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What Size Curtains Should You Use For A Sliding Glass Door?

What Size Curtains Should You Use For A Sliding Glass Door?

What size curtains should you use for a sliding glass door? Sliding glass doors, while enhancing home aesthetics, can sometimes compromise privacy and allow unwanted sunlight.

Curtains are a popular solution, but picking the right size is crucial!

The size of the curtains is determined by the proportions of the glass door. Since many doors are 80 inches tall, a standard sliding door curtain panel needed will be 84 inches in height.

How to Determine the Size of the Curtain Panel for Sliding Doors?

To calculate the appropriate curtain panel width, measure the diameter of the door frame from one outer edge to another.

While doing this, add supplementary stack back distances as well to measure the curtain panel’s top and bottom. Follow these instructions to do so easily:

  • For a curtain panel 65 inches wide, add 5 inches to a 60-inch wide door.
  • Add 8 inches to a 72-inch wide door to make an 80-inch wide curtain panel.
  • Add 8 to 12 inches to the width of doors that are wider than 72 inches. The stacking distance should be greater for wider doors. 

Moreover, to establish the accurate curtain panel height, add 4 inches to the height measurements of your door frames.

Since most doors are above 80 inches, common measurements would be 84 inches for a sliding door curtain panel.

curtain size

How Do You Choose the Right Curtain Size?

After you are certain of the measurements of the curtain for the sliding glass door, you can move on to the next step, which is, determining the right size of curtains to buy. 

You will now be able to choose the right curtain rod and curtains since you know the total length.

Because most two-panel sliding doors are 72 inches wide, choose a curtain rod with about 4 inches of slack on either end to bunch up the curtains on both sides when they’re drawn.

Choose a rod that is 8 inches longer than the width of the door since you will need 4 inches on each side.

You will need an 80-inch rod because the door is 72 inches wide.

To save you the trouble of remembering this here is a helpful table!

Curtain rod84 inches wide
Curtains84 inches long
Sliding Door72 inches high, 80 inches wide.

What Style Of Curtains Are Used for Sliding Doors?

Once you know how to measure and select the size of your curtain panels, the next step is to choose the right style for them. 

The styles of your draperies or curtain panels will also depend on the measurements you have taken, so once again your previous measuring work will come in handy.

Draperies that cover a sliding door come in a variety of styles. The most common approach is pinch pleats. For a more airy and lighter look, ring clips and perforations can be also used. 

To find out how big your curtain panels ought to be, you’ll need to decide on the curtain and rod styles first. Then measure the length between the rod and the door according to how you want it above the door line.

As pinch pleats are the most common option, typical pinch pleats focus on a single curtain panel. It is made a few inches broader than your door frame to allow it to reach further to the side that cannot be opened. 

This doesn’t restrict the opening and closing of the door with the curtain being pulled to each side completely.

This is called stacking distance or stack back.

Final Word for Sliding Glass Door Curtains

Hopefully, with the help of our article, you will be able to not only measure the right size of your door panels but also choose the right size and style for your sliding door!

The most common sizing of a sliding glass door is around 80 inches tall, meaning you’ll need curtains slightly longer to accommodate putting them on the rod above the door.


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