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How Long Can Ranch Dressing Be Left Out?

How Long Can Ranch Dressing Be Left Out?

The distinctive creamy flavor of ranch dressing makes it a fantastic condiment for most dishes. So, no matter if you are planning to make your homemade ranch dressing or purchase it, we bet one question must ponder in your mind – how long can ranch dressing be left out?

To know how long ranch dressing should be left out, it’s best to only consume dressing that has been out for less than 24 hours.

That’s because commercial salad dressings’ high acidity levels would prevent or significantly slow bacterial growth. 

Let’s find out how to increase the sit-out time of ranch dressing or is it good to refrigerate the dressing. 

How Long Can Ranch Sit Out?

The answer to how long can the ranch sit out may change based on the dressing’s primary ingredients and the storage circumstances.

Due to their strong acidity, commercial salad dressings typically keep far longer than homemade ones. This is so that the incredibly acidic surroundings can aid in preventing bacterial growth.

Ranch dressing bottles should be kept at room temperature in the pantry for 12 to 18 months if they have not been opened.

If you want to make homemade ranch dressing, using herbs, buttermilk, mayonnaise, and a few other ingredients will create a fantastic dressing. It has a smooth texture and a milky, creamy, and somewhat sour flavor. 

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What’s The Shelf Life Of A Homemade Ranch?

Your fresh homemade salad dressing’s main components may impact this. It will only stay up to 2 hours at room temperature if it contains many dairy products.

If the ambient temperature is too high, this time period will be drastically reduced.

After such a time frame, the potentially dangerous bacteria may have rapidly multiplied, making food from that source unsafe to ingest. You must keep your ranch in the fridge.

So exactly how long can ranch be stored in the fridge?

Depending on the storage and ingredients, homemade dressing can typically be kept fresh for 1-2 weeks.

If you are thinking of freezing it, then your ranch dressing can be frozen to increase its shelf life. But how long would ranch dressing keep if you take it out of the freezer?

The good thing is that homemade ranch can be frozen and then thawed and used anytime you like. In this way, your homemade dressing will keep its quality for about a month.

However, because of ingredients like almond milk or sour cream, the general texture may alter slightly after defrosting.

How Long Can Store-Bought Ranches Sit Out?

Ranch salad dressing, like homemade dressing, is only good for a short period if the package is opened and kept at room temperature. If it’s left out, the dressing’s bacteria will start to proliferate.

What happens if you don’t open the bottle? Can you leave the ranch overnight before it spoils? Absolutely not.

The ranch dressing in its original, unopened bottle has a shelf life of at least as long as the date on the label indicates.

Ranch dressing that has passed its expiration date might still be palatable, but it won’t be at its best.

With proper refrigeration, it can be eaten up to four months after the expiration date printed on the container.

Additionally, ranch dressing can be kept at its finest quality for roughly 6 to 9 months when kept in the refrigerator without being opened.

This depends on the primary ingredients. Once opened, ranch dressing can last up to a month in the refrigerator.

Does Ranch Go Bad If Not Refrigerated?

Due to its dairy and egg composition, ranch dressing must be kept cool to prevent spoilage. It is recommended to keep ranch dressing in the refrigerator if you won’t be using it straight away. 

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Too much time at room temperature will allow bacteria to multiply, spoiling the dressing. The ranch brought to room temperature may eventually separate and turn watery.

How To Tell When Ranch Dressing Is Bad?

How can you tell when ranch dressing is spoiled?

The first step is to look closely at the salad dressing’s texture. You might not want to test it if it has a substantially different colour from when you made or acquired it.

In addition, the sauce may have some mold on it. In such a situation, throwing out the ranch immediately would be better because eating it carries serious health problems.

The odor might be used as a further check. Ranch dressing that has developed an unpleasant odor should be thrown away immediately.

Final Words on How Long Ranch Can Be Kept Out

Many people prefer ranch as their go-to choice for creamy condiments. Ranch dressing from the store has a long shelf life of 12 to 18 months.

However, after opening the product, its shelf life decreases. You can store your opened bottle of ranch dressing in the fridge for up to six months. 

If you have put your ranch dressing away for a while, check to see that it hasn’t gone bad by looking for mould, discoloration, or unpleasant odour symptoms. If it has, then you should throw it away.

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