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Can You Put A Crock Pot In The Oven?

Can You Put A Crock Pot In The Oven?

Life can be chaotic at times; that’s why a crock pot can be a game changer in the kitchen.

They help you save time and effort while cooking. Simply put your ingredients in, adjust the temperature, and proceed with your business. 

Many people, however, are unsure whether the same can be done when it comes to baking with a crock pot. Is it even safe? Well, getting the whole story before attempting a new cooking style is always a good idea.

So, can you bake something in a crock pot?

You can can put a crock pot in the oven, but it depends on the material the crock pot is made out of, whether or not you’re baking with a lid, and how warm you need the oven to be.

Also, not all crock pots are created equal; several brands contain lead in the ceramic. As a result, using those for oven use may not be wise or safe.

Still, there are exceptions to this rule, just as glass cookware. To use a crock pot safely, you should first learn basic information about it.

Let’s start with what crock pots are and how they work.

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What Are Crock Pots?

Slow cookers, also known as crock pots, have been a household classic in America for decades.

They are extremely good time savers, capable of feeding a large family with little effort on the part of the cook.

Stews, baked potatoes, braised meats, pot roasts,  and other dishes are simplified.

Usually, crock pots are electric, requiring a plug-in to heat a metal or ceramic pot. Cooking is simple once your meals are stuffed into the pot.

Controls are typically limited to three settings: low, medium, and high.

The majority of slow cooker recipes take between six and ten hours to prepare. This is since crock pots are not intended to reach extreme temperatures.

Instead, they cook food at low temperatures ranging from 170-280 degrees Fahrenheit, slowly and evenly.

This slow cooking method is ideal for use in the oven. There are, however, exceptions to this rule, just as there are to glass cookware.

To use the crock pot securely, you should first learn some basic information about it.

How Do Crock Pots Operate?

A crock pot typically has a long-lasting ceramic pot insert, a secure lid, and a metal casing that accommodates the controls and the built-in heat source.

In most cases, the lid is made from glass with plastic handlebars.

The crock pot has three temperature settings: low, high, and warm, with temperatures ranging from 175°F to 215°F.

The heat spreads from the bottom to the sides and then into the food. The heat generated creates steam, which forms a vacuum with the lid.

The constant low heat guarantees that your meal retains moisture while cooking. Because the liquids in food do not “reduce,” it does not become concentrated.

Are Crock Pots Oven Safe?

To determine whether or not crock pots are oven safe, you must look at the materials of the crock pots.

Mostly they all are essentially composed of the same components. It is:

  1. Lid
  2. Stoneware/Ceramic bowl or insert
  3. Electric base

Since the base is usually connected to a cord, you probably wouldn’t even try to put it in the oven.

However, you might be amazed at how frequently users place the lids in the oven.

The lid is not made to withstand heat in the oven and might break or result in other problems.

A crock pot lid frequently contains plastic accents or even a rubber seal to lock in heat.

Even if your lid is made of glass, it might endure for a little time, these materials are not oven-safe. Simply avoid doing it and leave the oven top off!

However, you are safe to use your crock pot’s stoneware pots but not the lids and the electric base.

It’s base is naturally not intended to be baked, cooked, cleaned, or heated since it is already a stand-alone electric device. 

Finally, if you are convinced to use your stoneware pot in the oven, the main thing to consider is whether or not the insert of your crock pot contains lead.

Also, you must be careful to maintain the temperature at 400 ° or lower while using a crock pot in the oven.

The recipes you can utilize could be impacted by this.

Can You Put Crock Pots On Stoves?

Can you put crock pots on stoves too?

Utilizing the insert pot is usually not recommended because ceramics are not normally used on a stove plate. There are chances that thermal shock might occur as a result of direct high heat. 

Thermal shock occurs when a breakable object is subjected to a rapid temperature change. The sudden contraction and expansion of the pot can cause it to break into pieces.

However, some slow cooker brands have pots that can be used on a stovetop, so make sure to check your user manual.

If your stove isn’t in use, the stovetop could be a fantastic place to put your slow cooker for unsupervised cooking. It is resistant to heat, splatters, and moisture caused by a day’s worth of meal boiling up.

If that fails, a baking sheet or a wooden board will suffice.

Safety Measures To Follow When Placing A Crock-Pot In The Oven

Even though crock pots are generally safe to use in an oven, there are a few safety precautions you should take.

  • Ensure that you adhere to the manufacturer’s oven-safe temperature recommendations. Cook foods at no more than 400°F
  • Check that the lid is oven-safe (Most of them are not, even if it is made of glass, chances are it will melt in the oven). Make a makeshift lid out of aluminum foil if you wish to cover the pot
  • Try not to overfill your crock pot
  • Using oven gloves or potholders and both hands, carefully move the insert pot to and from the oven
  • Avoid extreme temperature changes, such as placing a cold insert pot from the fridge directly into a hot oven. Allow the insert pot to cool before storing it in the fridge
  • To avoid damage, do not preheat ceramic inserts before cooking. Instead, add ingredients and turn on the Crock Pot or slow cooker
A crockpot.

Why Putting Your Crockpot In The Oven Is A Better Cooking Method

Why do home cooks place their slow cookers in the oven in the first place? The truth lies in the crock pot’s cooking limitations.

Crock pots, while excellent for braised meats and flavorful stews, are less effective at browning food. It’s because they work best when there is a huge quantity of liquid to help spread heat.

This liquid, on the other hand, frequently restricts the meat from caramelizing.

You can have the combination of the two by putting a crock pot insert in the oven either before or after cooking.

It’s an excellent way to enhance the flavor of significant cuts of meat, such as chicken or pork roasts.

Final Words On Putting Your Crock Pot in the Oven

Crock pots are a great time saver and serve as an essential household item.

Therefore, you must be cautious enough to put a specific part of the crock pot in the oven like their stoneware insert.

Though stoneware pots are oven-safe, you must not use them in the oven up to 400°F. 

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