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The Best LED Garage Lights [Buyer’s Guide & FAQs]

The Best LED Garage Lights [Buyer’s Guide & FAQs]

Most garages are more than space to park the car. It can be a multipurpose room that can function as anything in a pinch. Some convert garages into another bedroom or an office, while others might host power tools. 

While in the winter, I make room in the garage to protect my car from hail, in the summer, it’s been the site of garage sales, a workspace for art projects, and the best place to tinker with bicycles. Whatever you use your garage for, poor lighting shouldn’t limit it.

But what kind of lighting do you need? 

If you only pop in and out when you park your car, maybe you need a motion sensor. If your garage is a storage space, you might not need every nook and cranny highlighted. If your garage is a workspace, your eyes will thank you for eliminating squinting with a fuller light source.

Read on for the best LED garage lights to suit your lighting needs.

Best Overall LED Garage Light

Hykolity LED Shop Light

5000K LED Shop Light Linkable, 4FT Daylight 42W LED Ceiling Lights for Garages, Workshops, Basements, Hanging or FlushMount, Included Power Cord and Pull Chain, 4200lm, ETL- 1 Pack

The top pick of the best LED garage lights goes to the Hykolity LED Shop Light

The 4-foot 40-watt light can be hung or mounted flush on your ceiling. With 4200 lumens of 5000k daylight white brightness, you can reduce your energy usage by 70% and still brighten your space.

Installation is as easy and plugging in or linking up to four lights for expanded coverage. Whether you hang or mount, the manufacturer includes all necessary components. You can share one power source via the 59″ power cord.

The product has an ETL-listed mark. The ETL provides testing that proves the product complies with North American safety standards, including the UL standards, a global safety certification company.

Whether you’re lighting a workbench or an entire garage, the Hykolity can illuminate any space. With over a 50,000 hours lifespan and a manufacturer 5-year warranty, there’s a lot to like about the Hykolity.


  • Plug into an electric outlet; No hardwiring needed
  • Energy-efficient
  • Linkable (shares the same power source)
  • Hang or ceiling mount
  • ETL-listed


  • 8-inch pull cord might be too high for some
  • Lightweight material makes it less durable

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Best Budget LED Garage Light

Barrina LED T5

Barrina T5 LED Shop Light 2FT, 6500K (Super Bright White), Utility Shop Light, Ceiling and Under Cabinet Light, ETL Listed, Corded Electric with Built-in ON/Off Switch, 6 Pack

Suppose you need a great light source on a budget without sacrificing quality. In that case, the Barrina LED T5 is the best LED garage light on a budget. The Barrina LED shop light is available in a pack of six. Each of the 2-foot tube lights is linkable with a super bright spread of 2200 lumens output for each fixture. 

You can easily install the simple on/off fixtures. To hang, you can click the lights into place with included snap joints. The lightweight construction makes installation easier. The low 20-watt power consumption extends the lifespan and can save you up to 65% on electricity costs.

The Barrina T5 3-ft LED light is an equally great option if you want a size option with an extra foot. Both offer buyers a 3-year warranty. If you have a broader space that requires more lights, you can link 8 Barrina LED lights.


  • Multipack bundle for a reasonable cost
  • Energy-efficient
  • Plugin or hardwire
  • Linkable (shares the same power source)


  • Short linking cords
  • Not available in a 2-pack (if you need to link extra)

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Best LED Garage Light with Motion Sensor

Craftersmark LED Garage Light

Craftersmark LED Garage Lights Motion Activated, 150W Deformable LED Garage Lights 18500LM LED Shop Lights, LED Garage Light, Motion Sensor Garage Lights with 6 Adjustable Panels …

If you’re picturing that the best LED garage lights keep your lighting needs hands-free, you want a motion sensor.

The Craftersmark LED Garage Light is deformable and motion-activated. It has three wings or panels that are adjustable 90 degrees to direct illumination. The 60-watt fixture has an output of 8000 lumens. Installation is simple, as you can easily screw it into a standard bulb base.

The sensor covers a full 360 degrees within 8-10 meters. The Craftersmark microwave motion sensor can detect movement through walls, except for metal walls, improving convenience and security. 

If the sensor doesn’t detect movement after 30 seconds, the light will automatically shut off. The LED lighting and automatic shut-off can save you up to 85% on electricity costs.


  • Automatic shut-off
  • Energy-efficient
  • Deformable 90 degrees
  • 360-degree microwave motion sensor


  • No on/off switch for motion sensor
  • Overly sensitive activation, even with through-wall detection (But some buyers might consider this a benefit)

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Best Deformable LED Garage Light

PierShine LED Garage Light

PierShine 2 Pack LED Garage Light 60W

The design of deformable garage lights is great for garages with workshop space because it allows you to adjust the light’s direction. You can direct the light where you need it most and change that direction if you need that bulb facing elsewhere. 

The PierShine LED 2-Pack Garage Lights have three adjustable panels or wings. Each ultra-bright panel helps create 6500k daylight brightness with 6000 lumens output. 

You can adjust the lights individually within 90 degrees. Target a specific area, like a workbench, or widen the panels for fuller 360-degree area coverage.

You can install the interface easily on a standard light bulb base. The LED lights consume 40-watts and can save you up to 80% on electricity costs. 

It’s UL-listed for safety and reliability standards. The product materials are corrosion and temperature resistant with over 50,000 hours of service life.


