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Can You Put an Electric Blanket in the Dryer?

Can You Put an Electric Blanket in the Dryer?

Nothing is better than an electric blanket and hot cocoa on a chilly night. But at the same time, nothing is worse than spilling hot cocoa on your fresh clean electric blanket as well!

So whether it’s the cocoa spillage or an overall deep cleaning, you may be wondering whether it is safe to wash and dry your electric blanket like a regular blanket. 

While washing an electric blanket is a complicated answer, you can absolutely dry it in a dryer provided the heat setting is set to low and the time limit is set for no longer than 15 minutes.

Also, don’t forget to remove the blanket and hang it outside to completely dry on a clothesline or drying rack.

While all of this may sound simple and a piece of the pie, there are a lot of points that you need to keep in mind when cleaning and drying an electric blanket because it is not as intuitive as washing a normal one.

So without further ado, let us take a look at them.

What Is The Recommended Method Of Cleaning An Electric Blanket?

Before we look at how to dry your electric blanket, let us look at the recommended approach to washing them.

In order to clean your electric blankets, you must first go through the manufacturing tags and the instructions booklets given along to see for any specific instructions. 

This is important because your cleaning process solely depends on the type of blanket you use and the year it was manufactured in.

If you are provided with an instruction booklet, it is best advised to follow them. 

And in case you aren’t provided with one, here is a guide on how to wash your electric blankets.

1. Disconnect the control cord: a control cord generates power throughout the electric blanket in the wall plug. Hence, it is crucial for you and the safety of your devices that you unplug the control cord before adding it to the washer.

2. Next, dip them in water. Usually, electric blankets can be dipped in water for about 5 to 15 minutes. Most manufacturers agree with this process of washing but recommend either warm or cold water depending upon the type of electric blanket. In case you aren’t aware of your type, simply wash your blankets using cold water and soak for about 15 minutes only.

3. Use a delicate wash cycle: A full wash for your electric blankets is never recommended by the manufacturers.  Most modern-day electric blankets can be given a full wash in your washing machines, but this isn’t required. A small number of minutes of wash using a “gentle” or “delicate” cycle is enough to clean them, followed by a quick rinse or spin.

Electric Blanket

How To Safely Dry Your Electric Blanket In The Dryer

Now once you have washed them, the next step is to properly and thoroughly dry them without being too harsh.

While an electric blanket is dryer safe, there are still some instructions to remember when drying them.

The first thing is to make sure your blanket has enough space to tumble freely and if it can’t, simply choose to air dry or use a dryer at the laundromat.

If you choose to put it in a dryer, ensure the blanket is stretched out evenly, and look for any wires that may have moved during the washing procedure.

The next thing you need to ensure is that the temperature is always set to air only or cool setting as the electrical wiring within the blanket may be harmed by high temperatures. 

Not only this, but also make sure to not dry it for more than 15 minutes and then immediately remove it from the dryer to air dry on a drying rack or clothing line. Doing so will help preserve the shape of the blanket.

Lastly, make sure your banket has dried completely before storing it or using it.

Also, look for fractures or discoloured patches on the controls and wires as the blanket has to be changed if you discover them.

Can An Electric Blanket Be Dry Cleaned?

Sadly, it’s advised not to. Due to the wires being inside the blanket, the whole blanket can be harmed by the chemicals involved in the dry cleaning procedure.

Regardless of dry cleaning being efficient, it is ideal to avoid it.

Final Words on Drying an Electric Blanket

All in all, it is vital that you are aware of the proper cleaning and drying methods in order to ensure not only your safety but also the form of your electric blanket.

While it may seem like a daunting task given all the electrical components, hopefully with our guide it will be as easy as cleaning a regular one!

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