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What Is a Brushless Lawn Mower?

What Is a Brushless Lawn Mower?

Looking for a new lawn mower? Then, you have probably heard of brushed or brushless lawn mowers. But is a brushless mower any different, and are there any benefits?

Brushless mowers, as their name indicates, are created to function without the need for brushes to supply energy to them. The distinction is crucial, as some electric push mowers employ brushed motors. Brushless mowers generally tend to be more efficient, robust, and maintenance-free than brushed motors.

A lawn mower is generally an investment for many people, as it is a tool that many want to last long. This makes purchasing lawn mowers even more confusing since you don’t want to buy a lawn mower just to find out that it has become outdated within some years.

Read on to learn more about brushless motors and if they’re the right investment for you.

How Do Brushless Lawn Mowers Work?

A brushless lawn mower works like any regular gas-powered or electric motor with the major distinction being that it incorporates a brushless motor.  

A brushless motor incorporates two major components: a permanent magnet that rotates at the heart of a brushless motor and a coil that encircles the magnet. Like a refrigerator magnet, the permanent magnet has fixed magnetism, and the coil is constructed from several copper windings. 

To properly transfer current to the coils, brushless motors need an external wire and a sensor. Brushless motors operate very effectively because of this smart use of magnets and electrical timing.

A brushed motor, on the other hand, has the same components but a coil that spins inside a permanent magnet. This makes things more difficult for brushed motors because the rotating component has to receive electricity.

For this purpose, brushes are utilized, which are spring-loaded conductors. As a commutator spins, brushes are forced into contact with it. This causes friction, and brushes eventually wear out.

Benefits Of Using a Brushless Lawn Mower

Benefits Of Using A Brushless Lawn Mower

Though more difficult to construct than brushed motors, brushless motors have several benefits. Here are a few of the more important ones:

Low Battery Consumption

A brushless lawn mower can handle larger yards with a reasonable battery. This is because there is no energy wasted through friction between the spinning magnet and its surrounding coil.

This results in brushless mower batteries being used as efficiently as possible.

Less Noisy

You won’t have to be concerned about unpleasant stares from your neighbours when mowing your lawn early in the morning with a brushless mower.

Brushless motors operate incredibly silently because they don’t have brushes or the additional friction they cause.

Even though you can’t avoid the sound of your blades mowing the grass, brushless lawn mowers are still comparatively much quieter.

More Capable

Brushless motors are capable of handling heavier loads without lagging. This is due to the location of the coil within the motor.

It is possible to wrap additional wire and expand the coil’s size as they sit on the outside of the magnet’s rotating field, which also increases torque.

Low Maintenance

Because brushless lawn mowers don’t use brushes in their engines, they require less maintenance. As a result, the motor is more dependable and doesn’t need to be maintained by cleaning and changing the brushes.

Adaptable Energy Consumption

Electronic sensors are used by brushless motors as a control system for the motor’s output. The battery life is maximized by just using the precise quantity of energy necessary.

Less Heating Issues

Although brushless motors still generate some heat, it is far less than the heat produced by motors that employ brushes and friction. Additionally, because the coils of brushless motors are located on the outer edge of the motor, cooling is made simpler for them as the motor operates.

Drawbacks Of a Brushless Lawn Mower

Brushless lawn mowers, however, do have some disadvantages:

1. Due to the need for a drive/controller and a commutating device (encoder), brushless mowers have a higher initial cost.

2. A brushless motor cannot be linked to DC power directly and has more intricate wiring than a brushed motor. That is due to the power control problem and its connection to every electromagnet.

3. When run at lower speeds, brushless motors are more susceptible to vibration.

4. Resonance can occur when the power frequency coincides with or approaches the natural vibration frequency of other parts.

5. A brushless motor will require more complex components for powering tools. More intricate systems have more potential for failure. However, it must be acknowledged that modern brushless motors are quite dependable.

What Is The Difference Between a Brushless and a Brushed Lawn Mower?

Looking at a few solid points of comparison will generally settle the argument over whether to get a brushless lawn mower or a brushed lawn mower. Considering the following elements is the best method to compare the two:


The efficiency of brushless motors is normally between 80-90%, whereas that of brushed motors is between 60-75%. Due to their design, brushless motors are unquestionably more efficient.


When it comes to cordless electric push mowers, there is a wide variety in price, but one thing is consistent: brushless lawn mowers are more expensive.

Mowers with brushless motors often cost more since they are more difficult to manufacture and maintain.


It all depends on whether those extra tiny brushes are present or not. Throughout their lifespan, brushless motors require almost no maintenance.

However, due to their intricate construction, brushless motors are far more difficult to repair than brushed mowers. 

They are easier to operate but require routine maintenance. Having stated that, without maintenance, brushless motors often last 5–10 times longer than brushed motors.


Brushless motors heat up more slowly. However, due to friction, brushed motors heat up quickly. Sometimes a particular built-in function to address this issue is present in the brushless motors management electronics.

Does Investing In a Brushless Mower Pay Off?

Because a brushless mower is more powerful, effective, and simple to maintain than a brushed mower, it is definitely worth the extra money.

The power-to-weight ratio or PWR determines a motor’s efficiency. Compared to brushed motors, which have an efficiency of around 60 percent, brushless motors are more efficient, at about 80 to 90 per cent

Final Words on a Brushless Lawn Mower

In summary, lawn mowers that employ brushless DC motors are known as brushless lawn mowers. These motors are more sophisticated than regular motors and enhance tool longevity, efficiency, and dependability but they come at a greater price.

Purchasing a  brushless lawn mower should be considered an investment, as you’ll spend more upfront for a machine that will cost you less money over time.

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