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Can You Move An Electrical Panel?

Can You Move An Electrical Panel?

Relocating our electrical panel is something that the majority of people probably consider.

It may be the valuable wall space it tends to take up or the position that would be ideal for a built-in cabinet, or simply because it is necessary.

It is possible to move an electric panel, however, it would not be easy by any means. Relocating it would be time-consuming, and the hardest part would be to move the service wire that comes from outside.

That being said, since there are a lot of things one should keep in mind before relocating their electrical panel, here is a comprehensive guide to help you do so.

How Much Does It Cost To Relocate An Electrical Panel?

The first thing you should consider in relocating is if it is worth spending on.

The cost of relocation of an electric panel can vary from $900-2000 or even more. It all depends on your specific situation. 

The factors that majorly affect the cost are the size of the electric panels and the situations encountered while relocating them. 

The original length of the pipe that comes from the service inside is also another major factor affecting the cost of relocation. 

Something else that contributes to the cost is when the electric panel does not have a separate shut-off. This is because you would require the power company to perform the task.

Other than this, a few material costs should also be included, such as the additional wire which you’ll most likely need. To create the connections, you’ll need junction boxes in addition to the wire. 

Therefore, extra wire, junction boxes, box covers, and Romex connectors should also be included in your cost budget, if your situation demands splicing.

Although all these items are not expensive, they will add up quickly when making the final receipt. Each of the required Romex connections, covers, and junction boxes ranges in price from $10 to $15.

The cost of wire varies from $0.50-1.00 per foot, thus the further you move the box, the more wire you’ll need. 

Lastly, you would require an electrician who usually has a labor cost of around $70-120 per hour in most cases.

The electrician usually takes 8 to 24 hours to relocate the panel. 

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How Long Does It Actually Take To Move An Electric Panel?

Moving an electric panel would most likely happen over the course of some weeks.

Between the time you make the initial contact with the electrician and the completion of the work, there are a lot of processes that you might not have been aware of until then. 

New components must be ordered by the electrician. Additionally, they must wait for the electricity provider to certify that they can in fact disconnect and reconnect the connection.

This is carried out according to the power providers’ schedule.

Do You Need A Permit To Move An Electrical Panel?

Usually for every electric service circumstance, you will require to get a permit. To check the requirement of a permit, consult with your local municipality to see whether it is needed or not.

To secure the general safety of everyone who will enter and exit the building you are working on and ensure they are eligible to do so, you are usually required to get a permit.

Additionally, getting a permit is something you don’t want to cut corners for, for the protection of yourself and your loved ones.

Imagine the situation that someone working on your property without permission conducts quite a bit of work and then departs. Later, you find out that some wrong wirings or exposed wires caused an electrical fire. 

These situations, although the worst-case scenario, are highly possible when someone hasn’t shown they are competent in their field.

Even if no one was hurt, it might put everyone in the building in danger and cost you a considerable sum of money.

Do You Need To Hire A Professional To Move The Electric Panel?

It is exceedingly risky to try to relocate an electric panel by yourself. You shouldn’t attempt to do the task unless you have the required tools and electrical expertise.

In the case you electrocute yourself, you might be severely injured by the main electrical wire entering your home.

Experienced electricians are equipped with the knowledge and experience needed to do the task in a secure manner. 

They are experienced in working with high voltage regularly and are familiar with the required tools.

Final Words on Moving an Electrical Panel

Moving an electric panel is possible and should only be performed by an experienced company or electrician due to the high risks involved.

They could also determine the net cost involved in the entire process as different circumstances would incur additional costs. All in all, prioritize safety for a successful and secure relocation!

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