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How Far Does A Septic Tank Have To Be From A House

How Far Does A Septic Tank Have To Be From A House

Wondering how close a septic tank can be to your home? Discover the essential distance guidelines to ensure safety and functionality. Let’s dive into the specifics together!

Septic tanks or fields need to be placed at least five feet away from your home. However, most tanks are placed even farther, commonly around 10 feet away in most cases and the leach fields are placed at around twenty feet away from the home. 

Knowing where it should go on your own will allow you to know where it should be placed and how far away from the house it needs to be.

How Far Does a Septic Tank/Field Need to Be From a House?

Well, when it comes to having either a septic tank or field, you need to have it placed at least five feet away from your home. However, most tanks are placed even farther, commonly around 10 feet away in most cases and the leach fields are placed at around twenty feet away from the home. 

This is because building a septic tank too close to where the home will be built can get in the way of construction and because building over a septic tank can be risky. If you cover any part of the flow, then you could end up with a backup that would cost a lot of money in repairs to fix.

You don’t want to deal with any of these issues, so keeping the septic tank farther away from where the house is to be built will make the construction much easier in the coming months than it would be otherwise. 

However, if a septic tank is not closed off but is built closer to the house than normal, there should not be any major issues that arise. As long as the leach fields are far enough away and have nothing built over them, your system should still be fine. 

How Far Does a Septic Tank Have to Be From a Well?

When it comes to installing septic tanks, there shouldn’t be any other water sources close by that it could interfere with. If you have a well that is within sight of your home, you need to make sure that the tank and the field area are far enough from it.

So, how far away does it have to be? Well, this can depend, but there are common recommendations that you can abide by. 

The health and safety regulations in most states require that any containers for waste, including septic tanks, should be at least fifty feet away from any well. However, the drain field for the septic tank will need to be one hundred feet away. 

However, it is important to mention that this is a regulation that might vary slightly by the state that you live in. You will need to look up the specific regulations for your home state to make sure that you are following all of the requirements.

If your state has a regulation that requires you to have the tank or fields farther away, then that number will be the one that you must follow. 

How Far Does a Septic Tank Need to Be From a Property Line? 

When you are having a septic tank installed, you need to ensure that it is far enough away from a property line. In order to ensure that the tank is placed far enough, you need to measure so that it is placed at least ten feet away from the property line. 

This is mainly because the tank and drain fields should not be placed in an area that many people will walk on. If neighbors come by and walk on your property, they shouldn’t have to deal with the issue of something happening to the drain fields just because they had to run to get their dog, or wanted to drop something off on your porch.

You also don’t want to deal with a leak or system failure that leads to a backup in the system. If this happens and it leaks onto the city property, you could be fined for not having it far enough from the city property. 

So, this means that your septic tank should be far away from your property line so that it is safe for your family, but also for others around the neighborhood. At least ten feet away from the property line is the common distance, but you should double-check with your state regulations as well.

Where Should a Septic Tank Be Placed? 

When thinking about placing a septic tank on a property, you need to take into account all of the space around it. You want it to be about five to ten feet away from the house and the property line, fifty to one hundred feet away from a well, but you also want it to be on the right ground too. 

Depending on where your home is placed, it might be tough to place the septic tank. This is likely because the soil around the house is rocky or mixed with gravel, which makes it much harder to find a good spot for the tank.

However, that is not the only thing that you need to worry about when deciding where to install the septic tank. Several other factors will affect where you can place and install both the septic tank and the drain fields.

You also want it to be an area of ground that is deep enough for the tank, which no area will be able to accommodate. If your home is built on a slope or steep hill where the ground is not as deep in certain areas, then the tank will not be able to be placed close to it and will need to be put farther away. 

Having a home built on a slope is also an issue when it comes to having to level enough ground for the tank. You don’t want to worry about spillage when having a septic tank, and you need level soil to avoid that.

So, you want a space that will be large enough for the entire tank and field that is level and also has the depth of soil for the size of it. This can seem like a lot to look for, especially with the distance regulations added on, but you will likely hire professionals to do the work for you, which will make the job much easier. 

Although you might have to find out a bit about the location before they begin the job, they will know where the best place is to put the septic tank by taking a look at your land. They will also be able to ensure that the distances are far enough away to abide by the state regulations. 

How Much Land Is Needed for a Septic Tank? 

You need to have the space on your property so that the tank will be able to fit properly. If the space is too small, then you might not be able to add it to the soil. But how much land do you need to place a septic tank there? 

The average lot size that is needed to install a septic tank and field is about half an acre. This gives you the room to find the right place for the tank itself and find a space for the drain fields as well. 

If you don’t have this size lot, then you risk having the tank and the fields too close together and not getting the system to drain properly. This is something that you definitely don’t want to deal with, so it is better to have the space in the first place to try and work with the lot that you have.

Conclusion on Septic Tank Distances

Putting a new septic tank on your property is a big project that you will need to do the right way the first time. Even if you have professionals do the work for you, you should know the ins and outs of the project so you know that all the state and federal regulations are being followed. 

This will ensure that you don’t have any problems with the septic tank or drain fields in the future and don’t get fined or have to fix it down the line.

So, with the regulations laid out in this article, you can build your septic tank and drain field according to the state regulations and turn your land into the perfect place for a house, or transform your home by creating the system around it. 

No matter how you go about it, you can have the septic tank system installed and hooked up in no time. As long as you follow the basic regulations mentioned above, and find out the regulations in your state, then you can have your system installed sooner than you think. 

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