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How Long Are Jello Shots Good For?

How Long Are Jello Shots Good For?

Jello shots are now a staple in most house parties. It usually takes about 2 to 4 hours to make jello shots, but after you make them, how long will it last?

As long you store the jello shots in the refrigerator, they are safe and delicious to eat for the next four days. After four days, the flavor starts to degrade, but the gelatin will last.

If you don’t mind the lack of flavor, jello shots are safe to consume for up to a week. Do not make jello shots and store them in the cupboard. Storing jello shots in the freezer will extend their life by 2 weeks.

How Long Are Jello Shots Good For?

Jello shots are an easy and versatile food drink that is fun for everyone.

The gelatin and alcohol in the jello shot will last a long time, up to two weeks. But the flavor of the gelatin package will not. The flavor of a jello shot will last for 4 days. After 4 days, the flavor will turn blander  with every passing day.

When you are throwing a party, every hour counts. If you’re short on time, making jello shots can be one of the first tasks you cross off your to-do list.

Can I Store Jello Shots In The Freezer?

If there’s no room in your refrigerator, then place jello shots in the freezer. When freezing jello shots, there needs to be enough time for the jello shot to thaw out before you can serve them.

Although you may think that the alcohol will prevent the jello shot from freezing, this is not true. The gelatin will freeze like an ice cube, so there needs to be at least one hour of thawing time scheduled before your guests can eat the shots.

Here’s an idea: use the frozen jello shots as ice cubes. But if you plan on using the jello shots as ice cubes, you may want to water down those drinks or everyone at your party will be drunk within an hour of their arrival.

Jello shots

How To Make Jello Shots

Here are the basic steps to make jello shots from gelatin packages

  • You will need one 3 oz gelatin package, a bottle of vodka, whipped cream, one bowl, small containers to make the jello shot molds, boiling water and cold water
  • In your largest bowl, place your preferred package of gelatin into the bowl and then add one cup of boiling water.
  • Whisk the boiling water and gelatin together with a whisk or a long fork. Whisk until there are no more grains of gelatin powder floating on the surface. The liquid must be completely clear.
  • Then, add half a cup of vodka and a half a cup of cold water.
  • Stir for a few seconds.
  • Ladle the gelatin vodka mix into each of the containers or molds. If you are using plastic molds, let the mix cool slightly before pouring it into the molds.
  • Make a space for the jello shot molds in the refrigerator. Place nothing on top of the jello shot molds.
  • The jello mix will take at least three hours to form and gelatinize.

If you are making a lot of jello shots, try experimenting by placing a few of the jello shot moles into the freezer. It should only take an hour and a half for the jello shots to freeze.

Prepackaged Jello Shot mix

If making jello sounds like too much work, then there are pre-made jello or gelatin packages designed for jello shots. These pre-made packages are available now in most major grocery stores.

If the grocery store does not have them in stock, then Target, Walmart, and Whole Foods will have pre-made jello shot mix in their inventory.

Create an account with any of these stores and schedule a grocery delivery order to have jello shots package delivered directly to your home.

The jello shot packages will not have alcohol in them, but the ingredients inside the mix will create delicious, flavorful jello shots for your party.

Conclusion to How Long Jello Shots Will Last

Jello shots will stay flavorful for up to 4 days in the refrigerator. You can place jello shots in the freezer, but they will need time to thaw before your guests can eat them.

If the flavor does not matter, then jealous shots are safe to eat for up to a week. Do not store jello shots in the cupboard. They need to be in the refrigerator to form and set.

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