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Can You Use Carpet Cleaner On A Mattress?

Can You Use Carpet Cleaner On A Mattress?

Did you know you nearly spend half of your life in bed?

Your mattress provides you all the comfort you need after a tiring day; and keeping it clean is the least you can do for both your and the mattress’ wellness.

In such a case, you might be wondering if you can clean your mattress with a carpet cleaner? 

You can use your carpet cleaner on your mattress. In fact, the best method of cleaning your mattress at home is by using a carpet cleaner.

However, you should be careful because if it is used incorrectly, it can have adverse effects.

However, fret not, as with our detailed guideline below, chances of anything going wrong will be slim to none!

So without further ado let’s look at all the details you need to know when cleaning your mattress with a carpet cleaner.

Carpet Cleaner

What Exactly Is Carpet Cleaner?

Simply put, the primary purpose of a carpet cleaner is to eliminate stains, dirt, and dust from carpets, soft furnishings, and rugs.

Also, it helps eliminate tricky spots in places like bedrooms, or living rooms, making it a crucial component of your home maintenance kit.

The carpet cleaner has all the necessary ingredients that help you remove dirt without leaving any residue! 

Can Carpet Cleaners Cause Harm To Your Mattress?

If you are still reluctant about using a carpet cleaner, then allow us to relieve your worries. 

As mentioned above, carpet cleaners are safe to use on your mattresses unless used incorrectly.

To avoid doing so, you must carefully read the manufacturer’s instructions for a carpet cleaner you choose to use.

The manufacturer probably has a preferred list of cleaning agents for your mattress they suggest using. You can also look out for carpet shampoos to preserve the fabric’s integrity.

However, you should watch out for any potentially harmful substances concealed in a carpet shampoo’s ingredients.

Some of these toxic substances are:

  • Perchloroethylene
  • Ammonia
  • Naphthalene
  • Sodium Trisodium
  • Phosphate Hypochlorite

If you think your carpet shampoo contains toxic substances, you should avoid using it.

You may also experience nausea once you lay down your head and go to sleep when you use these substances on your mattress.

Additionally, it may result in long-term harm, such as kidney and liver damage.

Cleaning a Mattress

How To Correctly Use A Carpet Cleaner On A Mattress

Now, if you are convinced to use a carpet cleaner on your mattress, you might be thinking of ways to use them properly.

It is very easy to use and resembles removing a stain from the carpet. Most people just splash the surface and then begin to scrub vigorously using a hand towel.

You might get mixed up results using this method, so here is your complete guide on how to use a carpet cleaner properly:

  • All bed linens should be discarded and placed in your washing machine before you start off with anything.
  • All of your pillowcases, sheets, blankets, bed covers, and other items that you keep on your bed fall should also be placed in the washing machine.
  • Vacuum every side of your mattress and the siding with your vacuum’s hand-tool attachment. This will remove all accumulated dust and dirt
  • As soon as the carpet cleaner is running, slowly and thoroughly clean the mattress from top to bottom
  • Ensure the mattress doesn’t become overly wet while cleaning.
  • Work on one mattress side at a time to ensure proper cleaning
  • Before turning the mattress over to remove the dirt from the other side, allow that side to dry out completely
  • Make sure you are using the carpet cleaner on the mattress’ siding as well after finishing the other side and allowing it to completely dry
  • Reposition the mattress on your bed frame after the siding has dried
  • Remake the bed using freshly washed linens

Is Carpet Cleaner Safe To Use On A Memory Foam Mattress?

Even though using carpet cleaners on typical inner-spring mattresses is safe, you should never do the same with memory foam.

You should instead use a steam cleaner or seek the help of a cleaning service if you want to give your memory foam mattress a thorough cleaning.

In contrast to the solution and water mixture used in carpet cleaners, steam dries much more quickly, which is crucial because memory foam is so dense that it dries slowly.

Is Carpet Cleaner Spray Safe To Use On A Mattress?

Use a carpet cleaner mist sparingly when it comes to cleaning your mattress. It won’t cost much more to rent a cleaning machine than it would to avoid exposure to chemicals.

You could buy a few containers of spray cleaner, and it might also clean your mattress much more thoroughly.

If you still choose this route, look for a non-toxic, all-natural cleaner to avoid irritating your skin.

Can A Mattress Be Cleaned With A Bissell Carpet Cleaner?

Yes, you can clean your mattress with a Bissell carpet cleaner. Overall, most cleaners are secure for this application, but if it’s crucial, be careful to verify the instructions first.

Putting white vinegar or baking soda on the stain before misting will lift out most of the dirt if you have heavy soiling and can’t get to it right away.

Also, make sure to take precautions, such as opening the windows for ventilation, when using anything similar in your home.

Even though any fumes from the cleaner should quickly dissipate, it wouldn’t hurt to provide them with a means of escape if possible.

Clean A Mattress

How To Clean A Mattress If You Want To Avoid Carpet Cleaner?

If you are unwilling to use carpet cleaners on your mattress, don’t worry; other ways are also available.

An enzyme-based cleaner or a baking soda does wonders when used to clean your mattress and remove all grime accumulating over time.

Also, baking soda is the most effective way to get rid of odors and moisture after spills or other mishaps.

Start the procedure by removing the bed and vacuuming up any debris, just like you’d do with a carpet cleaner.

Then, use a mattress stain remover to let go of any stains you see. The cleaner will work for biological stains (such as urine, blood, sweat, etc.).

Use a solution of even parts water and dish soap for other stains.

Next, cover each side of the mattress with a light coating of baking soda and let it stay overnight.

If you have windows, open them to get the sunlight, which will help kill bacteria. Vacuum the baking soda to finish the procedure. 

Final Words on Cleaning Your Mattress with Carpet Cleaner

Now you know that using carpet cleaner is all good, you are prepared to begin cleaning your mattress.

Use the method mentioned above to get the right results straight away without any mishaps.

Also, you’ll realize how much of a difference a clean mattress can make once you lay your head down after cleaning.

Enjoy a clean, fresh bed and a restful night’s sleep.

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