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What Is a Grommet Curtain?

What Is a Grommet Curtain?

Revamping your windows and have no idea what curtains to get? This guide is here to solve all your problems! 

Whenever there’s a discussion about curtains, grommet curtains always pop up. Their easy installation and minimal maintenance make them a perfect fit for households. 

Grommet curtains have open metal rings punched at the top of the fabric. The rod easily weaves into these metal rings by sliding. 

Despite their simplicity, It’s common to get confused about how grommet curtains work. Read on to learn more.

Are Grommet Curtains the Same as Eyelets?

Grommet curtains are often confused with eyelets because of their similar outlook. Despite their similar looks, however, there are a couple of differences that sets them apart.

For example, an eyelet has metal rings with small prongs. These rings interlock when pressed together. They’re mostly used at the end of a drawstring casing. Grommets, on the other hand, are much bigger in size and don’t offer a lot of customization. 

Why Are Grommet Curtains So Popular?

Grommet drapery panels have stuck around in households for years. They give your interiors a sophisticated look while also making it a piece of cake to change curtains.

Why are grommet curtains so popular

They also have a lot of variety in sizes and colors, meaning that you can easily choose a grommet according to your current interiors. With the sleek and synchronized fall of the drapery, your house’s aesthetics will improve tenfold! 

How Do You Hang Curtains With Grommets?

Grommets can be quite tricky to work with, so make sure that you take all the measurements before purchasing the curtain panels and rod. Here’s a quick guide to help you out:

What you’ll need:

  • Grommet curtain panels
  • Tape measure
  • Pencil 
  • Step ladder/stool
  • Brackets for drapery hooks
  • finials

STEP 1: Measurements

Measure your window frame accurately from edge to edge. Once you have a figure, multiply it twice to get the width of your grommet curtains.

If you measure both frames collectively, you’ll just have one big piece of fabric loosely falling to the ground. Breaking the complete window into two equal parts will give your curtains a sleek look. 

STEP 2: Curtain rod length

Once you have the total width of your window, all you’ll need is to add eight more inches to that measurement. For double windows, add 14 inches to the total figure.

This standard addition allows the rod to equally overlap the window from both sides. It also allows enough room for the times when the curtains are pulled to the sides. 

STEP 3: Curtain rod diameter

Take your curtain panels and measure the grommet opening. Now subtract ½ inch from that value and you’ll have the maximum curtain rod diameter that you can experiment with.

This is also where you should choose appropriate finials. 

STEP 4: Number of panels you need

Your curtains should be at least double the width of your window so that they don’t look stretched. For example, if your window is 3 ft wide, your panel curtains should be 6 ft wide.

To balance the look, you should choose an equal number of panels as well. For example, if two panels cover the window, you should add another panel on each side to complete the look. 

STEP 5: Measure the height of your window

Now is the time to grab your stepladder and tape measure. Get on the step ladder and measure the height of your window. From the sill, add 2-4 inches, and this is where you should place your curtain rod. The height of the curtain rod also depends on the length of your curtain panels because extended lengths would mean that your curtain rod needs to go higher. 

STEP 6: Hang the rod

Install brackets on the wall to hang the curtain rod. The brackets should have an equal amount of distance between them, so making marks beforehand will be beneficial.

You can also use a level to keep things straight. Getting an additional pair of hands for this step is highly recommended. 

STEP 7: Arrange the curtains

Start weaving the rod through each grommet of the curtain panel. This is very much similar to how shower curtains are threaded. Once you’re done, hold the curtain and fasten it to the brackets.

Place and drill the finials to complete the ends of the curtain rod, and voila! Your beautiful grommet curtains will be ready to alleviate the look of your room. 

Final Words to Grommet Curtains

There are plenty of drapery options out there to boggle your mind. Luckily, you have this guide to explain grommet curtains in detail.

As the most common type of curtain panels, it’s important to know their details, and this is exactly where this guide comes in handy! Go through the information thoroughly to get ready for your next curtain panel.

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