  •  Easy installation
  • Energy-efficient
  • Deformable 90 degrees
  • Ultra-bright output
  • UL-listed


  • Installation requires a screw interface E26/27 (Not plugged into an outlet)
  • 6000 lumens can be too bright for smaller spaces

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Best Flush Mount LED Garage Light

AVNLO Super Slim LED Light

AVANLO Flush Mount Ceiling Light, Super Slim 0.6 Inch Thickness 12 Inch LED Ceiling Light, 120V 5000K 3100lm 24W, Dimmable, Square, for 3.5-4'' Junction Box, 5-6'' Housing & Surface Mount. 4 Pack

A flush-mounted light sits flat, or flush, against the ceiling and shines directly downward. It works best if there are enough surfaces to reflect the light, such as the ceiling and floor, for an overall brighter room.

Suppose you’re trying to retain some headspace but still want a quality light. In that case, the AVANLO Super Slim LED Ceiling Light deserves your attention. It’s 0.6 inches thick, or about the same as two iPhones back to back. It’s 12 inches across, dimmable, illuminating with 1680 lumens.

The AVANLO Super Slim light has an Energy Star, a symbol of energy efficiency that helps consumers save money and a reduced environmental footprint. It can reduce your electricity costs by up to 80%.

As the product is ETL-listed, it meets North American and global safety standards. The 5000k cold white light is available in a 4-pack with a 5-year warranty.


  • Super slim 0.6-inch depth
  • Energy efficient
  • Dimmable
  • Available in a square or circle shape
  • Easy installation process
  • Energy Star
  • ETL-listed


  • Must install with a j-box or housing can (not an outlet)
  • Lower output (1680 lumens) requires more fixtures for larger spaces

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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are a few frequently asked quotations that you need to know before finalizing your choice for the best LED garage lights.

Why LED?

While fluorescent bulbs were once commonplace, many consumers are turning to LED lights. Light-emitting diode (LED) lights are more energy-efficient than fluorescent bulbs.

LED lights also last longer and are generally higher quality.

 LED lights don’t run as hot as fluorescent lights, which means they waste less energy by creating heat. They have a lower environmental impact, and they don’t contain mercury.

Can motion detectors be added later?

Built-in motion detectors are always more straightforward, but if you enjoy DIY projects, you might add a motion sensor. 

Some motion sensors are as simple to install as switching out a light bulb, while others require versatile handyman skills. If you like a challenge, you can do it.

Are LED garage lights dimmable?

Some LED lights will have dimmable features included, but others do not. If that aspect is important to you, look at the product carefully.

There’s also the option of a dimming switch, which can be compatible with LED lights.

Does color temperature matter?

It might not be the top priority on your list. Still, color temperature can make a difference in your lighting experience. Kelvins are the measurement of color temperature, usually marked by a single ‘k.’ 

The range is between 3500k to 6500k. Lower numbers are warmer and tend to look more yellow. Higher numbers are cooler with more blue tones. Garages often have an industrial appearance, which is better with colder light. 

The lower temperature range also tends to make an area seem more worn or even dirty. The higher-end is brighter with a cleaner appearance.

How many LED lights should I use?

How many LED lights necessary will depend on the layout of your garage. The first step is to measure the space. It can also help to draw it out. You don’t need to be Leonardo DiVinci, as a basic two-dimensional drawing will do.

Draw in walls, large objects (example: your car), doors, or any permanent fixtures (storage shelves, bike racks, etc.). Picturing the space helps you coordinate where the light fixtures will fit and where you need to direct light.

Using measurements and your drawing as a guide, you’ll need to calculate the lumens necessary to illuminate the space. You might be more familiar with watts, but lumens are the modern, accurate way to measure brightness.

You determined the brightness level, or necessary lumens, by multiplying your space’s square footage by your desired foot-candle. When you know how many lumens you need, compare that to the LED light you plan to install.

How you place the lights will change how much space is covered and the brightness of that space. You might need more fixtures if you want a brighter room.

What is a foot-candle?

A foot-candle is a measurement of lumens per square foot or light intensity. For garages that utilize the space as a workspace, a higher foot-candle is necessary. 

A range of 120-210 is better for a workspace, while a lower selection, 75-110, is suitable for storage space needs.

Do I need more than one type of light source?

Suppose your lighting goal is to update your garage’s overall brightness and coverage. In that case, you won’t need to worry about primary and secondary lights.

Primary lights are the fixtures that are the dominant light source and provide overall coverage. A secondary light, or task lighting, directs light towards specific areas, adds additional brightness, or add a particular color of light.

If you have a reading lamp in your bedroom, that’s a secondary light. The central light is usually attached to the ceiling and connected to a light switch. Deformable garage lights are the best LED garage lights that are usable as the primary light and can help brighten a specific area.

If your garage is a storage space, you won’t need task lights.

Do LED lights work in a cold garage?

You might have heard that fluorescent lights work better in cold temperatures because they run hot or that LED lights don’t work as well when it’s frosty. However, LED lights work better in cold conditions. They’re also more resistant to sudden temperature changes.

However, LED lights can be affected by extreme heat. LED lights naturally create less warmth, but their design prevents that low production of heat from causing damage. When too much exterior heat interferes with the LED bulb, the output becomes less efficient.

If LED bulbs encounter too much extreme heat, the damage can dim the bulb or completely stop working.

Final Thoughts

After reading through the best LED garage lights and the FAQs, I hope you’ve learned everything you need to know about LED and garage lighting. Or at least the basics to get you started.

If you’re updating an old fixture or starting from scratch, you want the best available technology. LED lights are a versatile, modern light source. There are many options, from tube lights to panels, allowing a wider variety of light distribution.

After you’ve measured and calculated the needs of your space, remember to choose something you won’t mind looking at for a long time. The fixtures listed above have long lifespans, and you’ll want to be happy with your light during that lifetime.

If you find yourself changing your mind about your chosen best LED garage lights, maybe reconsider another winner from the list. What did you think about the pick for best overall? Which LED fixture was the best for your garage?

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