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Why Are Basements Cold?

Why Are Basements Cold?

You should consider yourself fortunate to have a basement in your home. For some people, however, its coldness comes off as a disadvantage, as the basement can practically become unusable. 

But have you ever wondered why they are so cold?

The main reason why basements are so cold is due to the water leaking through the concrete wall that can come from the ground floor or due to poor ventilation. Because of the greater moisture content suspended in the air, the air is much colder

This is because humidified air carries the body heat away more significantly than dry air. 

Here in this article, we will discuss more reasons why your basement is much colder than the rest of the house and what you can do about it. 

What Are the Main Reasons That Make Basements Colder? 

There are a few other reasons why basements are cold besides water leaking through the concrete wall.

Let us go through the other two explanations for the coldness in basements. 

Cold Air Is Denser

If we talk from a scientific point of view, cold air is denser than hot air. Hot air rises and is replaced by cold air in exchange.

The problem will persist even if your basement has adequate insulating material.

The basement will, without a doubt, be colder than the rest of the rooms due to its partially underground location.

Using a fan to drive cold air higher is a simple solution to this problem.

Even if you don’t own any heating fan, using a simple electric fan at the stairs will help you in removing the cold air from your basement. 

Limited Access To Direct Sunlight

Direct sunlight is beneficial for you and your home.

The direct entry of sunlight through your windows and curtains can increase the temperature of the house by up to 10 degrees even in colder seasons.

Basements are not exposed to direct sunlight. 

Sadly, this implies that your basement is not profiting from the hotness of the sun, and the high temperatures on the second floor prevent the thermostat from working properly. 

On one hand, it saves you a few pennies but in return, your basement turns colder.

Assuming you are going on a vacation and leaving your home for a lengthy amount of time during the cold season, keep in mind that the temperature in your basement is much lower compared to other parts of your home, so you should adjust your thermostat accordingly to prevent the pipelines from freezing. 

Preventing basements from being cold

How to Prevent Your Basement From Becoming Cold 

You can apply the given ideas below into action to warm up your cold basement.

They sure will help you a lot in making your basement warmer than before. 

Make Sure Your Basement Is Properly Insulated

The easiest way through which you can keep your basement warmer is to properly insulate it.

For incomplete basement foam boards, insulation is the ideal choice while complete basements can benefit most from spray-foam insulation. 

Invest In A Warm And Inviting Fireplace

When it comes to finished basements, a fireplace can be a great way to keep the space warm.

A visually appealing fireplace can also add to the aesthetics of the basement. 

Replace Drafty Windows

Windows could be to blame for the moisture buildup in the basement.

If your windows are in need of repair, you should definitely opt for it as it will help you keep your basement warm. 

Repair Air Leaks

Warm air occasionally leaks through the gaps between the basements and the ground’s concrete.

If you find any leaks or drafts, seal them as quickly as practical with spray form or any other mending material. 

Get Rid Of Crawl Space Issues

Leaks can occur from the crawl space as well.

If, after mending your windows and gaps, you still notice that your basement is colder, you should make sure that the crawl space is tightly sealed and protected. 

Install an Additional Heating System

You can add additional heating systems to your basements. Electric heating is a practical way to warm your basement. 

Utilize Radiant In-Floor Heating

This is installed directly beneath the floor. It equally heats the space and keeps the air warm. 

Don’t Forget About The Visual Impact

It is critical to raise the temperature in order to keep the basement warm.

However, you can also decorate the space with ambient lighting, rigs, and blankets for a warm and inviting appearance.

It will create a friendly atmosphere that screams solace and warmth. 

Conclusion to Basements Being Cold

Many people desire a heated basement that can be used as a cozy and usable space in their home.

The secret to a warmer basement is to maintain the ideal temperature and humidity levels. There are a few simple ways to fix your basement if you notice that it is colder than normal.

Applying all of the above-mentioned methods will undoubtedly result in a warm and welcoming area.

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