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What Is Bigger, a Pint or a Quart?

What Is Bigger, a Pint or a Quart?

Not everyone remembers how large quarts, pints, gallons, liters, or ounces are compared to each other. Is a pint bigger than a quart?

Quarts are bigger than pints, as a pint is only half of the size of a quart. 

A quart is 32 liquid ounces, whereas a pint is only 16 liquid ounces. Read on to learn more about sizes of measurements.

Is a Quart Bigger Than a Liter?

A US quart is a little bit smaller than a liter. A quart is 0.946 liters, or 946.25 milliliters. Quarts fit evenly into US measurements like gallons but not into metric measurements.  

If you have heard otherwise, you might be thinking of an imperial quart. 

Imperial quarts were used in Britain in the past. However, they have been almost completely replaced by the metric system since then. Only US quarts, which are smaller than liters, are still used.

Quarts Compared to Cups

There are four cups in one US quart. A cup is equal to 236.58 milliliters and is half a pint or one-sixteenth of a gallon. 

If you have heard that a cup is exactly 250 milliliters, that is a metric cup. A metric ton (1000 kilograms) is also different from a US ton (2000 pounds). 

How Many Ounces Are In a Quart?

There are 32 fluid ounces in a quart or 16 in a pint. A fluid ounce is 1/128th of a gallon. 

An “ounce” can mean a few different things. It can refer to a fluid ounce, a dry ounce, or an ounce of weight. 

What About Teaspoons and Tablespoons

Are There Smaller Measurements Than Teaspoons?

Yes, there are smaller measurements than teaspoons in the US system. There are pinches (1/8th of a teaspoon), dashes (1/16 of a teaspoon), and drops (1/60 of a teaspoon).

A teaspoon is 4.93 milliliters, so a drop is less than a tenth of a milliliter. These measurements are still commonly used in recipes. 

What Does a Quart of Water Weigh?

There is no real answer to a question like “how many pounds make up a gallon,” because a gallon of one liquid is heavier than a gallon of another. For example, a gallon of water will weigh differently than a gallon of milk.

However, you can measure how many pounds of water there are in a gallon, pint, or quart. A quart of water weighs 2.086 pounds, a gallon 8.35 pounds, and a pint 1.043 pounds. 

Are Imperial Measurements the Same as US Measurements?

No, there’s a difference between an imperial quart and a US quart. If you convert them both into metric units, an imperial quart is 1136.52 milliliters, and a US liquid quart is 946.35 milliliters. 

Many other measurements are different between the two systems. The pint, ounce, and gallon are all different.

There is also a difference between a fluid gallon and a dry gallon, a fluid quart and a dry quart, ext in the US system. 

For distance, there is no longer any difference between a US yard and a British yard. Before the mid-20th century, there were small differences in distance measurements. 

Dry Quarts vs. Liquid Quarts

Dry quarts are bigger than liquid quarts and are bigger than liters. A dry quart is 1101 milliliters. 

Just as there are four liquid quarts in a liquid gallon, there are four dry quarts in a dry gallon.

Precious Metal Weights

The measurements that people use for precious metals are not the same as for ordinary goods. When you measure silver or gold, you use troy ounces, which are not the same as regular ounces.

There is a difference between “avoirdupois weight” (regular measurements for regular goods) and troy weight for precious metals.

Weights for Medicines

Previously, medicines were measured using apothecaries’ weights, which were different from either avoirdupois weights or troy weights. 

However, medicines are now measured in metric in the United States. Doctors and scientists often used apothecaries' weights well into the 20th century, but the system is no longer used. 

There Used to Be Hundreds of Measurements

If you go back far enough, there were hundreds of ways to measure distance, weight, and volume. Each country would have its own definition of the gallon, and there might even be a few different gallons in the same country. 

These countless systems were abandoned over the decades and centuries. Today, only the metric system and the US system are commonly used. 

Key Takeaways to Pints vs. Quarts

A quart is bigger than a pint and is equal to two pints. A quart is a quarter of a gallon. One quart equals two pints, 32 fluid ounces, 64 tablespoons, and 192 teaspoons.  

A quart is a bit smaller than a liter as long as you mean a US quart. An imperial quart (no longer commonly used) is a bit more than a liter. 

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