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What Is a Garden Home?

What Is a Garden Home?

Owning a home is a dream for millions of people. However, it seems like every year the price of a single-family house gets higher and higher, even though the houses themselves don’t change.

Even the most dilapidated and broken-down house is out of reach for many middle-class workers. But when you finally have money for a home, go for the gold and purchase a garden home.

But just what is a garden home?

A garden home is a home encompassed by extra outdoor space and a garden on all sides. It means that you have a space between other homes. It functions like a patio home.

Read on to learn more about garden homes and if they’re a style you can see yourself looking into.

What Is a Garden Home?

A garden home is its own individual property. The home is not connected to your neighbor’s home and there are no apartments above or below you. A garden home is often known as a single-family unit.

If you drive through the suburbs, every individual home you see is a garden home. However, the word garden home doesn’t always mean that you have a garden. It is possible for garden homes to not have a garden at all.

A garden home has everything you need to raise your family, including privacy from neighbors, a private driveway, an individual mailbox, and usually space in the backyard that can hold a temporary shed or other outdoor equipment.

When you search through listings for real estate, you may find that there are garden homes under other names. Other names for a garden home include a patio home, single family home, and yard home.

What is the Difference Between a Garden Home and a Patio Home?

So, you’re looking online for garden homes, but you see that several patio homes are on sale.

But what’s the major difference between a patio home and a garden home?

The crucial difference between these two types of homes is that the patio home has much less front and back yard space compared to the garden home. A garden home has an extended area both in front of the house and behind the house.

The space around the garden home could be a combination of grass, dirt, and concrete, but you will still have plenty of room to park your car, build a garden, have a grill, and other outdoor activities.

A patio home does not have room in front of the home and has a small patio behind for the backyard.

Patio homes are often clumped together with other patio homes. Two or three patio homes could sit on a single garden home family unit.

The backyard of a patio home is usually concrete with no dirt or grass.

If you’re not interested in purchasing a home with a big backyard or big front yard, then it would be in your best interest to switch to a patio home.

What Is a Garden Home Apartment?

So, you’re not ready to move out yet but you want a bigger apartment. It would be great if you could find an apartment with some greenery as well!

What is a Garden Home Apartment

Then, you may be interested in purchasing a garden home apartment. A garden home apartment is an apartment that is on the ground floor of the apartment complex and, because it is on the ground floor, it usually has its own personal garden area.

Gardening In an Apartment

People who seek apartments also dream of growing a garden in their backyard. There are some things you should know about gardening in an apartment.

First, the apartment landlord may not allow you to dig the soil in the backyard if there’s not a designated garden. So, what can you do to fight this? Start a container garden!

Grow all the plants you want in 3-to-20-gallon pots. It’s not ideal, but you will have your own garden, and you can take your garden with you when you move out!

Also come out and check the sunlight and shade when checking out garden home apartments. You may find that the backyard of your apartment is completely covered in shade, with no sun at all.

How to Find Garden Homes For Sale

I’m not looking for a home right now, but I can sympathize with anyone currently looking to purchase a home. The housing market is terrible, and it does not look like it’s going to improve soon.

I truly believed the average cost of single-family homes and garden homes was going to drop because of the pandemic, but they skyrocketed!

You’ve tried all the regular places to find a garden home, like realtor websites, Zillow listings, and driving around neighborhoods you would like to live in to search for sale signs.

You haven’t had any luck so far, and your fountain of hope is running dry. Now, you need a few unconventional ways to find garden homes for sale.

Here are some things you can do that you probably didn’t think of.

  • Police Auctions
  • Craigslist
  • Contacting homeowners on Facebook
  • Facebook Real Estate

Conclusion to Garden Homes

A garden home is a home that is surrounded by a garden or by pavement. It is also called a single-family home. A garden home apartment is an apartment on the 1st floor with a backyard.

A patio home is like a garden home, except there is little to no room in the front or backyard.

Garden homes are great for those who want a bit more space between their neighbors and who also love growing flowers, fruits, or vegetables.

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