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Can You Put A Fridge Next To An Oven?

Can You Put A Fridge Next To An Oven?

A small kitchen can give a rustic, homey look to the house. The space in a small kitchen can be cleverly utilized. It is also easier to clean and maintain a smaller space.

However, when the space is small, chances are that appliances can feel crammed together if not placed correctly.

It is often advised not to put a fridge and oven together in a kitchen because the heat from the oven when transferred to the fridge may require it to work extra hard to keep cool.

However, the reasoning not to put a fridge and an oven together is untrue.

You can definitely place a fridge next to an oven and do not have to worry about heat transference issues with most newer appliances. Most modern fridges and freezers have an integrated cooling system and better insulation that does not let the heat from any other source transfer.

However, even if it is safe for the fridge to be kept beside the oven, it is not advised.

This is because thinking from a functionality point of view, putting a fridge, or any vertical, full-height object for that matter next to an oven will make the kitchen feel crammed.

If you have an integrated stove with a cooktop, placing the fridge next to it is not advised. This is because you would definitely use pans and objects with handles on the cooktop.

A fridge or even a vertical cupboard will obstruct the oven. If the object on the right or left is plastic, the heat from the cooktop may cause it to heat and melt, or even burn in severe cases.

Fridge and oven

Fridge Placement Next To An Oven

It is better to have at least a 12-inch counter in between the two appliances, which will also give you ease in cutting up and placing things while cooking. It also means room for opening up the oven or the fridge door without obstructing the other.

If you absolutely have no option but to keep both side by side, you have to have at least 6 inches of breathing space in between.

If the manufacturer’s manual for either appliance does not oppose keeping an oven or heated objects next to the fridge, it is still recommended that you keep that breathing space.

You should however make sure that the space is not wide enough for pets or babies to get inside. 

It is also recommended to add a vent that keeps the air circulating and prevents the oven from overheating and damaging the fridge.

Where Should One Keep A Fridge In A Kitchen?

Since there have been a lot of developments in technology, appliances have also become flexible where it comes to their placement.

So, even if you have a small kitchen, choosing appliances that offer the design that best utilizes the space and does not have any complications when placed close to other appliances.

The best way to keep a fridge in a small kitchen is to keep it anywhere where it does not obstruct working, preferably in any corner.

This way the family can have easy access to the fridge and not obstruct the main working area.

Even if it is placed anywhere but in the corner, it should be placed in a workable distance from other appliances so it offers the person working in the kitchen adequate space to work and move around. 

However, the fridge should not be kept too far from the kitchen, like in the dining area, otherwise, the person cooking will have to come out of the kitchen again and again to fetch things from it.

Can the Fridge Be Placed Next To the Sink?

Once you have decided whether you want to keep the fridge next to the oven or not, there is another option to consider, which is placing the fridge beside the sink.

While apart from a reducing some breathing space, placing a fridge next to the sink has no issues.

You should only make sure that there is workable space, for example, space for opening the cupboard at the bottom of the sink.

However, many experts disagree and state that keeping the wet area away from the fridge is recommended to keep electrical fire hazards at bay.

Also, keeping washing and cleaning products near the fridge is unsafe for health, according to experts.

Fridge Placement In A Small Kitchen

In a small kitchen, deciding which appliance to place where can be hard.

A fridge also needs space for its doors to open up. So, even a one meter of space left in front of the fridge may make the kitchen seem crammed up.

One option is to have an in-built fridge or freezer.

The fridge integrated with the furniture will allow for more room in the kitchen and will also resolve the issue of keeping the fridge alongside the oven or the sink.

You can also have a built-in oven and just use a cooktop for the rest of the cooking.

In this case, when a drywall separates the fridge and the in-built oven, they can be placed together.

As mentioned before, placing the fridge in the corner is another option which prevents overcrowding in the kitchen area.

However, just one drawback is the fridge obstructing the walkway when its doors are open.


Summing Up Having a Fridge Next to the Oven

Maximizing every inch of a small kitchen space requires thinking out of the box.

However, one thing to keep in mind is that a fridge and a stove is best if kept apart.

If there is no solution but to keep them together, it is advised to have at least six inches of workable space between them. 

This allows the fridge door to be opened up without any obstructions as well as the oven to operate with a lower possibility of heating up the fridge.

However, before you decide any of this, make sure that you have read the instructions manual for the fridge and made sure that the manufacturer has not advised against placing a hot appliance beside the fridge.

Any way you arrange the kitchen, make sure you keep the functionality as well as the aesthetics in mind.

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