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How High To Hang A TV In A Bedroom (A Simple Guide)

How High To Hang A TV In A Bedroom (A Simple Guide)

Did you bring home a new TV? Do you want to know how high to hang a TV in a bedroom?

Being able to watch anything you like at the end of a long tiring day tucked in your cozy bed sure feels great.

Unlike watching TV in the living room, where you’ve got to keep everyone’s preferences in consideration, your bedroom TV is all yours, and you can watch whatever you like, whenever you like!

But the comfort depends on how high or low you mount your TV on your bedroom wall.

The correct height to hang a TV will vary for different sizes of TVs. Most commonly, a 50-inch TV should be mounted approximately 30 inches from the floor, while a 65-inch TV should be mounted 65 inches from the floor.

A TV should be mounted just high enough to be at your eye level when you’re sitting on your bed. You shouldn’t have to look down at the screen or tilt your head up to watch the TV.

Not only is it uncomfortable, but it can also result in pain in the neck and headaches.

For this reason, you should always have a professional mount your TV for you because they know what height is the best for the size of TV you bought.

Larger TVs are usually mounted higher up on the wall, while smaller ones aren’t mounted as high. The objective is to ensure the TV is at your eye level.

We’ve seen people suffering from problems simply because their TV wasn’t mounted at the right height.

We know how high you should hang your TV in the bedroom, and we can help you get it just right!

Why Is It Important To Mount TV At The Right Height?

If it’s your first time with a flat-screen wall-mounted TV, you may not really understand why mounting it at the right height is so important.

The thing with wall-mounted TVs is that the height they’re mounted at will affect your comfort.

Not only is your comfort at stake, but your physical well-being might also get compromised too.

Since bedrooms aren’t as big as living rooms, getting the right height for the TV is even more critical.

Imagine sitting in your bed and having to bend your head down or tilt it upwards to watch TV.

It might not feel wrong if you’re watching TV for a few minutes. However, if you’re in front of your TV for a number of hours, you’ll feel like your neck has gotten stiff.

Mounting a TV at the incorrect height affects the posture.

Sitting in an incorrect posture for too long will have consequences on your physical well-being in the long run.

Since you installed a TV in your bedroom to enjoy watching TV comfortably, you should make sure to install the TV at the correct height.

Tv in the bedroom

How High To Mount a TV in Your Bedroom

When mounting a TV in your bedroom, there are various factors that should be considered, including the size of the TV, the size and shape of the room, the distance of your bed from the TV, and the height of your bed.

The ideal height of the TV will be different for a small room as compared to what the right TV height will be for a larger room.

Similarly, the height of the TV will be different if the room is small and the TV is close to the bed.

All of these factors are important when calculating the correct height of the TV on your bedroom wall.

How to Calculate the Height of Wall Mounted TV

When you’re calculating the height at which you should mount your TV on your bedroom wall, you’ve got to calculate the height between the floor and your eyes.

After the height, the second most important element of the equation is the viewing angle.

Like the incorrect height can cause neck strain, the incorrect viewing angle can cause eye strain.

You should adjust the height of your TV so that the viewing angle from the point you’ll watch TV is not more than 30 degrees.

The correct height and viewing angle will ensure a comfortable TV watching experience in your bedroom – just what you want!

How High To Mount 50 Inch TV on Wall in Bedroom

If you’ve got a 50-inch flat-screen TV for your bedroom, you’ve got to ensure that you’re mounting it at the right height to enjoy watching TV to the fullest.

The correct height for a 50-inch TV is about 30 inches from the floor.

However, you can install it higher up or lower if you wish, but ideally, your TV should be at least this high.

Now, this isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution, as not all rooms are the same size and of the same dimension.

Always remember a simple rule when mounting a TV on your bedroom wall: watching TV shouldn’t feel uncomfortable when you’re resting comfortably on your bed.

You shouldn’t have to lower or raise your head to watch TV. If the TV is at eye level, know that it’s at the right height.

Usually, TVs in the bedrooms are installed slightly higher than in the living room. If you follow the same specifications for the bedroom, you might have to duck your head a little too much to be comfortable.

Hiring professional TV installers is your best bet when mounting a TV in the bedroom.

This is because they would know how high to mount a TV in your bedroom. Although most people prefer to DIY, hiring professionals is what we’ll recommend.

Summing Up How High to Mount a TV in the Bedroom

Figuring out how high to mount a tv in your bedroom might seem confusing, but it really just depends on the size of your room and your comfort level.

The TV should be mounted at eye level, so you don’t have to raise or dip your head to see the screen. This way, your physical health and comfort will be taken care of.

For a 50-inch TV, mounting it about 30 inches from the floor is usually a good height for most bedrooms. Make sure you hire professional installers if you need help mounting it.

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