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Can You Put a Plate In The Oven?

Can You Put a Plate In The Oven?

There’s nothing better than cooking a delicious meal in your own oven. The only way to improve an already delicious meal would be to place the food on a hot plate.

Hot plates are a staple of fine dining, as restaurants know the longer food stays warm, the longer the flavor of the food will be at its peak. But can we place our plates in the oven?

While regular plates cannot go in the oven, there are oven-safe plates available for purchase. You can find them at most major department stores and also online. Oven-safe plates can handle hot temperatures and some can even handle the air fryer. Look for the oven-safe label on dishware to know it is safe for oven use.

Read on to learn more about how to safely put plates in the oven.

Can You Put a Plate in the Oven?

Any dishware you insert in the oven must have an oven-safe label. Most dishes are not oven-safe, but there are some that can withstand high temperatures for long periods of time without burning or charring.

Here’s a list of dishware that can go in the oven. Make sure these dishes have an oven-safe label before you place them in your oven.

  • Cast Iron – We have all heard of cast-iron pots and pans, but plates? Actually, there are certain types of cast-iron pans that can double as a plate. These flat cast-iron plates are excellent for campers and hikers, as they don’t have to transport a pan to cook the food and a dish to eat the food.
  • Oven-Safe Plates – Restaurants have a machine specifically designed for heating plates, but you can buy these plates too.
  • Glassware, Specifically Pyrex – Not all glassware is designed for oven temperatures, but Pyrex is a special type of glassware that can handle hot temperatures. Pyrex has different glassware containers, and some glassware is only a microwave safe. Be on the lookout for Pyrex with an oven-safe label. Also, not all Pyrex is dishwasher safe.
  • Stainless Steel – Most people don’t have metal dinner plates, but they do exist. Most metal dinner plates are stainless steel. It is perfectly safe to use in the oven.

Can You Put a Regular Plate in the Oven at 350°?

There’s only one type of regular dishware that you can place in the oven at 350°. This type of plate is the glass plate. Glass plates can handle higher temperatures and can handle oven temperatures.

Can You Put a Regular Plate in the Oven at 350°

The glass plate does not have to say oven safe, but it is better if the glass plate has an oven safe label.

Some glass plates can even handle temperatures up to 500°. But keep in mind that if the plate is delicate, or it is not thick or sturdy enough, it will shatter all over the oven floor. Dishware companies do not make all glass the same.

Some are tempered differently and many have different thicknesses. Most are not made to withstand heat.

Can You Put a Ceramic Plate in the Oven?

While any kitchenware or dishware for the oven should be oven-safe, it is also safe to put ceramic plates in the oven. Ceramic can handle very high temperatures.

However, we do not suggest using your great grandmother’s ceramic plate ware to heat your food in the oven. Old dishware is far too delicate to handle the oven.

However, you should never place ceramic plates that have a design in the oven. Any paint on the ceramic plate will trip off.

Which Items Should Not Go in the Oven?

Here’s a list of items you should never place in the oven. Any items on this list require an oven-safe label if you want to place them in the oven.

  • Glassware – Certain glassware is safe for the oven, but it’s always better to err on the side of caution and purchase oven-safe glassware.
  • Wooden Planks and Boards – Some people have heavy wooden planks and boards for dinnerware and decor. But these wooden boards are treated with chemicals and food-safe lacquer. By placing these wooden boards in the oven, the heat will disintegrate the lacquer and make it unsafe to serve food on.
  • Wax Paper – Do not get wax paper and parchment paper mixed up. Parchment paper is safe to go into the oven while wax paper is not.
  • Food without a plate or tray or anything under it – Don’t ever position food on the oven rack, but. you can place certain foods, like pizza, on a wire rack.
  • Plastic – Never ever, under any circumstances, place anything plastic in your oven. The plastic will melt all over the bottom of the oven and there’s a good chance you’ll never be able to remove it. Plastic does not belong anywhere near an oven or a stove.
  • Styrofoam plates – Styrofoam and hot temperatures are a terrible combination. Just don’t do it.
  • Paper plates – Paper plates can burn quickly in the oven.
If you don’t want to make more dishes, take an oven safe item and put parchment paper on top of it and then place the food on top of the paper. Then just throw away the parchment paper when your food is adequately warmed.

Keep these items are far away from your oven! Don’t forget to use the self-cleaning option on your oven every once in a while.

Can Ikea Plates Go in the Oven?

If you love Ikea like me, then you definitely have purchased their dishes. Well, you’ll be happy to know, but Ikea sells oven-safe dishware. Not all Ikea’s plates and dishware are oven safe, but they sell certain items there.

Plus, Ikea places symbols on all their dishware, so customers will know what the dish can and cannot handle. Most Ikea dishware and kitchenware is dishwasher safe as well.

Conclusion to Putting Plates in the Oven

In order for a plate to be oven-safe, it must be made of new ceramic material, cast iron or stainless steel, or have an oven safe label on the bottom of the plate. Do not place any plastic, Styrofoam, paper, wooden or glass plates in the oven unless they have an oven safe table. Ikea sells oven safe plates.

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