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Can You Finish a Crawl Space?

Can You Finish a Crawl Space?

Homeowners nowadays want to make more space in their homes on a budget.

And what can be the best investment other than crawl space? A crawl space adds structure to your home. 

However, many people just leave their crawl space unfinished; but, if you want to dodge future problems such as mould crawling into your new house or floor bulging, the best practice is to finish it.

You can finish a crawl space in your home. Finishing your crawl space may also be the best option because it will control moisture, limit mould growth, and protect your belongings if they are stored there.

A crawl space can be useful in many ways if you can use it properly and effectively.

In this article, we will look at what crawl space is, what it is used for, and how you can use it effectively.

What Exactly Is a Crawl Space?

A crawl space is equivalent to a basement, but the thing that distinguishes it from the basement is that it is not tall enough to stand in.

The traditional crawl space surface is plain mud.  Crawl spaces are more common in homes that lack basements or are not constructed on concrete slabs.

The primary intent of a crawl space is to improve air movement in the apartment.

It is a way to quickly access the wiring and plumbing areas located beneath your home, making necessary repairs and servicing tasks easier. 

Crawl spaces are popular because they provide a swift route to enter pipelines in constructions that would otherwise be tough to locate and preserve.

Are Crawl Spaces Usable?

A crawl space cannot be utilized as an extra living area, due to its small size and condition, but it can still be utilized as extra storage for seldom used possessions.

However, the space should not be used in the actual condition without doing any change. 

Moisture will be a concern when stashing objects underneath a crawl space but if you reside in a place that has a dry environment and little to no rainfall then you will be fine.

Remember that humidity can destroy your items and mould can creep into your belongings if you’re not prepared.

Perforated crawl spaces do have a proclivity to enhance humidity, mould, and dampness issues, which can trigger allergy symptoms and potentially breathing problems whenever the air is pumped into the household. 

Protect The Crawl Space

Protecting a crawl space with rough fiberglass, rather than rigid foam sheets, raises the same concerns because fiberglass batting can absorb extra moisture.

This extra moisture can lead to the decay of the insulation, eventually leading to cracks in the foundation.

The ideal manner to complete a crawl space is to regulate the humidity, prevent the expansion of mould and mould spores, and properly protect your valuables when stored.

A plastic vapor boundary is an effective way to guard properly fully completed crawl spaces. Crawl space encapsulation is another term for this.

This form of wrapping up will solve several issues in a single step. Mold and mold spores will be eliminated from your crawl space by reducing humidity and moisture levels.

Insects that feed on mold will no longer be relevant, meaning rodents that eat the pests will no longer be a concern either.

Looking at the broader perspective, completing your crawl space with a protective coating decreases the hazard of these situations happening to you.

It can also minimize the chances of structural damage that can happen in the building when it gets exposed to moisture and humidity.

Establishing this kind of protection can help you set up a storage room that is both effective for small-term use as well as for long use. 

Crawl Space

What Is The Encapsulation Of Crawl Space?

Crawlspace encapsulation is the procedure of separating the territory beneath your household from your real living areas, also known as the building envelope.

When it is executed properly, it prohibits air from entering the living area from the crawl space.

What are the advantages? In the warmer months, the surfaces will be a lot cooler, and in the cold weather, they will be warmer.

Your HVAC system will be more durable as well. You will save money on energy costs and it will lessen the chance of mold or pests entering your residence.

An encapsulated crawl space has many benefits. Regretfully, not everyone does it correctly.

How To Correctly Finish Your Crawlspace

Finishing your crawl space can give you many advantages.

There are a few things one should look for before finishing your crawl space for a good outcome.

Mold Growth

If you have mold expanding on your flooring or ventilation equipment, you must clean it up before actually encapsulating your crawl space for effective results.

Improper Drainage Around The Framework

Unsatisfactory quality or an unmaintained sewage system permits water to penetrate into your crawlspace.

Before chasing encapsulation, consult with a professional engineer or sewage organisation. 

Backdrafting From Heating Equipment

Prior to embedding your crawlspace, contractors will perform a safety check. They do this to determine if a fuel heater or boiler is letting off carbon monoxide.

If such gases are emitted and are not kept under check by the people in a household, these harmful gases can crawl into the house and are harmful to health. 

Make sure that you hire someone who is an expert in all the things that need to be looked after for running a smooth procedure.

Conclusion to Finishing Your Crawl Space

There are many purposes that a crawl space can serve in the long run. Many people leave crawl spaces unfinished but nowadays homeowners pay extra attention to their finishing.

It will help to absorb the moisture and protect the internal structure of your home. 

At the end of the day, if one person requires more space they can serve as mini basements as well. This is the best and cheapest way to increase the space.

Crawl spaces serve as an essential part of your home that needs your attention.

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