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Can You Put a Hot Pan On Quartz?

Can You Put a Hot Pan On Quartz?

A significant number of people and remodelers use quartz countertops in their kitchens, so you’re not the only one who has ever questioned whether hot pans could be kept on a quartz countertop. So, can you place a hot pan on quartz? .

Quartz kitchen surfaces are resistant to heat and therefore can handle a hot pan being placed on them. Be careful, however, as excessive heat contact might lead to deterioration of the surfaces. Make sure you utilize heat shields like coasters and trivets to prevent heat damage to the counters.

Read on to learn more about putting hot pans on quartz.

How Hot of Temperatures Can a Quartz Countertop Withstand?

Quartz countertops are a stunning improvement to any kitchen and thus are incredibly resilient. Given that quartz is heat-resistant, several individuals might believe they can set hot cookware right on top without risk of harm.

Quartz countertops can sustain extreme temps, but they are not heat-damage resistant. In truth, the majority of quartz counters are about 90% quartz, with the remainder consisting of adhesives and dyes.

As adhesives can only handle temperatures that reach up to 150 degrees, just putting a hot skillet on your marble countertop can quickly harm the material.

Even though you could be fine using a pan that has time to cool, it is nonetheless preferable to employ a heat-resistant foam or trivet to safeguard your counter.

Spending money on a fresh countertop just to have it damaged shortly after placement is certainly the last thing you want to do. A heat-damaged top may also be costly or difficult to repair.

If you mistakenly put a hot pot on the countertop, you should remove it quickly so that it does not cause any damage to the top.

What Are The Signs That A Quartz Countertop Is Heat Damaged?

There are certain signs that one should look for if one wants to know whether the top is damaged or not. The first way to tell whether a quartz countertop is ruined is to check for burn marks.

These are smudges left behind by the hot pan, saucepan, or plate. It is similar to the mug stain that is caused by the coffee and it is darker than the rest of the surroundings. 

What Are The Signs That A Quartz Countertop Is Heat Damaged

Nevertheless, burn scars are more difficult to remove than coffee stains.

This is due to the countertop’s discoloration spreading beyond its upper layer.

Instead, the heat penetrates farther through the top and burns the adhesive underneath. The upper surface of a countertop may break if a hot skillet is left on it for similar purposes.

Since the countertop isn’t a solid slab, chunks of quartz may break off.

Therefore, if the adhesive is damaged, it will lose its stability and the component portions would peel off.

How to Protect Your Quartz Countertop From the Heat

Here are a few tips to keep your quartz countertop from being damaged by heat:

  • Hot pads or trivets can effectively safeguard your marble top from intense heat. Even though you are aware that setting a hot pot on your quartz countertop will damage it, mistakes can happen. To prevent dropping hot objects on the counters accidentally, place these safety objects close to the stovetop.
  • Spills shouldn’t be let settle on their own. Wipe them right away. Watch out for caustic foods and beverages like espresso, soda, alcohol, and oils. It is best to clean up this spillage right once to prevent sticking or staining.
  • The choice of cleaning cloth is important as well. Your countertop will become scratched if you use an aggressive cleaning cloth, but it is recommended to use a gentle sponge or fabric for longevity.
  • Make use of coasters. Coffee and tea mugs can hardly melt through the top and cause strains but it is better to take precautions. Your countertops will be protected against burns and will last longer if you use coasters.
  • What kind of countertop cleaner you use is important. Maintaining the great condition of your counter is a good practice. You should use warm water and a gentle cleaner. If you will use highly alkaline items then it will cause damage to your counter that may be irreversible. 
  • Perhaps you should reconsider either sitting or standing on the quartz countertop. Even though a quartz countertop is sturdy and long-lasting, you shouldn’t use it for these purposes. It will cause damage to it. 

What Kinds Of Countertops Are Safe Enough To Put A Hot Pan On?

After reading all the material now you must be thinking what is a counter that can withstand this heat and in return will not be damaged? In this case, granite is the best option, as it has a high level of heat resistance.

Granite is a material that can handle hot conditions. Additionally, granite countertops increase the worth of your property and are available in a range of hues and designs. 

You can place the hot pan on the granite without worrying about damage. Nonetheless, it is a good thing that you should use pads for protection. 

Engineered stone, which consists of granular material linked with resins, is an additional choice. You can consult a specialist to determine whether an engineered stone counter would be a wise investment for your house.

Final Words on Placing Hot Pans on Quartz

When you are using quartz countertops it is always recommended not to place the pan on it. They can withstand the temperature but in worst-case scenarios, if the damage is done it can become irreversible. You should use protective pads so that you can save from such hassles.

Use the tips mentioned above so that you can enjoy your kitchen time without worrying about anything.

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