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Should You Put A Rug In A Powder Room?

Should You Put A Rug In A Powder Room?

Recently, I redid my downstairs powder room and struggled with what to do with the flooring situation.

Since my decorating goal is a cozy, homey feel, I’ve put rugs in multiple rooms, including the guest bedroom, playroom, and study. Should the powder room have a rug?

There are many things to consider when deciding on the flooring or accent rugs for your home’s main powder room!

I decided to go over the pros and cons of putting a rug in my powder room. Keep reading to see if placing a rug or carpet in a powder room is a good idea for your home.

For the ultimate guide on powder rooms, make sure to take a look at my full article on What Is A Powder Room!

Powder Room Rug Pros

Let’s talk about the benefits of having a rug in your powder room first!

#1 Cozy and Comfortable

Guests may only be in there for a few minutes, but the powder room will leave a bigger impression than you may think!

I wanted my powder room to feel welcoming, inviting, and comfortable for everyone passing through!

When I think of elements that feel cozy and warm, I immediately think of a nice, fun rug!

#2 Match other Rooms!

Since I’ve chosen to add rugs in a few other rooms in the home, it felt natural to put a rug into my main powder room. 

Depending on your home’s color scheme and decor styles, a rug may help tie your style together in a way that makes sense. Rugs can also be a low-budget option for helping a room feel put together and well-styled. 

I was drawn to add a cozy carpet to my powder room to tie it into other rooms in my home!

#3 Add Accent Color

Understandably, many designers or DIY home decor enthusiasts will keep the powder room painted in a fresh, white tone.

While white walls keep things looking clean and spacious, it’s always fun to add an accent color to help liven up a room. Even a tiny powder room deserves a little jazz!

A colorful rug is a great way to add that touch of color without needing to remodel to get rid of it.

Powder Room Rug Cons

Let’s talk about some of the cons of having a rug in your powder room. 

#1 Accumulates Moisture

Even if your powder room does not have a bath or shower, the room can still accumulate moisture – catching it in the rug and creating problems over time.

What happens if a guest runs the hot water tap, forgets to turn on the fan, and then falls into a daze staring at your lovely powder room wall art?

A few minutes pass, and BAM, the powder room is filled with hot, steamy, mold-making air!

A rug in the powder room will eventually capture the dampness and even lead to mold if not properly cleaned. This leads me to the next point…

#2 Difficult to Clean

In an environment such as a powder room or bathroom, carpeting, and rugs can be very difficult to clean! 

The tight spaces are often filled with bathroom necessities such as vanities, toilets, and bidets, creating tight spaces and awkward corners.

Even with a high-quality at-home carpet cleaner, it can be challenging to get those small areas perfectly clean.

In a room such as a powder room, opt instead for easy-to-scrub vinyl flooring or, for higher budgets, well-sealed tile. 

#3 Not so Timeless

If you’ve ever had to rip up shag carpet from the ’70s, you know where I’m going with this.

Carpets and rugs can feel like a good idea at the time. Sure, they’re comfortable and sometimes cute – but what happens in a few years’ time when the design or style is outdated?

Out of the carpet comes millions of tiny staples and all!

If you’re investing in redoing your home or upgrading spaces, consider timeless and classic flooring that won’t feel dated for a long time.

Accent Rugs

While wall-to-wall carpeting may not be the best option for a high-traffic powder room, that doesn’t mean you can’t use a throw rug to add a pop of color.

An accent rug can be used to keep the room cozy and feeling warm. Since accent rugs can easily be thrown in a washing machine, it’s much easier to keep them clean and mold-free after the powder room has been used.

For accent rugs, use bath mat products to ensure that the material can easily absorb any moisture in the room.

After guests or the family have been visiting the powder room, I pick the accent rugs or bath mats and toss them in the washer and dryer!

Keep Your Powder Room Looking Fresh

Warm, dry, high-quality flooring can add to the fresh look of your powder room!

Here are a few more tips for keeping your powder room looking fresh, clean, and welcoming to guests.

  • Repaint walls (and ceiling!) often. Opts for a bright accent color to give a small powder room some depth.
  • Use hooks instead of bars to keep used towels neat and tidy.
  • Add storage for unsightly accessories like toilet paper and extra hand soap.
  • Wipe down and sanitize the wastebasket after emptying. A high-quality basket that is easily cleaned is a much better alternative to wasteful plastic bag liners.
  • Add a fresh-smelling diffuser to keep it fresh and pleasant! A diffuser is much safer than scented candles and offers the same aromatic ambiance! Our family loves anything linen-scented with hints of rose.

Final Thoughts on Putting a Rug in a Powder Room

Before putting a rug or carpet in your powder room, there are plenty of things to consider. A powder room rug is cozy and warm and adds an accent design to one of the smallest rooms in the house. 

However, being such a tight and awkward space, rugs in powder rooms are a challenge to clean and can quickly accumulate moisture. Being such a high-traffic area for guests and the family, it’s a room where cleaning should be made worry-free.

After weighing the pros and cons, I eventually decided that putting a rug in the powder room was not the best option.

Instead, I chose high-quality laminate flooring with a water-resistant coating. Then, I picked a colorful bath mat to add a much-needed and fun pop of color!

Whatever you decide for your powder room, remember to have fun with the design, and don’t be afraid to make the room as inviting and beautiful as the other rooms in your home! 

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