minimalist styles around your home?

Black windows go well with white, gray, and other contrasting colors, but many color schemes don’t fit with black windows. Be prepared for minimal abilities when decorating with various colors. 

Similarly, don’t paint walls or exterior siding with colors that detract from the black windows. A home with colors that don’t match won’t sell well on the market. 

What is Your Home’s Architecture Style? 

Black windows don’t go well with every home style. When paired with the wrong architecture, black windows can look clunky and out of place, therefore reducing your curb appeal and overall property value.

Black windows work best with modern farmhouses and contemporary styles that feature white and gray exterior and interior walls, floors, and siding. 

Black does not bode well with earthy colors like brown or tan. Black windows will also look out of place on older homes, like Victorian-era abodes. 

Black Windows Don’t Always Cover Well

Many buyers are looking for homes that can be a cozy respite from their busy lives. They want to be able to draw the shades and relax in a well-decorated, appealing home.

Black windows are a problematic frame to match with different shades, and most homeowners don’t cover them at all to let their statement-making powers take full effect. 

Similarly, people will be able to see inside your home whenever you have a light on. During the day with lights off, those black windows will look like black holes from any passersby, sometimes reducing curb appeal.

When it comes to property value, the ability to cover windows with matching shades or draperies can sometimes be an essential consideration.

If you plan to install black windows, find the right style for your home and ensure you can either cover them or find an excellent framing option that makes the windows look great. 

Final Words

Black windows have been around for centuries, first appearing as industrial window framing in the early 20th century. Today, they’re booming as one of the trending home renovation projects thanks to their modern aesthetic and boosted curb appeal. 

Do black windows increase home value? Black windows don’t always provide the right curb appeal and can even decrease the home value when matched with opposing color schemes.

Overall, though, they offer a statement-making, appealing touch to homes with particular architecture and aesthetic themes, quickly increasing home value by scores. 

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