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Can You Put Fridge Shelves in the Dishwasher?

Can You Put Fridge Shelves in the Dishwasher?

Doesn’t it get challenging to clean the interior of your refrigerator, especially when those shelves get sticky?

Is that making you look for a quicker method to clean these components? Then that’s where dishwashers came to the rescue. 

But are they even safe to use with fridge shelves?

You can put fridge shelves in the dishwasher, but there is one exception. Newer fridge models have shelves that have LED lights on them to help illuminate the fridge, and these cannot go in the dishwasher. All other types of shelves should be good to go though!  

Be it plastic bins or shelves either from the fridge or refrigerator, you can put them straight away in your dishwasher without any second doubt.

But before putting them in the washer, just ensure they have come to room temperature to prevent heat-related distortion.

Let’s find out some potential ways to place your shelves in the dishwasher without damaging them.

How To Put Shelves In The Dishwasher

Though it is safe to clean shelves in the dishwasher, there are some ways you should look out for when placing the them in the dishwasher, as they’re typically not constructed from the most luxurious or durable materials.

They are either made up of glass or plastic and as a result, they can not resist high temperatures. This is particularly true for the plastic ones as they are especially vulnerable in the dishwasher.

Keep in mind that they are not made with good products, and they will have harsh edges which might get deformed at high temperatures.

It is one of the main causes that certain manufacturers are against washing plastic fridge shelves in the dishwasher. But hold on, there is a trick to it that can save you from future agony. 

If your fridge has shelves that are made up of glass or plastic, then it would be good to place them at the base of the dishwasher.

But before placing it in, make sure the trays have come to room temperature. 

Or if you are have shelves that have metal bars in the middle, the best option would be to place them in soapy water and then wash it with your hands as they are nearly impossible to clean in a dishwasher when they are stained. 

Fridge Shelves

What Are The Steps Involved?

It is always a good idea to read through your fridge’s manual to check if there is any specific advice sent out regarding your appliance.

Also, check out for any precautionary measures against dishwashing before putting your fridge bin or shelf in the dishwasher for cleaning. 

If you can’t find one, then unfortunately you should limit yourself to hand washing or follow our guidelines below as your appliance might get damaged in the dishwasher.

For example, the telescopic extension slides on bins should never be submerged in the water as this could impair the functions of slides making you lose some bucks. 

Therefore, it is better to look out for the instruction manual and if you have lost it, then you should conduct small research online.

If still somehow you can not find it online, you can follow the instructions mentioned below. 

  • Only load the top rack of your dishwasher after bringing the shelves and bins to room temperature
  • Place the glass shelves at the base of the dishwasher, but only after you have read the product instructions and made sure there are not any specific dishwashing-related warnings. If there are warnings, simply resort to hand washing.
  • You can also place the shelves on the countertop till they are almost the same temperature as your palms to warm them to room temperature
  • Since dishwashers are not particularly good at drying plastic, you might need to clean your plastic shelves with a dry cloth
  • Then repeat the cycle for your next cleaning process

But before putting your greasy shelves in it, you must remove them as dishwashers detest anything with oil in it since it runs the risk of being clogged and eventually producing an odour. 

Pro Tip: If your shelves have oil buildup all over them for some reason, wash them with your hands rather than putting them in the dishwasher.

Final Words on Putting Fridge Shelves in the Dishwasher

One of the most used appliance in a home is the fridge.

Therefore, it is essential to maintain it thoroughly. You can easily do this by placing your shelves in the dishwasher.

But before putting them in, make sure you have followed the instructions in the owner’s manual and/or the guidelines provided above.

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