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Chantilly Lace vs. Decorator’s White: Key Differences

Chantilly Lace vs. Decorator’s White: Key Differences

If you are thinking about painting, you may be trying to decide what are the key differences between Chantilly Lace and Decorator’s White.

While the differences can seem so subtle, that it may be hard to decide which is best for your space.

The key differences between Chantilly Lace and Decorator’s White are the color family each lace belongs to, the undertones in each paint color, along with how they are best used in a room.

Paint comes in such a variety of colors and our options seem endless. It may seem that Chantilly Lace and Decorator’s White are one in the same, but each of these colors is quite unique and your room will have a specific feel, depending on which you choose.

I, like many people, believe paint can make an enormous difference in the feel of a room and should be everyone’s first go-to project when wanting to change the look of a room.

I love color and can spend hours looking at a handful of shades, analyzing what makes each of them unique.

Read on as I share what makes these two colors much more different from each other than you may realize.

Chantilly Lace vs. Decorator’s White: Key Differences

White paints can make a room pop. They are clean, and fresh and allow accent colors to seem bolder, and more vibrant.

There’s a reason why white paints are so popular, and why there are so many to choose from. 

One way to determine the difference between two whites like Chantilly Lace and Decorator’s White is to look at three key elements that are used when creating these paints.

To the naked eye, they may look quite similar but read on to see what happens when we look at them more closely.

1. Color Families

Paint colors fall into families so they are easier to pair with fabrics, floorings, and other colors in a room.

These labels make a big difference in where they should be used.

Whether you choose a warm white or a cool white will have a lot to do with what effect you are going for.

Chantilly Lace is neither a warm white nor a cool white but is a balanced, pure white without other color influences (more on that in a minute).

It can be cooled down when surrounded by warm colors, but it can serve as a room’s warmth when needed. It’s considered a true white.

Decorator’s White, on the other hand, falls into the cool white family. It is much cooler than Chantilly Lace.

Decorator’s White will be best used in a room that receives a ton of sunlight, as it will look clean and crisp against the warmer tones.


2. The Undertones

Undertones are the colors that are mixed into your primary color to create all the different shades we have access to at the paint store.

Depending on what has been added, a primary color can take on a completely different look.

As I mentioned earlier, Chantilly Lace is a pure white, without other colors mixed in.

This is why  it’s such a pure, simple shade and is able to work well with so many color schemes.

Decorator’s White is a cool white, and has undertones of gray and blue mixed into it.

If you hold swatches of both these paints next to each other, you will definitely be able to see the blueness of Decorator’s White.

Again, think about the effect you are going for when deciding which of these paints to use. Both are popular choices, but each will give your room very different looks.

3. How Are Each Paints Best Used?

It’s almost universally agreed that Chantilly Lace can be used widely in a variety of different spaces.

In rooms that receive lots of natural light, consider this color for wall paint. It can also work well as a trim color if the room tends to be a bit darker.

Decorator’s White is best used as a ceiling paint or for trim. Because of its strong bluish undertones, it can make a room look too dingy if there isn’t much natural light throughout. 

Remember, the best way to decide if a paint is going to work for your space is to bring home samples to try.

Consider testing both these paints out next to each other, and choose at least two different walls, so you can get the full effect that the room’s lighting will have on both of them.

Summing Up Chantilly Lace vs. Decorator’s White

There are a few notable differences between Chantilly Lace and Decorator’s White paint colors. Specifically, they have very different color families and undertones in them, meaning they will give each room they’re in a very different feel.

Decorator’s White has a much cooler undertone to it, while Chantilly Lace is a much more universal, pure white color that can be used in a variety of spaces.

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