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Do Shower Curtains Go Inside or Outside?

Do Shower Curtains Go Inside or Outside?

Shower curtains are no doubt a great way to amp up your bathroom decor, but whether they should be left hanging inside or outside can be confusing. 

You should preferably position the shower curtain within the tub if you want to prevent water from splashing around. However, if you have a combination of a shower curtain and a curtain liner, the liner can serve that purpose on the interior of the tub while you can leave the shower curtain open. It mainly depends on your design wants. 

Read on to learn more about shower curtains and how you can position them.

Which Side Do Shower Curtains Go To?

The water from your bath will eventually run all over your bathroom floor if you place your shower curtain outside of the tub. If you want to avoid going through the hassle of cleaning up the bathroom, consider putting the shower curtain inside the tub each time you take a bath.

However, this can be only done with a single shower curtain arrangement. If your bathroom has a double shower curtain, you can easily hang one inside the tub and the other outside.

Unfortunately, hanging shower curtains inside your tub or shower comes with negatives as well. The shower curtain is more likely to absorb humidity and soap residue if it is placed within the tub. This can lead to the development of moulds on the curtains. 

In addition, hard water can cause mineral accumulation, which promotes the development of many moulds, bacteria and a whitish coating of mildew.

When this occurs, your once flattering shower curtain will now look disgusting, along with causing a significant health concern.

Where Does the Shower Liner Go?

Depending on whether you’re having a shower or bathing in the tub, the shower curtain liner should be either inside or outside.

While you shower, the liner should remain inside the tub. This will keep the water from dripping onto the floor from the liner. The edge of your bathtub should be wedged between your shower curtain and the exterior of the tub. To aid in their adhesion to the interior of the tub, several liners come with magnets connected to the bottom.

Where does the shower liner go

On the other hand, there is no need to keep your curtain liner within the tub if you are having a bath. The liner doesn’t need to try to keep the water in the tub because there isn’t a continual flow of water to worry about. Furthermore, your whole bath time experience will be quite undesirable if you keep attempting to avoid brushing against the liner.

Using Your Shower Curtain and Liner

Anywhere you decide to take a bath, there are a few shower curtain etiquettes that you must be mindful of. No matter where you are, whether at home or at a hotel, you should be aware of basic shower curtain etiquette.

Moreover, appropriate shower curtain usage is necessary for the environment of your bathroom. 

By eliminating water splashes when showering, a shower curtain also serves to reduce bathroom infection.

Furthermore, if you use your shower curtain carelessly, it’s possible that you’ll damage the cloth quickly or even injure yourself.

The guidelines listed below may help you follow your shower curtain etiquette and accomplish your bathroom objectives as it is important that you motivate yourself to be more conscious of these.

  • To avoid confusion while installing your shower curtains, be consistent when buying shower curtain rings.
  • You must open your shower curtains carefully to prevent tearing the delicate fabric.
  • If you want to maintain the dryness of your towel in the shower area, think about purchasing a shower curtain pole.
  • Close your shower curtain while you take a bath in the tub so it dries evenly and doesn’t pick up more debris.
  • Last but not least, peeing in the shower stall will leave the bathroom smelling like pee; instead, pee in the drain. However, because it is highly unclean, it is advised against doing so in the bathtub.

Final Words on Where Your Shower Curtain Should Hang

There are exactly no hard rules on where to place your shower curtains. It all depends on how you intend to use the bathtub, whether you are deciding to take a bath or a shower.

Shower curtains are often installed inside to prevent the bathroom floor from becoming flooded by all the water splashing when you take a shower. This helps a lot to keep it tidy.

On the other hand, keeping the shower curtains from getting wet with soapy water is also unhygienic on its part. The soap buildup can lead to bacteria and moulds growing on it. This leads to many health concerns being raised. 

It is important that shower curtains must be used properly and gently. They are flimsy and simple to shred and easy to get dirty also. That is why your shower curtains also require your attention.

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