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How Long Do Down Comforters Last?

How Long Do Down Comforters Last?

Comforters, blankets, and other types of bedding are important purchases. You don’t want a blanket that’s too thin or one that isn’t made well. Down comforters are one of the best investments a person can make for their bedding. So, how long can a down comforter last?

If you take care of them properly, down comforters can last up for to 15 years. Down comforters that are not well cared for can wither away in just three years.

It is better to purchase a down comforter that has a case over it so you can wash the case every two to four weeks. To learn more about how to take care of down comforters, keep on reading.

How Long Do Down Comforters Last?

On a cold winter night, there’s nothing better than crawling into your bed. When the weather is cold enough, any comforter is better than no comforter, but a down comforter is the best quality comforter. It will insulate you within your own body heat so that you keep yourself warm.

A high quality down comforter is a splendid gift, and a needed addition to your bedding. They may be expensive, but if you take care of them, then they should last for quite a long time.

If cared for correctly, a goose down comforter or a comforter made from duck feathers can last up to 15 years. At minimum, they should last for at least 5 years. If your comforters look raggedy in just 5 years, then it may be time to improve your down comforter preservation practices.

How Much is a High Quality Down Comforter?

The price for a down comforter varies wildly. You can buy a cheap down comforter for as low as $100 or a luxury comforter for around $900.

Down comforters made with goose feathers will be more expensive than comforters that are stuffed in duck feathers.

Because of how expensive they can be, down comforters are a perfect gift to add to your wedding registry.

How to Care for A Down Comforter

Wash your down comforter every three months to keep it clean and be sure to just the surrounding room while it is washing. If you have animals come up, then you should wash your down comforter every month.

How to Care for A Down Comforter

If your bedroom has a carpet and drapes, regularly vacuum the carpet and wash the drapes. This will prevent dust mites from making themselves comfortable in the fibers.

How to Store a Down Comforter

When storing a down comforter for a few months, do not store it away unwashed in a black trash bag. The comforter must be washed or laundered and then stored in an airtight bin or bag.

If you use a bag to store your winter clothes and bedding, the bag should have a zipper and zip all the way around.

Check the bag for rips and holes before storing your down comforter. Wipe down the inside of the bag or bin and let it dry, then fold the down comforter and store it. Secure the clamps on the bin to secure the lid.

Remember that a down comfort is not filled with cotton or a synthetic stuffing. They are made from the feathers and plumules of ducks and geese. 

How to Prevent Dust Mites from Destroying the Comforter

Dust mites are microscopic, so you will not know if your down comforter has mites until it is too late. The easiest way to prevent dust mites from destroying your down comforter is to prevent them from getting to your comforter in the first place.

When you purchase your down comforter, you should also purchase a dust mite and allergen proof comforter case. A comforter case may not come with your comforter, but you can buy it separately.

Why Is My Comforter Flattening?

One issue that could ruin a down comforter is the loss of fluffiness and volume of the feathers inside the comforter. The feathers are real feathers and they must be properly washed, maintained, and protected from dust, bugs, and mites.

If you have recently noticed that your down comforter is not as fluffy as it once was, head right to the laundromat and place it in the commercial sized industrial dryer.

The heat will reflect off the feathers and it can also remove any moisture from the down comforter your home dryer could not evaporate.

Set the heat on the industrial machine to medium and place sock-covered tennis balls in the dryer as well. Your down comforter should be refluffed in less than 15 minutes.

Conclusion to How Long Down Comforters Last

Wash your down comforter every three months, or every month, if you own animals. Cover your down comforter in an allergen and dust mite proof case. Store your down comforter in an airtight bag or bin during the summer.

Down comforters cost anywhere between $100 and $900. Don’t comforters are not vegan, as they are made with duck or goose feathers and plumules.

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